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More than two years ago, I believe, a friend of mine, out of the blue, reconnected with me. He said he's up to something, and he wants me to join the group. I was curious, but I do have my reservations. I went with him in a so called "meet-up" and was introduced to a bunch of crazy beautiful people. Meet-ups were followed by more incidences of get-together. Until so much have been shared and I was educated and learned a lot. There's one thing in that group that has lead me, somehow, to realize this dream. I was affirmed that "I can".

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I don't usually spend much for accommodation. I know how to live simply when I am away from home, I just need a place to rest and relax. But this was different, because I initially planned to be with someone, I booked an accommodation, not in a usual simple-low-cost-good-for-rest hotel. Instead, I booked a suite room in a 5-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Would have been ______. But, due to some turns of events. Some intervention of the universe. And maybe, just maybe, some "gestation" process, I have to travel solo. 
I checked in at one of the 5-star hotels in Kuala Lumpur, it's Pacific Regency Hotel Suites. 
A photo of the hotel standing tall. I took the photo with my iPhone outside the hotel. Its grandeur is so cool!
As I entered the room, I am quite satisfied with their suite room size. I am sharing below the photos of different areas in my suite room. It's good for two, but for someone who grew up with a big family. I guess my entire family can fit into this good-for-two room! Haha It's spacious enough for a family of 5 or 7. Had a video of my entrance to the room here.

There is a space for you to work. Work area. There's a sink. There's a microwave, refrigerator, storage cabinet. Just like when you're at home. 

If you have guest in your room, you can have them occupy this part of your room. Sofa and a table. You can some drinks. How cool is that?

Below is the photo of the Restroom. It smells so good, I wanna take a bath as I entered. 

They have as usual, cold and hot shower. And a cabinet for some of your things to settle in. Inside the cabinets, were the bath robes and of course the disposable slippers. 

As I sat on the side of my bed, I saw this well placed item on the table beside my bed. It's where I could write something for them, and used this notepad, to scribble some of my thoughts on my solo travel to KL.
You can leave this card (I did) on your bed, so they don't need to change the linen. For environmental-friendly practices.
The menu were also placed in another table on the side of the suite room, where the available food in their restaurant, drinks in the bar and other services that the hotel is offering were presented in the menu book. 

Like any other hotels, yes, they use hotelcard for their locks and electricity in the room. It's true, the one home where two worlds meet.

If you don't want to be disturbed, you can put this sign! Haha PRIVACY PLEASE! πŸ˜€

In their ad, their location is opposite the Twin Tower. I looked outside my room, and it's true. I can see the Petronas Tower from the view in my window.

Toiletries were all set in the lavatory. 
Travel Tip: Five star hotels have these, so you don't need to bring them:
  1. Clean face towels, 
  2. shampoo, 
  3. conditioner, 
  4. body wash, 
  5. soap
  6. tooth brush
  7. toothpaste
  8. shaver
  9. comb
  10. floss
  11. stitching paraphernalia
  12. disposable slippers 
  13. bath robe 

As curious as I am, I checked out some more amenities. I found out that they have a swimming pool and a bar at the roof deck. Cool place to stay and relax, have some drinks and enjoy the moment.

You can do some leisurely-working stuff beside the pool. 

So, for the review summary of the Pacific Regency Hotel Suites
Service: 5/5 very prompt, direct and convenient.
Sanitation: 5/5 everything was neat and clean. 
Price: 5/5 it's worth every penny. 
Room/Place: 5/5 I enjoyed the place. Spacious. Grand. Greatly maintained.
I guess, they were able to live up to their standards as a 5-star hotel! Thank you Pacific Regency Hotel Suites for the accommodation!
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I was informed that it's best to stay or go to Paradise Island. Well, Samal is a white sand beach island, so it's not just the beach. It also has something to do with the accommodation or service of Paradise Island why, they have been consistently endorsed by several people I've known who is from Davao or who have been to Samal. So here my Paradise Island experience.

We arrived early in the morning and of course, I can't miss the sunrise! It's just so beautiful!

As soon as we stepped, our stomach demanded to be filled. The only vice that you can't really leave. Eating! Breakfast is just the first thing we wanted to do. We didn't care where to go, we just want to eat. It's around 6:30 AM. We were told we can stay anywhere in the area, restaurant area is where people with no food are allowed to stay and eat. You can choose from their menu below, some of the food items they serve.

 So I tried their bacon breakfast, with egg. Then I wanted to taste their "Durian cafe'", so I ordered one.

Here you go, my first sip of the Durian coffee. It smells and tastes like Durian of course. But I like how it was blended with a coffee mix. Superb taste! Good job! Whoever made the menu, "thumbs up" to the Durian Coffee! πŸ™‚

Then I also tried their Pineapple Orange Fresh Fruit Juice! Since it's fresh fruit, the juice is really extracted, and I can tell it's fresh by its taste and the granules  or extracts are evident in the juice itself! Another thumbs up!

After we've obliged to our tummies' demands, we needed to do something. I browsed through the net where we can possibly go. And we did have a tour. More details are posted here.

After we had our tour, we went back to Paradise Island. We had a ticket to be allowed entry without paying once again the entrance of P200.00.

As we entered the restaurant area this time (already in the afternoon around 3:00 P.M.) we were welcomed by the sound of music played by the live band.

I went around checking the place out, I found this area. Billiards! Wow! If you're into it, you can play here. I checked, and it's for a per hour fee. I just didn't know how much per hour.

There is also a self-service area, for guests with food and drinks including fruits and snack items. If you want to go on budget, you can choose to buy and bring your own food.

I didn't want to miss this scene. A relaxing view of the beach, sea, sun and sand in an afternoon!

I also noticed there's a table tennis area too!

And who wouldn't notice this? Giant pieces of chess.

If you are coming with kids, no problem they have something to play on! Haha ride on kids! C'mon! πŸ™‚

They also have a souvenir shop. They sell of course Samal Souvenir Items.

They also had a poster of getting around the Paradise Island area. So there, you have an instant guide!

This is their kitchen area. Where food comes from.

 Some information regarding their entrance fees:

 Read their rules and regulations too.

Tariff for room rates, etc.

Of course, I took a close look at their restaurant's menu in the afternoon and I was presented a different menu book. Here it is for the items and prices of Paradise Island's restaurant.

We weren't hungry as we just had our lunch at around 12:30 P.M. so we just tried their Halo-halo. I ran out of battery then, so I wasn't able to take a photo of the halo-halo. Typical, sweet taste halo halo. πŸ˜€


Service: 4.5 Took them a bit longer to serve the food. Although I would understand it's peak season. The crew really don't know where is which item. I tried asking for something  at the reception and I was pointed at one direction then when I asked the crew in the direction I was told to go, I was pointed back to the reception. haha well, again let's give them the benefit that they are very busy because tourists are flocking in by tens or more in almost every say 30 mins. I also didn't receive smiles while I was asking questions. So, yeah, they needed to improve this.

Ambiance: 5.0 it's a cool place to stay. I love it there. There's just so much to enjoy. My P200.00 entrace fee was worth it!

Sanitation: 5.0 I didn't have problems with leftovers on table when we were searching for a place. When I used their comfort room, dressing room and shower room are all cleaned up. Water supply is also good. Didn't have problem. Thumbs up on cleanliness of the area.

Price: 4.9 I guess it's reasonable, considering we only paid P200.00. Their room rates are also reasonable, if you'd look at it. I am evaluating the prices based on the ambiance I've experienced. Worth the penny.

Even with the petty issues I've experienced, I'd still recommend this place for stay. πŸ™‚ Thank you Paradise Island! πŸ™‚

We originally planned to go backpacking and not stay there for one night. We'll just go to Davao for the seminar and go home afterwards. We'll sleep while riding the bus back home. But when my appointment was canceled, I immediately suggested change of plans. And yes, the plan was changed. We were left with no choice but to stay, and enjoy Davao! We're going to Samal the following day! So, we found a good and cheap place to stay! Efemela!
When there's already a need, resources immediately becomes within sight or periphery. It's as if, the resources are just around, waiting to be tapped. Isn't it that sometimes, you don't notice the thing before the need for it arises? That's exactly what happened. Thanks to the good souls who accommodated us. 
Efemela is within the City of Davao. Their address and contact numbers are found here:

They have cheap rooms as low as P650 for Single room. Contac them on those visible numbers of the above picture. They are very welcoming and warm to guests. 
They also have monthly packages, if you wish to stay longer. They have monthly rates here.

But you see, it's not just the rates. I like their set-up too. The place is so cool with these wall.

And here's a snapshot of our room, I was not able to take a pic on the side where the TV was hung, and a little cabinet/closet for things and clothes. Rooms have their own comfort rooms as well.
We had a comfortable rest and sleep in Efemela. And would surely stay again there, if I'll visit Davao in the future. πŸ™‚
Service: 5.0 We were actually asking about the packages, ways, and tours in Samal, and the girl on the reception was just too patient answering all my questions! Thanks to her. We were able to go to Samal. Our reservation was duly noted, and we were given a very accessible room.
Sanitation: 4.9 It's clean, but there are areas in the comfort room, I found a little stain or should I say dirt on some areas of the comfort room. But very negligible, I was just meticulous.haha I saw it. And didn't escape my sight.
Price: 5.0 Very reasonable and affordable. A go to dormitel if you're looking for good quality, cheap-priced, comfortable, temporary dwelling.
Ambiance: 5.0 Very comfortable. Quiet. Accessible. It's in front of a kitchenette where great tasting food are served. I just didn't remember I'm not sure if it was Mhalda. Or something sounds like that. A good place to stay.

It was my second time to visit Davao. This time a little bit longer, we will be attending the Intelligent Investing seminar. A successful seminar. But this is going to be my short review, snapshot of our Backpacking Experience in GreenWindows Dormitel.
We arrived earlier than we planned so we decided to have a nap. An since we don't want to spend more than what we need, we availed Green Windows Dormitel's "backpackers" package for only P188.00 quite a good offer. πŸ™‚ 
We only needed some place to sleep for a couple of hours. As soon as we got in. I had this picture taken. The lobby at the reception area. It's in the 5th Floor of the Building.

I browsed through their brochures and found this. Might help you if your planning a tour in Davao.

The 5th Floor Reception Area at a glance. πŸ™‚ 

They also offer breakfast. You can browse through their menu below. 

And if you're interested to check their room rates. Please check 'em out here. Prices per room of Green Windows Dormitel.They have other rooms not for backpackers! πŸ™‚

If you want their contact number I have them here. Contact numbers of Green Windows Dormitel.

Service: 4.5 Maybe because they were tired, they were welcoming but not shown in their smiles or faces.
Sanitation: 4.9 They are well cleaned. At least for what I saw. 
Price: 4.9 reasonable. 
Room/Place: 4.9 The rooms are just adequate. Because we only availed of backpackers, I've only seen the backpacker's room. It's good for what it purports to be. Enough ventilation. Good ambiance.