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This is the last part of the secret of the successful series of blog posts. What does the "E" in IMAGE mean. Discover the completion of success tips!
Sadly, a topic a lot of businesspeople seem to have forgotten in these fast-paced and topsy-turvy business times. Too many cut corners. They go for the cash grab. They think only about themselves. Whatever happened to good manners, excellent ethics, and remembering that doing good business is actually very good for business? 

You will never go wrong in doing what is right, my friend.

Nothing's more important than being honest, highly dependable, staying on time, and treating people the way we want to be treated. "How well you make your sheets determines how well you'll sleep in your bed." I took that to mean that the way we do anything is the way we'll do everything. And even one breach against our ethics will pollute everything we touch.
Nothing is more precious in work than staying consistent with your values and protecting your good name. In so many ways, your reputation is all you have. May I suggest that you never do anything that will tarnish the architecture of integrity that you'll establish as a leader. Ultimately, people will flock to you or run from you based on your reputation. We live in a fascinating world. Like no other time before this, ordinary people can grow a massive following around them. With a few strokes on a keyboard, consumers can tell the world about who you are, what you've done, and all you stand for. Given this reality, maintain a pristine name and guard your personal brand by being impeccably ethical. You know, I've read about people who've spent forty years of their lives building a great reputation and a fantastic move performed in sixty seconds of bad judgment. Be exquisitely honest. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be ferociously humble. And vow to yourself to work with the strength of character of the people you most admire. Integrity always leads to beautiful rewards. Be courageous enough to ensure your deeds reflect your creed. And make sure that your video is sync with your audio. Trust me on this idea. Please trust me on this.
You're a fine young person! I have no doubt you will do great things in your career and with your life. Please carry with you the philosophy that you need no title to be a leader. Everyone can lead. And it all begins with you - and the choices you have the power to make. 
If you learned something from this or appreciate this, I'm sure you'd enjoy a copy of Robin Sharma's book "The Leader Who Had No Title". Grab one!
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I am happy to have stumbled upon a great learning from the book I've been reading recently. And these I will be sharing to you are the idea of the author. I was just amazed at his concepts and principles at winning in life. For the next few post starting this one, I will be sharing to you the concept with an acronym - IMAGE! I.M.A.G.E!
"I" is for INNOVATION!
Innovation always trumps repeating what might have worked in the past. Doing what worked even a year or two ago amid the terrifically unpredictable conditions under which we now do business is a good way to get into some bad trouble. Customers and all the people around you want fresh value and novel forms of excellence - not a repackaging of old goods. 
You need to constantly flex your mind and elevate your abilities by consistently asking themselves 'What can I improve today?' You have to deeply hold a commitment to making everything you touch better than you found it. And to constantly reinvent yourself along the way. That's the essence of innovation.  'Innovation' sounds complex, but it really is simply about consistently making everything a whole lot better than you found it. Actually, the clearest way that you can define innovation and creative mastery is to be all about making this day better than yesterday.
Your career will also fly when you commit to being the opposite of ordinary in all the work that you do. Be a visionary. See into the future in a business landscape where most people stay stuck in the past. And don't be afraid of shattering your routines. Relentlessly rethink the way you work. Constantly ask yourself questions like:
How can I boost my productivity?

How can I work faster?

How can I wow my customers even more?
Regularly put yourself in the shoes of your buyers and experience what it's like to do business with you. Then set about to take that experience to a completely new level of world-class.
Just wake up every morning and be all about daily iteration - making each thing you do a little bit better than it was the day before. Develop an innovation mind-set. So making your present better than your past is just the way you think. Also remember that if you're not chasing excellence and passionate innovation, mediocrity is already on its way to get you. Avoid what we call Mediocrity Creep - that subtle and dangerous descent into being average that infects your work without your even knowing it. Just as growth is invisible and incremental, so is falling into the habit of being ordinary. 
So become ever so engaged in reinventing things and improving each thing that you do. Without innovation, life is death. And only the brave will survive these days. Definitely keep challenging yourself to see things as you dream of seeing them. And truly being that visionary that I said. The inner leader within you aches to be a visionary!
The best way to improve the way you work and the organization you work for isn't really through revolution. What I mean is that the best way for you to get your next level of excellence in your work isn't by some revolutionary idea or some radical initiative. Great careers and great businesses are built by evolution. By slow and steady improvements that actually don't look like much when you view them in isolation. But over time, these small, incremental, evolutionary improvements amount to massive gains. Daily ripples of superior performance add up over time to a tidal wave of outrageous success. Please remember that getting to your leadership best comes down to simply doing a few smart moves each day that stack up to unimaginable achievement over a period of time.
You can feel it now. Yes. You can make changes. Because all you need to do is start off small. And then just do little improvements every day. Anyone can do that, no matter what their career - or their lives - look like this very moment. 
Dream big yet start small. That's the key. And start now, exactly where you're at. It's important for anyone ready to make changes. Small steps over time generate big results. And failure, on the other hand comes from a few daily acts of neglect that over time lead to disaster.
"So, if I make those small little steps each day, I'll eventually get to success?," you might ask.
No doubt! Success will actually come automatically, just by performing those little advancements with consistency. Simply remember this line: "small daily improvements - over time - lead to stunning results." I call it the Multiplier Effect. Doing intelligent little acts each and every day accelerates with time to an unimaginable state of success. It's sort of like compound interest. If when you are young, you go down to your bank every day and make tiny, seemingly insignificant deposits, by the magic of compounding, over time you'll become rich. So when it comes to high performance leadership and expressing your absolute best, it's the same thing. Small little leadership acts really compound into breathtaking consequences. And as I was saying on the subject of innovation, the powerful idea is to just dedicate yourself to being all about consistent, focused, and never-ending improvement. Just don't get caught up in the habit that is human nature to fall into; growing complacent. As a matter of fact, the more successful you become, the more hungry you need to be - not only as a person but also as an organization. Nothing fails like success, because the higher you rise, the easier it becomes to stop pushing the envelope, challenging the status quo, and keeping your focus. Sure, it's human nature to try and reach a place where things didn't change, where we can coast along, where everything is certain. This gives us sense of control and security. But I have to tell you, my friend, it's such a false sense of security. In the new world of business, the riskiest place you can be is trying to do the same things in the same way as you've always don them. Few things are as foolish as hoping old behaviors will somehow present new results. 
Because that means you're not innovating. You're not doing your part to make things better. You're not creating superior value. And that means that rather than evolving to ever-increasing levels of excellence, you are slipping deeper into old patterns of stagnation. And that's when your competition eats you for breakfast. Choose innovation over stagnation and you'll be just fin in this crazy busy business world we're now in. Choose calculated risk taking versus operating the same old way, and you'll do great. You'll be awesome, actually!
In my next pose, I will be sharing to you the rest of the letters in the acronym, their meaning and concept! 
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The road to success is filled with people who fail. Sounds like a contradiction, doesn't it? Yes, it is very true. The road to success is filled with failures. "How could that be?" you ask. It is very simple: people who eventually become successful are those who are not afraid to try. They are people who know that failure is always a possibility in any endeavor. They don't like failure, they even abhor failure, but at the same time they are not afraid of it.
Did you know the greatest slugger of all time is also the man who for many years held the major league strikeout record? That's right, Babe Ruth, the legend himself, struck out more times than any other man who ever played the game of baseball until Mickey Mantle broke his strike-out record. Babe Ruth was not afraid to go bat and take a healthy cut.
Interesting, isnt' it? And it gives us insight into what we mean when we make the strange statement that the road to success is filled with failures. These people are not permanent failures, that's for sure, but innovators, experimenters, challengers: people who realize they must pick themselves up and try again every time they fall. They know that as long as they get up one time more than they fall then they haven't failed. Here's hoping you are willing to go to bat, face the odds, and take your very best swing.
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Just recently, I shared to you a post that warned you the TEN HUMAN REGRETS (read it here). That post will get you thinking and pondering about what you've been through and what you've done in your life. For sure, you don't want to end up having all those or one of those regrets. You have to set your goal, and one way to set them is to know, what really matters in life. Now, I am going to share to you the TEN HUMAN VICTORIES.
  1. You reach your end full of happiness and fulfillment on realizing that you are all used up - having spent the fullness of your talents, the biggest of your resources, and best of your potential doing great work and leading a rare-air life.
  2. You reach your end knowing that you played at a standard concentrated excellence and held yoursef to the most impeccable of standards in each thing that you did.
  3. You reach your end in noisy celebration for having the boldness of spirit to have regularly confronted your largest fears and realized your highest visions.
  4. You reach your end and recognize that you became a person who built people up versus one who tore people down.
  5. You reach your end with the understanding that while your journey may have not always been a smooth one, whenver you got knocked down you instantly got back up - and at all times, never suffered from any loss of optimism.
  6. You reach your end and bask in the staggering glory of your phenomenal achievements along with the rich value you have contributed to the lives of the people you were lucky to serve.
  7. You reach your end and adore the strong, ethical, inspirational, and empathetic person you grew into.
  8. You reach your end and realize that you were a genuine innovator who blazed new trails instead of following old roads.
  9. You reach your end surrounded with teammates who call you a rock star, customers who say you're a hero, and loved ones who call you a legend.
  10. You reach your end as a true Leader Without a Title, knowing that the great deeds you did will endure long after your death and that your life stands as a model of possibility.
Your life may have become so filled with worries and senseless acts of distraction that you'd lost sight of the truth of what was most important. You'd lost sight of all you could do, right were you were. You'd forgotten the power you had to make change happen. And you'd disconnected from the hidden genius you were built to become. 
The point of this post? That you could choose to continue as you've been doing these past years - coasting through life and succumbing to the curse of small, daily neglect. And if you did, you'd end up in that first grave, a wasted victim of the costs to set out on the tablet of slate. Or you could choose the higher road. You could stand for leadership, excellence, and enthusiasm within your work and in your life. You could begin to Lead Without A Title and go for the rewards on the golden tablet. One choice would lead you into a form of living hell. The other, I can assure you, would lead you to the place of your dreams. You knew which choice you'd make.
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It's early in the morning, and yes, you don't want to remember sadness and grave! You don't even want to think of death. But on an average, how many years do you have in life? Or what's the life expectancy of man? And how have you been doing for the past fraction of your life? Have you ever thought of it? Imagine you're facing a grave, and you know you're on the last days of your life. What would you tell yourself?

You might not be informed, but there are these TEN HUMAN REGRETS that one could face at the end of his days in the world. I am sharing this to you now because, I want you to change perspectives, innovate yourself, discover your full potential and be an awakened artist to what you can truly become. If you don't, I am sure, you will soon be facing these TEN HUMAN REGRETS. Here's the complete list:

  1. You reach your last day with the brilliant song that your life was meant to sing still silent within you.
  2. You reach your last day without ever having experienced the natural power that inhabits you to do great work and achieve great things. 
  3. You reach your last day realizing that you never inspired anyone else by the example that you set.
  4. You reach your last day full of pain at the realization that you never took any bold risks and so you never received any bright rewards.
  5. You reach your last day understanding that you missed the opportunity to catch a glimpse of mastery because you bought into the lie that you had to be resigned to mediocrity.
  6. You reach your last day and feel heartbroken that you never learned the skill of transforming adversity into victory and lead into gold.
  7. You reach your last day regretting that you forgot tat work is about being radically helpful to others rather than being helpful only to yourself.
  8. You reach your last day with the awareness that you ended up living the life that society trained you to want versus leading the life you truly wanted to have.
  9. You reach your last day and awaken to the fact that you never realized your absolute best nor touched the special genius that you were built to become.
  10. You reach your last day and discover you could have been a leader and left this world so much better than you found it. But you refused to accept that mission because you were just too scared. And so you failed. And wasted a life.

This is for you. And it's not too late. If you've read this now, it means that you have ability to change course, to turn the rudder and change direction. Towards the direction you are meant to be. Towards the direction of Amazing and Wonderful! Towards the direction of a great and well-lived life!

I will continue to post more about this topic in the next blog, so please stay tuned. Good news is, you are still alive! It's not too late! Learn more about this. Follow me on FB or on this blog. 
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When someone asks the question, "Want a television job?" visions of glamor, recognition, fame, and fortune probably pop into your mind. What I'm going to share today will meet most of those criteria, but perhaps not in the way you'd expect.
The television job I have in mind for you as a parent or friend of a child is one of involvement. If parents get involved with what their kids see on T.V., then some T.V. can be good. Unfortunately, much of what you - or a kid - can see on the tube is anything but good. As an example think of this: an average of every seven and one-half minutes of prime-time viewing, drinking alcohol is presented as a fact of life, in a generally favorable light. This does not include the beer and wine commercials, the most persuasive advertisements on T.V.
The potential benefit of television - like a lot of things - hinges on parental involvement. So the job I have for you is not in front of the camera, but in a management position in front of the set. If you do your job well, you'll be successful where it counts the most - in your own home with your own children and their friends. With this approach, chances are good will hear your own children saying, "My folks are the greatest! They wanted the best for me and were willing to get involved to see that I got it!" What a payoff for your television job!
What do you allow into your mind? Is it the idea of killing, of fire, of violence, of attacks and war? Of immoral relationsips? Of early childhood pregnancy? What's your family watching every day? Do you take control of it?
Today, I urge you to say "I will take control of my life and my television set. I will "manage" the input into the minds of myself and my family.

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Some people win in spite of the odds - and that select group can include you.
Angie Pikshus had every reason to decide life had dealt her an unfair hand. Her mother died when she was still a baby. She never really knew her father or the peaceful security of a stable home; instead she was moved from foster home to foster home. When she was in the eighth grade, she was moved to Arkansas to live with some relatives. Angie was an orphan, was twenty pounds overweight (and therefore was growing out of all of her clothes), and now, to top it off, she was moving away from friends.
From to time all of us have reason to believe that life has stacked the deck against us. At this point in her life, Angie Pikshus had ample reason to feel cheated, but she decided to do something about her situation. She decided she needed to lose weight, so she began running strictly for exercise, to burn off that excess weight. The more she ran, the more she enjoyed and applied herself to the task. She continued to train and began entering races. 
Angie, now a senior at Arkansas State University, has won three marathons and several ten-kilometer races. She has won the New OrleansMardi Gras Marathon twice, the Memphis Express Marathon, and the Atlanta Avon 10-K, among other events. 
Angie Pikshus had every reason to decide that life had declared her a loser, but she didn't. She excelled in spite of the obstacles. The exciting thing about this story is that the same principles of commitment, dedication, and hard work that helped her lose the weight and become winning runner will also make her a winner in other areas of life. 
P.S.: The same principles will work for you too.
Tell yourself today, "I will make a commitment to work as hard as necessary to reach my goals."

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One of the best ways to practice is to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit - the character qualities the Holy Spirit builds within us - if we allow Him.

The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. (Gal. 5:22-23)

Each character quality is something the Spirit of God wants to produce within us. This tells me that one of the best ways to cooperate with His working is to practice being loving, being joyful, keeping a heart of peace, and so forth. He is faithful to bear these fruits in our lives as we are faithful to practice them.
Take a moment to rate yourself on each of these characteristics. Which ones do you need to practice? (Hint: The areas you most need to practice are those that are least practiced now.)
Read each definition that follows. Then evaluate where you stand and determine which areas you need to prioritize for practice.
                              Least Practiced                                                            Most Practiced
Love            1         2        3            4           5            6          7         8          9           10
Joy              1         2        3            4           5            6          7         8          9           10
Peace          1         2        3            4           5            6          7         8          9           10
Patience      1         2        3            4           5            6          7         8          9           10
Kindness      1         2        3            4           5            6          7         8          9           10
Goodness     1         2        3            4           5            6          7         8          9           10
Faithfulness 1         2        3            4           5            6          7         8          9           10
Gentleness   1         2        3            4           5            6          7         8          9           10
Self control  1         2        3            4           5            6          7         8          9           10
Am I consistently committed to helping others develop and discover God's very best in their lives? Do I treat others as God would treat them?
Do I trust the fact that god is in control of every situation, regardless of how it looks to me? Do I take my joy from knowing this, or do I tend to draw my contentment from pleasant situations and circumstances?
Do I bring calming effect to every situation, or do I stir up people's feathers? Am I a reconciler or an instigator? Do I tend to fix the blame or fix the problem?
Do I give people room to fail, and then help them look for the lessons of life that can be extracted from that failure? Or do I keep score of hits and errors?
Am I kind? When working with people under my supervision or care, do I appeal to them kindly? Or do I have the tendency to order them around? How do I behave toward my family?
Is the core of my heart good? Do I want the success of others, or do I look out only for myself, regardless of what happens to others?
Am I loyal? Can I keep confidences, or do I have tendency to share private information about others? Am I a faithful spouse or do I emotionally court other relationships?
How do I deal with others' failures, especially if it affects me? Am I more concerned about my welfare or theirs?
Do I control my thoughts or do they stray? Am I able to discipline my emotions and sexual desires?
Take time to practice these character qualities God is wanting to build in you and express through you. The more you practice these things, the more fruitful you'll be in your life.

What are your most practiced characteristics? Which fruit is most practiced in your life? Feel free to share below. 

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In the vast majority of cases, our physical tiredness is not really a physical problem; we are simply suffering from mental exhaustion, sometimes known as "stinkin' thinkin." Here's an example (you men who read this will relate to this example better than the ladies).

The day has been one of "those" days, all day long, and everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. One frustrating event has piled on top of yet another frustrating event. At the end of the day, you stagger home, too tired to put one foot in front of the other.
Your wife greets you cheerfully and enthusiastically, expressing her delight in the fact that you are not late in getting home, since this is "the" day. You wearily inquire, "What day?" Your wife eagerly responds that this is the day that six weeks ago you had set aside to clean the garage. You feebly protest that you cannot put one foot in front of the other. Your wife promises to help but again you deny the presence of energy.
However, at that precise instance the telephone rings and the voice at the other end says to you, "Hey, pardner, I've got a tee time at the country club in fifteen minutes. We still have time to get in nine holes before dark, if you can make it.: All of a sudden the tiredness disappears and you enthusiastically respond that you'll be there in ten minutes.
In one form or another, the above example recurs millions of times every day. The point is simple; when you reinforce your feeling of tiredness by acknowledging it, you further reduce your energy reserve. Visualize yourself enjoying the task, and you'll be amazed at how much more energy you have.
You see, the moment you've been waiting for is now! You just have to feel and get energized with the thought! Do not be deceived by the cunning of your mind (lazy mind), train it and make it positive. Every morning is another reason to be inspired. 
So today, tell yourself this "Every time I am asked, "How are you?", I will respond with "Super good, but I'll get better!"
Complete this statement:
Today I will ____________________________________.
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This is a sequel to my previous post about being steward of our memories...
Let me share this piece to you, further towards living a successful life.
How we steward what's happening inside our hearts and minds will affect the way we think. When we think clearly, we are more likely to have a healthy attitude toward the circumstances that come our way. If our thinking is muddled, our tendency will be to develop and display a poor attitude. 
M. Scott Peck, in his book People of life, tells about one of the Vietnam War's greatest tragedies, the My Lai massacre. One morning in March 1968, in the Quang Ngai province of South Vietnam, hundreds of innocent women and children were killed. The little village was known to have been harboring Vietcong soldiers. However, when an American task force arrived that day, they searched the village and found no enemy soldiers. But commanding officer Lieutenant William Calley was taking no chances. He ordered his troops to round up the villagers in groups of 20 to 30 and, with rifle fire or grenades, kill everyone until the village was eradicated.
Dr. Peck, a psychologist, was called in to investigate and try to determine what would make men perform an act of such senseless violence. He interviewed the soldiers as well as the officers involved. Peck concluded that the massacre wasn't necessarily motivated by vindictive or evil intentions. Rather, it was the tragic result of an unwillingness of the troops to think deeply about what was going on around them. They had their orders, and without consideration or forethought for the consequences, the American soldiers acted in a mindless, barbaric fashion.

As a people, we're too lazy to learn and too arrogant to think we needed to learn. We felt that whatever way we happened to perceive things was the right way without any further study. And whatever we did was the right thing to do without reflection.

Too often our thoughts go no further than the initial perceptions that enter our minds. Rarely are we able to draw correct conclusions from this minimal input. To think that whatever just pops into our heads about a person or situation is always the truth would indeed make us a "people of the lie." 
If your thinking is poor, so will your perspective be. And if your perspective is poor, so will your decisions be.