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  1. Canyoning (known as canyoneering in the U.S.) is traveling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappelling), and swimming.
I did not have an idea what it is, all I am for, is to travel and explore! As explained to us by the guide, Mr. Choy, this is an extreme adventure sports. As defined by Wikipedia above, that is Canyoning or Canyoneering! I was excited!
The trip to Badian would be around 4-5 hours from Cebu South Terminal via bus. We stayed in Moalboal the night before so we will be able to get to Badian, earlier the following day. Badian will be about an hour trip from Moalboal. From Badian highway, we needed to ride "habal-habal" to get to the peak where we will start our Canyoning. 
As we arrived in the site, we were asked to get ready, and put on our vests and head gears. We were also advised to put all other things, specially non-water resistant gadgets on the dry bags we brought along! Thanks to my travel buddies, who were amazingly prepared with everything. So we were able to bring cellphones along the way. Although, we didn't use it. 
The first challenge is the 15-feet jump at the start. 
We needed to jump to start, so we don't actually have a choice. Everyone will be looking at you if you don't jump immediately. So, it helps that you are pressured, and you will be able to jump! haha thankfully though, we are a bunch of jumpers, we needed no pressures, we just love jumping. πŸ™‚
The scenic place with the blue-green colored water, with the rock formation on the side, and the green trees' view are just amazingly stunning! I couldn't help but swim with my head up high, watching the scenery.
The track is not easy to traverse, but all worth the pain and adrenaline rush! The above pictures are all actual footage of my friends' go-pro cameras. The track includes, jumping on a cliff, jumping from rock to rock, trekking, swimming/diving, walking. The activity, would really test your stamina. I was armed with only chocolates as boosters. And yeah I survived. 
The entire activity is around 4-5 hours. We started at around 9:30 in the morning and ended around 2:30 in the afternoon. When we reached the 30-ft jump (actually only around 25 to 27 ft), we had a break. Snack! Then I had my highest jump so far.
Was it exhausting? Yes! Very exhausting. In fact, while we were walking/trekking downstream, I can feel that my feet is hurting, but I have no choice, I needed to complete the activity. After around 9 jumps, and several hundreds of steps if not thousands, we went solid trekking for couple of minutes and no more jumping. As we approach Kawasan falls, we have seen people enjoying the waters. The waters we swam and jumped on earlier. 
I was enchanted with the nature's beauty found in the farthest top of Kawasan falls, where we started our Canyoning. And yes, it's a must-do for all adventurers! It was my best so far.
I was advised that we needed to pay 
P750 each person for the guide
P200 for both entrance (P100) and exit (P100)
P70 for the multicab from Moalboal to Badian
Things to bring and wear on a canyoning activity:
1. Dry bag - you'd definitely need this. You will be 200% going to get wet. So don't risk! Save your phones! And other non water-resistant items.
2. GoPro cameras (with monopods) - because they are waterproof, they are mostly good for documenting the entire activity! You might do it just for once, so better be ready for what you need.
3. Rash Guard - it's advisable because although it gets wet, it easily dries up. And well, it is relatively lighter to wear. I used mine, from Maui and Sons. 
4. Food - snack items are advised to be brought since the activity will take you around 4-5 hours, you'll have to stop and have a break. This would include bottled water.
5. Aqua Shoes -  it is advisable, since you will have all those swimming and jumping activities. Rubber shoes are good alternatives (although it's heavy to wear so choose the lightest one coz you're gonna be swimming remember?). I used however, not aqua shoes nor rubber shoes, I used rubber sandals of Sandugo. It is tied around so it does not easily loosen up when I swim or jump.
I think, Canyoning, got me. I've been looking for places to go next. I wanna do it again. I would love to do it again in Badian, but if there are still places to explore too, I'd love to do it there as well. 
My Canyoning experience, is the best so far! Thank you Brad R.A. for getting me to join you in this activity! I was overwhelmed, and fell in love with adventure once again!  
Below I am sharing with you more of the pictures we took. Enjoy watching! And hopefully you'll visit Badian, Cebu as well. πŸ™‚ Two Thumbs Up for Cebu's Canyoning!

If you want to try this one, Mr. Choy Daruca, is the guide to get. Contact him via facebook here
Some of the pictures of their Canyoneering are available on his timeline too. πŸ™‚

I was browsing on facebook when I saw this video that made me laugh, and thought that FUN is not limited to the young people.
Having fun is really a choice. These videos would prove that age is just a number! πŸ™‚

Play jumping rope! It's a lot of fun!

Or you can even dance to the music like this lady right here.

Or run a race like this. πŸ™‚

Or even do extreme sports like this. πŸ™‚
I hope this reminded you that life is meant to be enjoyed. Have some fun! Spend it on things that would take your breath away out of fun and enjoyment! Welcome the positive energies into your body and and continue to be awesome! πŸ™‚

A man who wants to learn needs a teacher. A teacher is not perfect, but he has failed so many times than the student has tried. So, when it seems like what the teacher said is useless and vain, choose not to question its wisdom and do it. It's more productive to keep working on what he instructs you to do, rather than trying to understand and figure out the reason why he asked to do an activity.
I am blessed to have this man in the process of learning, he's trained so many players, he's been playing since time immemorial (at least in my perspective) and he's got a lot to say about my posture, my style, my movement, and about this sport (tennis).

With sir Jun Tusloc, known to be one of the best if not the only best, in training players of tennis.
In the court, no lawyer, no auditor, no accountant, no director, no position in play, only players, equal footing with the rest. He taught me a lot of things today. He was patient enough to push me. And just when I wanted to stop smashing and chasing those balls he's thrown at me, he keeps saying, five more, four more, three more, two more, one more.... Just when we wanted to rest and even give up, we just need someone to push us a little bit harder to move and learn.
I can feel the productivity of my exercise/practice today. I am glad people has been amazingly generous with their time, effort and resources, I know this is an expensive sport (at least for me, so don't argue, haha), but with the generosity of the people around me, I get to play, with little cost to start. Although, I do plan to invest (time and money) more on this. 
I could relate this to the book I've just recently finished reading "Cry of the Tiger" which is a story of the greatness of Kung Fu as a discipline, and how he's struggled to go train with his grandfather, who held the title of being a Grandmaster in the art and discipline of Kung Fu. He was complaining in his mind, but he gets to sleep at night almost immediately because his body is too tired to complain and think. He was all the while hated all the hardship and pain of training, but he did not quit. And towards the end of his training, he realized he's become way greater than he was when he first stood in front of the grandmaster.
Book's cover "Cry of the Tiger"
We all need a "grandmaster" to teach us, to be good at what we want to learn, I am blessed to have sir Jun. I have way more to go, but I am excited to continue, because I know I am trained by the best. 
I will push myself until I get to swing the racket properly, until I get the mastery of forehand and backhand, until I get to play properly without sir Jun. For now, I will keep practicing. I will keep bearing this in mind.
Photo grabbed from this link: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/2c/77/88/2c7788b0be230fbff77fa1bdeebb8545.jpg
Have a blessed Sunday every one! Continue to enjoy life and bless others! πŸ™‚