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We had a long day! We were happily tired! We had an overnight ride with the bus going to Davao. We attended the whole day seminar. Then we visited Davao's SM Lanang. We wanted to relax. But we didn't know where. 
After couple of mind suggestions, I popped the question "do they have good spa here?". And my friend was thinking the same thing too. We asked the receptionist of SM Prestige. They recommended us to visit Pressure Points Spa located just right across Davao's Water District. You would not have a hard time finding it. 
Pressure point offers different services. They mainly have female therapist and few male therapist. They have shower room, sauna, and well the massage rooms. 
I am just not comfortable with the massage room because it's open. And you can see the rest of the guests having the massage too. I am not used to that kind of room. Anyway, as for the massage. The therapist is quite good. I am satisfied. I had a combination of shiatsu and thai massage. They call it fusion.
I should warn you their prices are not the typical price offered in just any other spa. They're a little bit pricey, relatively. 
Massage Service: 4.0 They forgot to ask my profile. Very few spa in the Philippines actually ask for your profile. They don't care whether or not you have high blood pressure, any ailments, or anything at all about your health that might pose a threat against your having a massage. Also, you'd probably have what they have. Not that you can choose which masseur.
Place/Ambiance: 3.5 Mainly because their massage rooms are not private. Quite uncomfortable for me to have my body seen by other people except the masseur. Although they have sauna and shower room and a locker.
Price/Rates: 4.0 fairly reasonable. But you could have a cheaper, good-quality massage somewhere at a lower price. Less expenses. Cheapest is 30 minute massage @ P400.00 or $10.00
I was not able to take photos inside. Was only allowed to have it  here at the lobby.