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Today is Friday the 13th! Yes! Some are busy for the valentines day, but most of us employees are busy encoding grades for the second period! Haha Valentines the COC way! 
Today, we were also set to meet with fellow employees as members of the Cagayan de Oro College Faculty and Employees' Association (COCFEA). By lunch time, we went to the PHINMA-COC Main South and enjoyed window shopping at the organized Employees' Bazaar! Then we then entered the auditorium. Employees were already gathered. 
A few minutes after our arrival, the program started.  A clip of the recent FUN RUN was shown. The general assembly's host was Ms. Caldoza. We were then offered to take our meal as the buffet has been readied by the catering services of Truffles.
Then we were welcomed into the general assembly by Mr. Caliat. We were also given words of affirmation and inspiration as well as a challenge by our very own Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Karim Bangcola. 
Raffle prizes were given, and a lot of our colleagues received something. My name wasn't called, and was never really mentioned in all the minor prizes. We were praying that if the name called isn't ours, the person isn't around. Up until almost every single raffle items were given but there was no mention of our my name. Souvenir cups, frying pans, pitchers and even the Starbucks GCs were all gone. Made me sad, until they said, one last name for the grand prize! And guess what, my name was called! hahahaha
Surprisingly, the grand prize (although it's not really super expensive) is an electric kettle of Kyowa! Just right for our own electric kettle at home has just given up working! haha It was fully depreciated and disposed recently! Talk about timing! Yeah! Thank you Lord! I don't have to spend for the electric kettle.
Then the discussions regarding the updates of the Association's policies were given, discussed, disputed and some items were approved. Some items were also deferred for study by the Board of Directors. 
After the general assembly of the association, we all went back to our respective offices to continue with our work. Although, classes has been suspended, the deadline for encoding grades wasn't moved. Which means that everyone is expected to have uploaded the grades by end of the day! So off we go, let the encoding continues!
I did finish my grades sooner. And was a little bit relaxed during the day. Had a time to draft some documents for another project! Thank you God for the accomplishments!
By 3:00 P.M. our College's dancers had a practice on their "Dance Battle - Employees' Edition" amd was rehearsing the steps like it's already the real stage and final showdown! The College is so proud of you Ma'am Reina, Hanna, Agnes, Sir Chris and JP! You rock! Go CMA!
After their rehearsal, they've prepared themselves, they wore their attires and had their make-up and face paints. Here they are. 
We decided to go down stairs to watch "The Voice of COC". The winner is from the College of Education! Congratulation lady! You deserve it. I personally like her rendition of "Thinkin' Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran. They were first asked to sing their song of choice, then was ranked and the judges selected 4 out of the 8 voices (artists), then of the 4 was "The Voice of COC". She made a final song Victor's Piece "Listen"! Congratulations!
With soon to be Dr. Cheryl Marie R. Calo, MBA, Dean Cecilia M. Laguna, CPA, MBA and Clyde F. Gamolo, CPA, MBA
After "The Voice of COC", the dance battle of the employees followed. Here's the video clip! Fantastic! Teachers can move and groove! Wohooo!
We decided to go out for a dinner at Lifestyle District after the Dance Battle.  Had this picture taken. 
Thank you guys for a fun-filled pre-valentine bonding!