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I have shared to you previously the secrets of the successful, is IMAGE. An acronym that means I is for Innovation (if you haven't read it yet, read here), M is for Mastery (you can find it here), the next letter is "A". What is it for?
"A" is for Authenticity. The old model of leadership, as I've mentioned before was very much about power you get from the authority of your position and the influence you'd have from a title, as you've now learned so well. But in this radically new period of business, your ability to have an impact and make a contribution comes more from who you are as a person than from the authority you receive by your placement on some org chart. It's never been so important to be trustworthy. It's never been so important to be someone others respect. It's never been so important to keep the promises you make to your teammates and customers. And it's never been so essential to be authentic. I should also add that it's never been so hard to show authenticity because of all the social pressure to be like everyone else. Media, our peers, and the world around us pound us relentlessly with messages designed to have us live their values versus our own. There's a huge pull to behave like the majority. But leadership really is about closing your ears to the noisy voices of others so you can more clearly hear the mission and call within yourself. Makes me think of the words of Dr. Seuss: "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." And that's authenticity is all about. It's about feeling really safe in your own skin and learning to trust yourself so that you work under your values, express your original voice, and be the best you can be. It's about knowing who you are, what you stand for, and then having the courage to be yourself - in every situation rather than only when it's convenient. It's about being real, consistent, and congruent so who you are on the inside is reflected by the way you perform on the outside. And being authentic and true to yourself also means that you meet your potential and work at brilliance - because that's what you truly are.
And the great American Ralph Waldo Emerson reminds us 'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.'
Jack Welch used "Don't lose yourself on the way to the top."
Warren Buffett made the point equally neatly when he observed: "There will never be a better you than you."
Oscar Wilde noted: "Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken."
Authenticity is one of the deepest things Leaders should exemplify. Few things are as powerful when it comes to being a leader interested in positively influencing all those around you than being a person who's comfortable in your own self and fully presenting all you truly are.
To be authentic isn't just about being true to your values. Being authentic means being true to your talents. When you go to work every day and present your leadership best, that's a superb example of authenticity in action - and being in alignment. 
I can tell a person who is authentic a mile away. I can sniff their sincerity and sense their realness. And their passion for greatness touches the longing for greatness within me. And that allows me to relate to them. When you give yourself permission to be open, real and brilliant around others, you give others permission to be open, real and brilliant around you. Just being around makes them feel safe - and heroic. They begin to relax and open up. Trust grows. And amazing things start to happen.
"Authenticity is about being true to who you are, even when everyone around you wants to be someone else," said basketball great Michael Jordan. In his book Driven from Within he makes a key point: stay committed to your mission, values, and the full self-expression of your inner leader even when people doubt you. When people say you'll fail or suggest you're not good enough, stand strong in your own skin and don't let them tear you down. Because leadership has a lot to do with believing in yourself when no one else believes in you."
And Bono, the U2 singer, spoke of the importance of authenticity in the new world of ours in these words: "Please, let go of your ego, please be you and no one else. You are so beautiful how you are."
Just remember that the more you feed your ego - which is nothing more than the artificial part of you that you've constructed to receive approval from the majority - and lose sight of who you really are at your core, the hungrier the ego will get.
So your ego is the social part of ourselves that has grown the more we've tried to become the people the world around us wants us to be versus the people we truly are.
I remember reading a story of a student who met a wise elder from his community on the street one day. The young man admired the elder fro his achievements as well as for his strength of character. He asked the wise man if he ever had weak thoughts and if he ever succumbed to the allure of the ego, which wants us to run our lives by superficial attractions like titles and social status. The elder replied: "Of course, I have weak thoughts and my ego tries to get me off track every single day. This happens because I'm human being. But I also have my authenticity side, which my essential nature and all I really am. That part of me creates the noble and brave thoughts - and keeps me on track to become my greatest self. So it's almost as if I have two dogs inside me. A good dog that wants to lead me to where I dream of going, and that bad dog that tries to take me off my ideal path.' So which one wins? asked the student. That's easy, replied the elder. "The one I feed the most."
Leaders should check their egos at the front door every morning before they walk into work. Rather than slavishly obsessing about pursuits like larger offices and bigger pay checks that society wants us to run our lives by, they harness their complete focus and awesome capabilities on doing their best work, making a difference in the lives of their teammates and customers, and building a better organization. Rather than defining their success by what they get, they define their success by what they give. That not only makes them special in the eyes of everyone around them, it also fills them up with such a sense of fulfilment and happiness. Because they know they are spending their lives well, in pursuit of a meaningful cause.
If you did learn something from this article, pay it forward. Share it to a friend who might just need this in his or her leadership in life. May your dreams come true! πŸ™‚

I am happy to have stumbled upon a great learning from the book I've been reading recently. And these I will be sharing to you are the idea of the author. I was just amazed at his concepts and principles at winning in life. For the next few post starting this one, I will be sharing to you the concept with an acronym - IMAGE! I.M.A.G.E!
"I" is for INNOVATION!
Innovation always trumps repeating what might have worked in the past. Doing what worked even a year or two ago amid the terrifically unpredictable conditions under which we now do business is a good way to get into some bad trouble. Customers and all the people around you want fresh value and novel forms of excellence - not a repackaging of old goods. 
You need to constantly flex your mind and elevate your abilities by consistently asking themselves 'What can I improve today?' You have to deeply hold a commitment to making everything you touch better than you found it. And to constantly reinvent yourself along the way. That's the essence of innovation.  'Innovation' sounds complex, but it really is simply about consistently making everything a whole lot better than you found it. Actually, the clearest way that you can define innovation and creative mastery is to be all about making this day better than yesterday.
Your career will also fly when you commit to being the opposite of ordinary in all the work that you do. Be a visionary. See into the future in a business landscape where most people stay stuck in the past. And don't be afraid of shattering your routines. Relentlessly rethink the way you work. Constantly ask yourself questions like:
How can I boost my productivity?

How can I work faster?

How can I wow my customers even more?
Regularly put yourself in the shoes of your buyers and experience what it's like to do business with you. Then set about to take that experience to a completely new level of world-class.
Just wake up every morning and be all about daily iteration - making each thing you do a little bit better than it was the day before. Develop an innovation mind-set. So making your present better than your past is just the way you think. Also remember that if you're not chasing excellence and passionate innovation, mediocrity is already on its way to get you. Avoid what we call Mediocrity Creep - that subtle and dangerous descent into being average that infects your work without your even knowing it. Just as growth is invisible and incremental, so is falling into the habit of being ordinary. 
So become ever so engaged in reinventing things and improving each thing that you do. Without innovation, life is death. And only the brave will survive these days. Definitely keep challenging yourself to see things as you dream of seeing them. And truly being that visionary that I said. The inner leader within you aches to be a visionary!
The best way to improve the way you work and the organization you work for isn't really through revolution. What I mean is that the best way for you to get your next level of excellence in your work isn't by some revolutionary idea or some radical initiative. Great careers and great businesses are built by evolution. By slow and steady improvements that actually don't look like much when you view them in isolation. But over time, these small, incremental, evolutionary improvements amount to massive gains. Daily ripples of superior performance add up over time to a tidal wave of outrageous success. Please remember that getting to your leadership best comes down to simply doing a few smart moves each day that stack up to unimaginable achievement over a period of time.
You can feel it now. Yes. You can make changes. Because all you need to do is start off small. And then just do little improvements every day. Anyone can do that, no matter what their career - or their lives - look like this very moment. 
Dream big yet start small. That's the key. And start now, exactly where you're at. It's important for anyone ready to make changes. Small steps over time generate big results. And failure, on the other hand comes from a few daily acts of neglect that over time lead to disaster.
"So, if I make those small little steps each day, I'll eventually get to success?," you might ask.
No doubt! Success will actually come automatically, just by performing those little advancements with consistency. Simply remember this line: "small daily improvements - over time - lead to stunning results." I call it the Multiplier Effect. Doing intelligent little acts each and every day accelerates with time to an unimaginable state of success. It's sort of like compound interest. If when you are young, you go down to your bank every day and make tiny, seemingly insignificant deposits, by the magic of compounding, over time you'll become rich. So when it comes to high performance leadership and expressing your absolute best, it's the same thing. Small little leadership acts really compound into breathtaking consequences. And as I was saying on the subject of innovation, the powerful idea is to just dedicate yourself to being all about consistent, focused, and never-ending improvement. Just don't get caught up in the habit that is human nature to fall into; growing complacent. As a matter of fact, the more successful you become, the more hungry you need to be - not only as a person but also as an organization. Nothing fails like success, because the higher you rise, the easier it becomes to stop pushing the envelope, challenging the status quo, and keeping your focus. Sure, it's human nature to try and reach a place where things didn't change, where we can coast along, where everything is certain. This gives us sense of control and security. But I have to tell you, my friend, it's such a false sense of security. In the new world of business, the riskiest place you can be is trying to do the same things in the same way as you've always don them. Few things are as foolish as hoping old behaviors will somehow present new results. 
Because that means you're not innovating. You're not doing your part to make things better. You're not creating superior value. And that means that rather than evolving to ever-increasing levels of excellence, you are slipping deeper into old patterns of stagnation. And that's when your competition eats you for breakfast. Choose innovation over stagnation and you'll be just fin in this crazy busy business world we're now in. Choose calculated risk taking versus operating the same old way, and you'll do great. You'll be awesome, actually!
In my next pose, I will be sharing to you the rest of the letters in the acronym, their meaning and concept! 
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Have you ever said the phrase which begins with, "If I had superpowers I would ____________."?
One has to be aware of his power before he/she can use it. In any of the movies you've watched with heroes possessing superpowers, they all have the knowledge of their power before they were able use them. 
This post is not aimed at making you having to possess superpowers, instead this is geared towards informing you that you too, can be a superhero, in the course, place, event, or circumstance that you are in right now, as long as you know, and bear in mind these four natural powers.

Everyone of us alive in this moment has the power to go to work each day and express the Absolute Best within us. And you need no title to do that.


Every one of us alive today has the power to inspire, influence, and elevate each person we meet by the gift of a great example. And you need no title to do that.


Every one of us alive with life can passionately drive positive change in the face of negative conditions. And you need no title to do that.


Every one of us alive to the truth about leadership can treat all stakeholders with respect, appreciation, and kindness - and in so doing raise the organization's culture to best of breed. And you need no title to do that.


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Today is Friday the 13th! Yes! Some are busy for the valentines day, but most of us employees are busy encoding grades for the second period! Haha Valentines the COC way! 
Today, we were also set to meet with fellow employees as members of the Cagayan de Oro College Faculty and Employees' Association (COCFEA). By lunch time, we went to the PHINMA-COC Main South and enjoyed window shopping at the organized Employees' Bazaar! Then we then entered the auditorium. Employees were already gathered. 
A few minutes after our arrival, the program started.  A clip of the recent FUN RUN was shown. The general assembly's host was Ms. Caldoza. We were then offered to take our meal as the buffet has been readied by the catering services of Truffles.
Then we were welcomed into the general assembly by Mr. Caliat. We were also given words of affirmation and inspiration as well as a challenge by our very own Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Karim Bangcola. 
Raffle prizes were given, and a lot of our colleagues received something. My name wasn't called, and was never really mentioned in all the minor prizes. We were praying that if the name called isn't ours, the person isn't around. Up until almost every single raffle items were given but there was no mention of our my name. Souvenir cups, frying pans, pitchers and even the Starbucks GCs were all gone. Made me sad, until they said, one last name for the grand prize! And guess what, my name was called! hahahaha
Surprisingly, the grand prize (although it's not really super expensive) is an electric kettle of Kyowa! Just right for our own electric kettle at home has just given up working! haha It was fully depreciated and disposed recently! Talk about timing! Yeah! Thank you Lord! I don't have to spend for the electric kettle.
Then the discussions regarding the updates of the Association's policies were given, discussed, disputed and some items were approved. Some items were also deferred for study by the Board of Directors. 
After the general assembly of the association, we all went back to our respective offices to continue with our work. Although, classes has been suspended, the deadline for encoding grades wasn't moved. Which means that everyone is expected to have uploaded the grades by end of the day! So off we go, let the encoding continues!
I did finish my grades sooner. And was a little bit relaxed during the day. Had a time to draft some documents for another project! Thank you God for the accomplishments!
By 3:00 P.M. our College's dancers had a practice on their "Dance Battle - Employees' Edition" amd was rehearsing the steps like it's already the real stage and final showdown! The College is so proud of you Ma'am Reina, Hanna, Agnes, Sir Chris and JP! You rock! Go CMA!
After their rehearsal, they've prepared themselves, they wore their attires and had their make-up and face paints. Here they are. 
We decided to go down stairs to watch "The Voice of COC". The winner is from the College of Education! Congratulation lady! You deserve it. I personally like her rendition of "Thinkin' Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran. They were first asked to sing their song of choice, then was ranked and the judges selected 4 out of the 8 voices (artists), then of the 4 was "The Voice of COC". She made a final song Victor's Piece "Listen"! Congratulations!
With soon to be Dr. Cheryl Marie R. Calo, MBA, Dean Cecilia M. Laguna, CPA, MBA and Clyde F. Gamolo, CPA, MBA
After "The Voice of COC", the dance battle of the employees followed. Here's the video clip! Fantastic! Teachers can move and groove! Wohooo!
We decided to go out for a dinner at Lifestyle District after the Dance Battle.  Had this picture taken. 
Thank you guys for a fun-filled pre-valentine bonding! 

It was a Sunday, I woke at 2:00 A.M. I've slept earlier the night before because of a very busy schedule. However, it was a blessing that I was off to bed early as I've got an early commitment to attend to on that Sunday! Yes! Fun Run! With the theme "Dagan mo, Kaugmaon Ko", the proceeds will go the scholarship fund of the school to fund several scholars of the school PHINMA-Cagayan de Oro College!
I got ready, and took my Race bib, I can do this! Haha feeling inspired and encouraged! πŸ™‚  I am running for 5K but the bib shows 3K with superimposition! haha
I left home at around quarter to 5:00 A.M. And just as I arrived at the school entrance (assembly area), I've heard the shouted, "alright, get ready 5k runners, you are now going to be next, in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... gunshot!) I joined the run of the more or less four thousand runners!
I did not expect myself to run the entire 5K, I know that I haven't been warming up. But I am amazed that I was able to run for quite a distance without resting. Specially when I went ahead of my colleagues in the office. I was able to finish though the 5K in forty-four minutes (yeah I know I was too slow), but it's still an accomplishment for me. You see, I don't jog every day now. So, it's a great come back start! hahah πŸ™‚
The route was from PHINMA-COC Campus main gate, going to Vamenta Boulevard to C.M. Recto Highway turning left towards Bulua, then a U-turn at N-hotel then back to PHINMA-COC! It's a Fun-run-walk-run-walk-walk-walk-run-walk-walk-walk-run...walk. Haha!
After the race, we were informed that we can already claim our certificate. We proceeded to the releasing area where snacks were also served.

But hey, we didn't just get a certificate, we also had a reward from our Chief Operations Officer Mr. Bangcola! Thank you sir!

Milo was also there to distribute free cold drinks! Wasn't able to take a picture of the very small cup there were distributing.
We had a little chitchat before we were asked to join a Zumba! Yes, we danced after the run. We were gathered at the quadrangle! And yes, they hired instructors to lead us in the Zumba!
Then a dance or presentation number from the basic education department followed.
We had fun watching!
Go basic ed
After the presentation, the new PHINMA-COC landmark was also revealed!

The ladies don't want to go home without a picture of the FINISH LINE with them. So here it is!
Reina, Hannah and Agnes
Reina, Agnes, Hannah and Ryan
Then off we go to get something to fill our empty stomach. These was the view as we crossed the newly opened bridge!
It was a fun-filled run! Indeed it's a fun run! I enjoyed the kickstart of the foundation celebration! Congrat's PHINMA-COC! 

A man who wants to learn needs a teacher. A teacher is not perfect, but he has failed so many times than the student has tried. So, when it seems like what the teacher said is useless and vain, choose not to question its wisdom and do it. It's more productive to keep working on what he instructs you to do, rather than trying to understand and figure out the reason why he asked to do an activity.
I am blessed to have this man in the process of learning, he's trained so many players, he's been playing since time immemorial (at least in my perspective) and he's got a lot to say about my posture, my style, my movement, and about this sport (tennis).

With sir Jun Tusloc, known to be one of the best if not the only best, in training players of tennis.
In the court, no lawyer, no auditor, no accountant, no director, no position in play, only players, equal footing with the rest. He taught me a lot of things today. He was patient enough to push me. And just when I wanted to stop smashing and chasing those balls he's thrown at me, he keeps saying, five more, four more, three more, two more, one more.... Just when we wanted to rest and even give up, we just need someone to push us a little bit harder to move and learn.
I can feel the productivity of my exercise/practice today. I am glad people has been amazingly generous with their time, effort and resources, I know this is an expensive sport (at least for me, so don't argue, haha), but with the generosity of the people around me, I get to play, with little cost to start. Although, I do plan to invest (time and money) more on this. 
I could relate this to the book I've just recently finished reading "Cry of the Tiger" which is a story of the greatness of Kung Fu as a discipline, and how he's struggled to go train with his grandfather, who held the title of being a Grandmaster in the art and discipline of Kung Fu. He was complaining in his mind, but he gets to sleep at night almost immediately because his body is too tired to complain and think. He was all the while hated all the hardship and pain of training, but he did not quit. And towards the end of his training, he realized he's become way greater than he was when he first stood in front of the grandmaster.
Book's cover "Cry of the Tiger"
We all need a "grandmaster" to teach us, to be good at what we want to learn, I am blessed to have sir Jun. I have way more to go, but I am excited to continue, because I know I am trained by the best. 
I will push myself until I get to swing the racket properly, until I get the mastery of forehand and backhand, until I get to play properly without sir Jun. For now, I will keep practicing. I will keep bearing this in mind.
Photo grabbed from this link: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/2c/77/88/2c7788b0be230fbff77fa1bdeebb8545.jpg
Have a blessed Sunday every one! Continue to enjoy life and bless others! πŸ™‚

Let's  take this Two Minute Organizing Quiz. Because I want you to take this quiz honestly, I will ask you to answer the questions honestly first before looking at the meaning of your scores. 
This post is intended for you to assess yourself on how good you are at doing the "organizing" stuff. But if you are not, don't despair, I will keep posting DIY and Self-help organizing tips here. So you can come back or subscribe. 
So, first off, let me tell you. I am not writing this because I am excellent at organizing. But I am starting to get organized and I love the benefits, I have accomplished things, way more than I have imagined. And I want to share the benefit of increased productivity mainly because, I started to get organized. 
Now, take a small piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Just write "Yes" or "No" for each of the 10 questions asked. This is a simple one.
Here we go.

  1. I feel in control of my office.
  2. I immediately put things where they belong.
  3. I keep a well-organized filing system.
  4. My projects move forward well.
  5. I keep my email in-box cleared.
  6. All inappropriate, broken, and non-working things are gone.
  7. My calendar or planner works well for me.
  8. The papers on my bulletin board are fresh and current.
  9. My furniture looks good and works well.
  10. I balance my work and family life.
Now that you've honestly answered the questions, let's take a look at what your score means. Do you think you have what it takes to be organized? Are you already organized a person? Are you struggling to get organized?
Tally five points for each "yes".
50-40 points - Congratulations! You're doing really well! May you stop and share with this blog's readers your tricks? Please? πŸ™‚
39-30 - Doing good! Make a few key improvements and you'll be a much happier camper, producing work much more efficiently.
29-20 - Help is on the way. Apply the technique I am sharing here. You can view some tips from this post where I gave the clutter-causing personality with their quick fixes.
19-1 - Keep this blog on your favorites. Bookmark this! But seriously, it really is your lifeline to sanity and productivity. Slowly address your areas of greatest need and your office will become your best business partner. Otherwise, you are sunk! I suggest you start here.

I have been guilty of procrastination myself, but I don't want to continue doing it forever. I need to step up and outgrow that defeating trait. So this one right here is for myself and those of you who also, most of the time, procrastinate! Let's enjoy learning and outgrowing procrastination.
We've seen how perfectionism can cause procrastination and discourage us from taking on a job until we're sure we can do it with an unreasonably high level of quality.
Boredom can also be a culprit. Sometimes we think we just can't bear the tedium of certain jobs. Most creative types don't like the monotony of keeping things organized. And let's face it - most of the organizing process is not a hoot. 
But staying organized often opens the door to more creativity. Many wonderful, creative project has been derailed because creative genius gets lost in a muddle of messiness.
So why do we put it off?

  1. Learned helplessness. Maybe you've tried your best to get organized, either in your office or elsewhere. It hasn't worked, and you don't know why. Now you've given up trying. Oh, maybe not entirely. But your can-do attitude has taken a big hit, and you find it hard to rally your forces to try again. You've accepted failure, or at least inaction, as a reasonable option. It's not. 
  2. Blame game. We may procrastinate in order to wait for a roadblock to disappear. Sometimes that's a legitimate delay, such as when we have to wait for a decision from someone else before moving forward. In other cases, we probably could have or should have anticipated the problem and headed it off in the first place. If you're procrastinating, focus on what's detaining you and concentrate on removing that roadblock. 
  3. Zapped mental energy. When we hate to do a job, we wait until some kind of deadline is upon us and ride the adrenaline wave of panic to get it done. But research shows that work done under this kind of pressure is usually inferior to work that is well planned. It is time to set a date and start getting your office into shape. You'll be amazed at the energy that will come from that!
  4. Rebellion. Anger at the person who requires you to do a job can cause you to procrastinate. I'll show her - I just won't do it, you may be subconsciously be telling yourself. That makes procrastination a perfect form of passive resistance. Sometimes we even refuse to do something in our best interest because of an experience in the past we're still trying to resolve. Maybe you were bugged about keeping things neat as a kid, so now you're rebelling. Time to get over that and allow yourself the luxury of a well-organized life.
  5. Busyness. If you have too much on your plate, some things are bound to fall off. Too many tasks means some will never get done, or they'll get done later than they should. In today's world, being too busy and careening between an overabundance of activities that force themselves on us keep us from giving to what's important. In short, we procrastinate and fail to do the good stuff, because we simply run out of time.
  6. Fear of failure. How many books remain unwritten because the would-be writer is afraid to try? For some, it's better to have a wonderful book "in my head" than to put it on paper and find that it's not nearly as good in plain old black-and-white. Besides, then others can see it and might even criticize it - a good reason to put off the job forever. Right? Wrong.
  7. The job's too hard. Sometimes, a job simply seems insurmountable. We give up before we even start. Not much potential for progress with that plan.
How many good business have died in embryo form because the creator was afraid to move ahead? If you set up your office, will others expect more of you than you think you can deliver? Don't let that stop you! You can do it! Identify the issues holding you back. It's the first step in challenging their hold on your thinking.
Get Moving!
You know you need to get organized (I know that includes me), so let's get over this! Let's yank the rug out from under our habit of procrastinating.
  1. Write down the task you need to do. Clarifying it in words demystifies it.
  2. Promise yourself a reward for doing something that has stymied you.
  3. Vow to yourself and another person that you'll take a specific step toward accomplishing a task, suggests psychologist Albert Ellis. Commit to a consequence if it's not done by the deadline you set. For example, "If I don't get this bill in the mail by noon, I will leave a P1000 tip for the server at lunch."
  4. Get started on an easy part of the project rather than tackling it head-on.
  5. Ask for help. Then set a time to work with a partner on the project.
  6. Set a timer for fifteen minutes and do a little at a time.
  7. Use the "Swiss cheese" method of author Alan Laiken. "Poke holes" in the project a little at a time by taking small steps. Buy file folders. Look up a piece of furniture on the internet. Sometimes one step that takes five minutes can be a breakthrough you need.
Now, post a picture or a written description of your goal. Break the project into baby steps. Toddle forward. Baby steps. Baby steps.
If you follow the steps described in this article one by one, you'll see change. And quickly.
(From Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims "Smart Office Organizing")
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My share of "baby steps" on getting organized.

What we say is important. The Bible states that out of the abundance of the heart the mount speaks. (Matthew 12:34). We need to change our vocabulary; we need to speak words of life and light. Our talk should always line up with the Word of God.
Christians should be known as those who speak positively - those who speak the Word of God into situations, those who speak forth words of life. When we speak wrongly, it diminishes our ability to see and hear the will of God.
We should not be like the man who joined a monastery in which the monks were allowed to speak only two words every seven years. After the first seven years had passed, the new initiate met with the abbot, who asked him, "Well, what are your two words?"
"Food's bad," replied the man, who then went back to his silence. 
Seven years later the clergyman askd, "What are your two words now?"
"Bed's hard," the man responded.
Seven years later - twenty-one years after his initial entry into the monastery - the man met with the abbot for the third and final time. "And what are your two words this time?" the abbot asked.
"I quit."
"Well, I'm not surprised," the cleric answered disgustedly. 
"All you've done since you got here is complain!"
Don't be like that man; don't be known as a person whose only words are negative.
If you are a member of the "murmuring grapevine," you need to resign. In John 6:43 our Lord instructed His disciples, "Murmur not among yourselves." In Philippians 2:14-15 the Apostle Paul exhorted the believers of his day:

Do all things without murmurings and disputings: That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world.

Contrary to what you may have heard, talk is not cheap. Talk is expensive! Our words are powerful. What we say affects what we get from others and what others get from us.
(From John L. Mason's "An Enemy Called Average")
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I have been teaching for quite a while now, and somehow I have grown in terms of dealing with my students. Being in the class every day with different people from different backgrounds or orientations sometimes can be draining. I usually talk to them in "parables" (yeah, parang Jesus lang!) Anyway, I talked to them and told them this story.

Mr. Phalo Sut has a habit of going to the mall. He goes there to see beautiful things, and even things that he wants to buy. He would go inside stores and check out the products, try them on, and even get the feel of using those products he like. He usually plan ahead, save for the things he wanted and eventually buy them soon as he has accumulated the amount of the product's price. 
One day, it has dawned on Phalo that he is one of those students in the college who doesn't have a netbook/laptop. So as he went on to his routine of "malling" he went immediately to the computer store. He checked out the latest models of netbook/laptops. Then he saw this model that caught his attention. It's too expensive but it's also not too cheap. It costs P30,000. He thought, if I buy other brand or other model, it's not me! I have to have this! He checked his wallet and he only have P30.00 in his pocket. He said, this will turn into P30,000.00 one day, and I'm gonna have to get you "baby" caressing the laptop he wanted. 
Days passed and he kept coming back to the store to check. He was so certain that he's going to buy that laptop, that substantial portion of his allowance went to his savings named "baby" meaning the laptop. He keep asking for money from his uncles, aunties, cousins who are already working and every time he has an opportunity to save, he opt to save. Not surprisingly, he was able to accumulate the P30,000.00 he ever wanted to acquire his "baby". That was already after one and a half year of saving, and sacrificing some of his desires just to get the amount. 
Upon knowing that his money reached the price of his "baby", he went to the store and look for his "baby", there it is, seemingly smiling and as if he imagined the laptop told him, "I was here waiting all the time. Get me now!" So he took the unit, asked for assistance so he could pay for it. The store attendant obliged and assisted him in his acquisition. 
At last! He said, I can have you now! He paid the unit and get the official receipt. He rushed home, so excited to tell his parents that he got his first ever P30,000.00 laptop! He was so happy, that when he get home he realized, the laptop was not with him. He only got the "carton" of the laptop but not the unit. He remembered, that while he was paying it was being readied by the attendant, install some things etc. He was disappointed with his carelessness, nevertheless, went back to the computer store. When he got there, the attendants greeted him smiling, being the known window shopper who made his first actual purchase that day! 
He went looking for the attendant who assisted him, and asked for his "baby". The attendant, however, said that he has given it to him when he paid the unit along with the "carton" packaging of the laptop. He protested! Impossible! It's not inside the package! It was not really put in there! You have to give me my "baby", my laptop! He shrieked violently. But his efforts were in vain. The attendant and all the crew in the store denied seeing any laptop left in the store. 
He asked for the CCTV camera, but the store said, their CCTV camera is not working because it has been undergoing repair that day. He was so disappointed that he wanted to break every glass in the store and punch every person he sees. He saved almost everything for his "baby!" and he can't believe this is happening! He wished that was just a nightmare, that he would soon wake up! But to no avail. It's the reality! He did not dream of it! It really happened!
My students were as violent as Mr. Phalo Sut, they felt the frustration and disappointment of Phalo. They were suggesting ways to recover, and one even said he's got to file a case against the store if he were Phalo. One even said, he's going to torture the attendant and gave a great plan how to abduct the scumbag! 
Then I asked them to calm down, and listen to me first. I threw them this question:
"If you were Mr. Phalo Sut, at the very least, would you have felt disappointment or frustration?" 
I was asking an idiotic obvious question! They all almost said it in chorus, "Of course sir!" With great conviction!
Question again, "Can Phalo use the O.R. as his laptop?"
It's obvious! No brainer! "Of course not!" they almost shouted at me.
Then I asked them again to calm down and said, "I hope class, that you wouldn't act like Mr. Phalo Sut. This is a class, a 3 unit subject, and yes you or your parents have paid for it! Most of the money used to pay for the tuition of this subject was hardly earned (some earned and saved for your education since long time ago), and I hope, you have the intention to get the value of what you paid for, not just the "official receipt" i.e. your transcript of records! Your transcript is just an indicator, like an O.R. it only serves as proof, but it can't be of help in the actual field, you can't use it. It would only prove that you did have this subject, and you were able to hurdle it, but, the real essence of this subject is that you would have the knowledge to apply it! Be vigilant to get the value of your money, by getting your "baby" not the O.R.! Be always aware, and have the intention, to bring home the real value of what you paid for. 
Then I continued, I gave you this analogy as I noticed, some of you would try to do every "diskarte" there is to pass this subject, and yeah, you might even get the grade, and it will be on your transcript (your O.R.) but when asked in an interview, regarding this subject, you wouldn't have any knowledge at all. Or when faced with a job, that requires the application of this subject, you don't know how to do it, because "nagpalusot ka lang" (you just made your way over it). Hence, ladies and gentlemen, I tell you, do not trade the valuable asset for the O.R.! Get the real value of your money! Don't get too excited, just go through the process and learn!
I saw nods of approval and agreement. I saw them open their eyes. 
You may be like a student who wants to just pass over an obstacle, not knowing that the process is more valuable than the end point. If you gained knowledge, acquired skills because of the process, you got the value not just the receipt. So don't be too focused on the grade, rating for evaluation, impressing other people, learn to be the person who learns, and who gets the value of what he's paid for (whether paid in money, time, effort).
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