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One of the things I do when I travel, is visit a good place for FOOD! I found it when Pam brought me to Nando's. I agreed because it's not in the Philippines yet. I am sharing below the items on their menu. 
I like how they started with "Life is Sweet". Sets the tone before eating. Studies have shown that it's not good to eat when you're upset. So there, good job! Makes me realize even more that LIFE IS INDEED SWEET!
Even when life gets tough at times, we couldn't discount the fact that it's sweet, why? Because, we're alive! Glad we still have a chance to live it and make it sweeter! 

And yes, it's also true, it's not good to be Hungry!
As we entered the premises we were properly greeted and welcomed by their crew. They ushered us into the table where we wanted to be seated. She handed us the menu, and we had our time to choose our meal.  

This was the food that I ordered. The chicken was so tender and the taste was distinctly delicious. The fries, is like a normal fries. But you can put a twist on it, by playing with their sauces.

Have your way with sauces, depending on your taste, we tried the two below.

I enjoyed the Wild Herb Peri-Peri Sauce. I like how it has the sour taste and the texture is smooth, filled with spices/herbs. Weirdly tasty!

Of course, we couldn't let the moment pass without the evidence. Here's our photo as we dine.

The place is soooo cool! We had linda as our servers, she talks very fast, but she's very friendly!

In the paper bag that they used, I like how Nando has promised something! It's a good one!

"My father taught me that nothing is more important than keeping your promise. The Escudo is a symbol of my promise to give you excellent quality and flavor that you you can expect from Nando's."

Nando's is one of the places I had a decent meal in Kuala Lumpur! Haha because, most of the time, I just buy burgers, or street food, and it sustained me for couple of hours. The meal I had at Nando's was one blog-worthy experience!

To Linda, we were not able to say "thank you" so here goes my shout out for taking our orders well, and for welcoming us into Nando's place.

Review of the Experience:

Service: 4.5/5 quick service I'd say.

Sanitation: 5/5 everything was neat and clean. Cool place to dine.

Price: 5/5 it's worth it! It's not expensive.

Food: 4.5/5 I enjoyed the taste. I'm a rice eater, and there's a little rice! HAHA but yeah, it's good! Must-try!


I had to set a quick meeting with one of my friends for a certain transaction, I was unable to find a space in Brew Berry. Thank God there's Vienna Cafe just right across the corner, I've often visited the place but I haven't talked about it here. So this is to also add to your list of places where you can also have a meal. 
I only had their Clubhouse. My usual order when I just want to eat something not so heavy. πŸ™‚ 

They have their contact number below for inquiries and reservations. 

Here are the list of Vienna Kaffeehaus' meal prices! Quite pricey I'd say, but well, reasonable still. 

Assessments with 5.0 as the highest and 0 as the lowest
Ambiance: 4.9 it's a cool dim place which could soothe your stressful day. A relaxing place to be in. 
Service: 4.5 I could have given an excellent mark had they implemented stationing, service water upon set up, etc. Still have something to improve. But generally okay.
Food: 4.8 I enjoyed the food, taste is within standards.
Price: 4.0 little bit pricey. But if you wanted comfort and convenience it's alright! πŸ™‚
When I'm at this restaurant/cafe I enjoy and feel the moment as if I am actually in Vienna, Austria! A glimpse of it. haha πŸ™‚ 

Here we go again! My colleagues tapped into their genius mind and decided to have dinner again! Haha Unplanned dinner, outing, or bonding are usually the successful and implemented activities. Maybe we're just spontaneous. 
I was told I could have Beef Randang (one of my fave's Maranao food), but was later told it isn't Maranao at all, but a Thai Cuisine. It's just that I first tasted it with my Maranao friends. πŸ™‚ And I love it! One big fan of Maranao cuisine. πŸ™‚
I agreed to go with them since I craved for the Randang. 
I was told we were going to Magill's (and exactly where is that Magill's?) at the back of my mind. It's in Pueblo. Uptown City! Hmm, a few minutes away from downtown, but then again, it's food you know! 
When we arrived, I know I would be writing something afterwards. It's new to me. My first time experience with Magill's.

Before the food were served, I asked them to have a photo op. haha for this purpose. My blog! πŸ™‚ Thank you for being so supportive my friends! πŸ™‚

And well, what could really make me excited is the sight of my BEEF RANDANG! Wohoo, it's a little bit different from the way it's presented by "Ina" when I first tasted it, in Iligan. But I still am excited. And yeah, it's indeed my kind of Randang. πŸ™‚ Yahoo!

My friend also ordered Spanish Bangus. And it passed our standard, only that the taste is a little bit different.  

Smoked Bangus, was also good! 

Winner! Tuna Carbonara! Wow! I told my friend, there've never been a Carbonara that passed my standard before, at least here in CDO. I guess this is it! And yeah! It's Tuna! C'mon. You should try it too!  

For more ideas of their food, I took a picture of their menu so you would have choices before you go there. πŸ™‚

So it's my friend's birthday, she's asked me if I'm available tonight. I told her yes. Without telling her we really planned on a "surprise" dinner party? haha I've been poked (verbally) by the ultimate organizer Oting! Who thought I dropped the bomb with Tin.Haha 

I think we ended up, being surprised by the one who celebrated her birthday! ahaha

I honestly told her, "Boy Zugba" haven't dined there yet, when she asked me for a suggestion of a place that's not yet in my blog. And it's a real honest answer. Although, predetermined. πŸ™‚
At the entrance I am glad to have been greeted by this sign, which means "Hey friends! Welcome! C'mon in to my Visayan Kitchen!"
And when I take picture, they seem to have been the magnet! They're there. πŸ™‚ Hello ladies!
I told her, this write up will be a feature of her. In honor of her birthday!haha so here it is T! πŸ™‚

Our friends are not the usual friends. We call ourselves, HARSHFRIENDS! We are indeed harsh, and yes, we are friends! We do away from complementing each other when we meet, we usually highlight what our friend don't want to tell herself/himself!haha That's evident in our T-shirt! πŸ™‚
Every time this bunch of insane creatures gather, the whole place is a mess! We invade the entire place! We'll dominate by unintentionally making our voices louder than usual, and make some NOISE!!! haha But we've never been to jail aight? We have lawyer friends who we hope are in lucid interval just in case.haha right attorneys? πŸ™‚
So, what was it like to experience Boy Zugba? 
I arrived late, my friends are already there when I stepped on the entrance. It's not really hard to find them in a place, they're the noisy group, very noticeable. I saw they've already ordered and food were already served. So, I didn't bother ask what those were, I'd only get harsh answers. Instead, I obliged when they teased me to take my #foodporn. So I am sharing to you what we had.
We had sisig. It's just an ordinary sisig. And not my type of sisig. I'd say, just satisfactory.

 We also had pancit! This pancit is good! It met or exceeded my taste (standard). Two thumbs up for this!

 We also had this set of viands, Barbeque, Cheesy Chorizo/Longanisa and Liempo. I'd say it's yummy! 

 If none of those above food we've had are your choice, you can browse their menu here. I've taken a picture of each page of their Menu so I can share it here. 

But before the menu, let me feature this Boy Zugba "Paper Placemat" in a comic format. 

So here's the complete Menu:

All names of their viands and recipes on the menu are in funny visayan term. To live up to their greeting, Visayan Kitchen!

Time to evaluate the place:

Food: 3.5/5 

Satisfactory, but not outstanding. Nothing is really outstanding, but it also has good taste.

Service: 2.0/5  

I'd have given them 4 or 4.5 had they been good at taking down orders and responding to our needs promptly. First, our friend was asked if we will be eating the cakes we brought in coz there is a corkage fee. Which hinders us from partaking of the cake if we're not willing to pay the corkage. Second, one of our friends is late, and well, food were nowhere to be found in the table except for the cakes, she ordered tuna belly I guess. Waited for 20 minutes or so only to be told, it was not available. Third, when we tried to negotiate about the corkage fee, we were advised the good manager that we can partake of the cake without corkage fee! Now, we're allowed! Thank you! So we did. When the bill was paid, yeah, we're a bunch of accountants, they saw the corkage was charged. The crew said, it'll be adjusted, but when the receipt was given, still the corkage was paid and charged on the card! Wow! So that's it! bingo! I cannot let that pass. Not to mention there was no stationing of crew (which I already expected), and most of the time we'd have to wave our hands several times to be noticed. I should also mention that they are friendly, they even volunteered to take our pictures, but it's not all there is in service. My friends in HTM academe would attest to that.

Ambiance 4.5/5

The place is great! It's well ventilated. It's cool. No it's cold! We sat at the table just infront of the A/C. Well lit. Full packed even on a Wednesday night!

Price 3.5/5

Price is reasonable. But the corkage charge is P200? Really? Well, our friend would have to return the next day to get the P200 supposedly waved by the manager.  

Then as we go out, we were told by this signage "we're all happy and full!"
Some of the pictures we took while we were busy chitchatting and having some catching-up sessions with each other. πŸ™‚

It was a great time still, with you #HARSHFRIENDS! Thanks for dropping by! Happy happy birthday once again Tinyat! More birthdays and blessings to come! We are all happy and full indeed! πŸ™‚

What's your Boy Zugba experience? Share it below on the comment box. πŸ™‚

My friend had me waiting for hours just to let me know she slept and was still about to take a bath! haha maybe it's the universe who worked because she then agreed to treat me for lunch, errrr snack? Whatever! haha
So this is what the post all about, I've dined in this restaurant (is it?) or maybe a cafeteria? Whatever you may call it. Located in Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro near and in between Pabayo Street and Mercury Drug Store.
Since it's gonna be her treat, she has to check the menu out first. haha 

She said she'd have the Fish Kebab and I had Breaded Malasugi. We didn't want to devour anything pork, beef or chicken. After giving our order, we went upstairs to check the space and have the snack/meal there.
We found the place cozy and spacious. It's good for Sunday refreshing conversations and talks with friends and family.

We found their logo upstairs and wanted to take a picture. So we asked if the crew could do some clicking for us. πŸ™‚

 Here's her Kebab.

 And my Breaded Malasugi.

We cannot just eat without a good finisher. Roy's fresh fruits have been the talk of many people in the city, even my sister talks about it, so it's a must try for us, must-eat rather. 
And yeah! Ready to fill my tummy on a great Sunday afternoon! Thank you to my sponsor! We're even! haha 

Food: 4.5/5 Food tastes well, not 5.0 because it's not really outstanding but it's also more than satisfactory.

Ambiance: 5/5 Well ventilated, well lit, cozy and fit for dining.

Price: 5/5 Very reasonable. 

Service: 4/5 just a little bit delayed, but not too late on serving. Friendly crew and welcoming!

Didn't stay longer after the meal, it was eat-and-run as I have to go home, and she's heading to the hospital! Thank you Ms. E.K.M. for the treat! hahaha till next time! πŸ™‚

We dined at Siam Krua Thai, Lim Ketkai Drive, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City. We were warmly welcomed and entertained as we entered the restaurant. The crew greeted us in Thai I suppose which I didn't really understand, and didn't reply. 
Siam Krua Thai experience? This was not my first time to dine in the restaurant, but it's my first time to have its review. First, what did we order? 
To additionally (because we already had our Starbucks session) clench our thirst, we had the four seasons juice. Alright they call it "Tropical Slush"! πŸ™‚
Tropical slush
 Then the Tom Yum (Yam)? was served by the waiter. He served it on our soup bowls. Maybe he reckoned we're going to fight over the soup? Haha so to be fair, he's going to divide it for us! LOL! Well, that's great service though. Not that we can't do it, but it's how they do it here.
Maybe it's just my taste, but it didn't impress me, it's somehow short of being spicy. The sourness of the soup is more evident in the taste than it being hot and spicy. I can taste the sour tomato and tamarind (I guess) which did not suit much for my taste. But the prawn was greatly cleaned and tasted well if removed from the soup and eaten separately. πŸ™‚
My portion of Tom Yum Prawn Soup
Add to the fun of Tom Yum experience the reaction of my colleague Ms. H. 
Then we also ordered Chicken in Green Curry.  I do love curry so this is so-so, not really that outstanding but well, it's good enough. 
Chicken in Green Curry
Then we had vegies! Mixed Vegies or commonly known ChopSuey! Haha Mixed Fried Vegies they'd call it. Ordinarily cooked fried vegetables with mushrooms. Again, it did not awe me. But I did eat more of these. 
And of course these are the creatures who tried out the Siam Krua Thai Restaurant! 
Mr. R.R, Yours Truly, Chef F, and Ms. H.
If I would rate Siam Krua Thai would be the following:
Service: 4/5. It would have been 5/5 but the diminishing factor was their servers lacked product knowledge, just happened that the one who asked was a Chef, so it's a disappointment. We also asked a favor to take a picture and we were not immediately attended to, as if our request was not part of their job. 
Ambiance: 4.5/5 Was great! But Mr. RR noticed something that needs proofreading. But the place is great! 
Food: 2.5/5 It barely passed my standard. Or maybe we picked the wrong food? But yeah, it didn't satisfy our taste buds that much. 
Price: 3.5/5 Reasonable. Not too expensive but not cheap.
For more of their menu and prices you can browse them below, I happen to take some snapshots of the menu so you would have an idea how much you would spend when you try the restaurant. Maybe you'd try some other food than those we've tried.

Share with me your Siam Krua Thai experience. Feel free to live your idea on the comments box below! πŸ™‚