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My friend had me waiting for hours just to let me know she slept and was still about to take a bath! haha maybe it's the universe who worked because she then agreed to treat me for lunch, errrr snack? Whatever! haha
So this is what the post all about, I've dined in this restaurant (is it?) or maybe a cafeteria? Whatever you may call it. Located in Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro near and in between Pabayo Street and Mercury Drug Store.
Since it's gonna be her treat, she has to check the menu out first. haha 

She said she'd have the Fish Kebab and I had Breaded Malasugi. We didn't want to devour anything pork, beef or chicken. After giving our order, we went upstairs to check the space and have the snack/meal there.
We found the place cozy and spacious. It's good for Sunday refreshing conversations and talks with friends and family.

We found their logo upstairs and wanted to take a picture. So we asked if the crew could do some clicking for us. 🙂

 Here's her Kebab.

 And my Breaded Malasugi.

We cannot just eat without a good finisher. Roy's fresh fruits have been the talk of many people in the city, even my sister talks about it, so it's a must try for us, must-eat rather. 
And yeah! Ready to fill my tummy on a great Sunday afternoon! Thank you to my sponsor! We're even! haha 

Food: 4.5/5 Food tastes well, not 5.0 because it's not really outstanding but it's also more than satisfactory.

Ambiance: 5/5 Well ventilated, well lit, cozy and fit for dining.

Price: 5/5 Very reasonable. 

Service: 4/5 just a little bit delayed, but not too late on serving. Friendly crew and welcoming!

Didn't stay longer after the meal, it was eat-and-run as I have to go home, and she's heading to the hospital! Thank you Ms. E.K.M. for the treat! hahaha till next time! 🙂