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We are either single or alone (because of long distance relationship) today, on a valentines day! And I thank God because I have harshfriends who never failed to amuse and readily throw laughter the moment the battle starts rolling. 
Indeed, harshfriends are the people who tell you things you don't even want to tell yourself. They've organized this dinner because they don't want to be left out when people are busy posting their valentine celebration, I also happened to be away from my GB Haide, so I said I'd join. Thanks to our ever active friend Roscel and Keithly for this event! Haha we're not alone! 
So, we arrived on time (me and Keithly), waited for couple of minutes to be given a seat in the restaurant. People flew into the place, as expected. But yeah, we were given seats after a few minutes of waiting. They serve asian food. We were already hungry so we ordered as soon as the others arrived. But before all the food were served, the laughter had already bursted. 
We had chicken pandan, shrimp, fried pork belly and a fish fillet and platter rice tom yum and garlic rice? haha

Fish fillet

Tom Yum

Chicken Pandan

Crispy Fried Pork Belly


The talk and laughter was awesome! Every time we get together, we will surely have those more than enough dose of laughter! Something that we really needed to have every now and then! More gatherings to come! haha But seriously, they're so hungry. Look at Roscel! haha

I finished my food first, so I was able to take the above picture! haha Keithly was always ready for a photo op? LOL!
Service : 3/5 my friend called earlier to reserve a seat for us, but they said they don't accept reservations. It's on a first come first serve basis. But when she got there, she was asking to get the seats she spotted, but was told it was reserved. Really? The crew though are friendly. Aren't they Keith? haha Food were served not so quickly but not too long.
Food: 4/5 it's good but it's not that outstanding. The garlic rice was just ordinary (was garlic rice?) haha. The food taste were filipinized thai food (asian food). Generally, the food tasted good! 
Price: 3/5 for the food we've had, I think it's within reasonable. But not really for a budget type of meal. It's a little bit above affordable, but still reasonable.
Ambiance: 4/5 at least for the spot that we got, we've had our laugh out loud moments without being conscious about the other people in the room. Just enough ventilation and coziness to enjoy some intellectual (weeeh?) or cool conversation and laughter.

In sum, I've enjoyed tonights dinner! Thanks #harshfriends for the company! Thanks for the laughter! Till next time. 🙂 Happy Valentines Day to all of you!