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To look at him today you would find it difficult to believe that in August, 1974, Clarence Gass awoke unable to breath. However, the forty-one-year-old eventually regained his breath.
His breath problem that August night was no mystery. He was going through three and a half packs of cigarettes and twenty-four cans of beer a day. He stopped weighing at the 265-pound mark when he had a forty-three-inch waist. That very morning, after his frightening experience, Clarence Gass got down on his knees and asked God to help him. 
He quit drinking and smoking. He began to walk and then jog every night. Before the year was out, he was jogging four to five miles a day. Clarence went from more than 265 pounds to 150 pounds. His blood pressure dropped from 150 over 100 to 120 over 72. He has now run in ten marathons. 
According to Gass, "It takes more courage than you can imagine for a fat person to get out and run in front of other people. It's a slow process and you must be patient. But it is possible. You can do it! Don't quit!


Think about it: the odds are great that your physical condition is not as bad and your personal habits are not nearly as destructive as Clarence Gass's were in 1974. However, the odds are even greater that his physical condition and personal habits are both better than yours today. The question is this: If Clarence Gass can change to health and activity is there any real reason why you can't? 
1. Today I will remember to ask for God's help in all my activities.
2. Today, I will exercise in some fashion. It ay be for five minutes or for one hour, but I will exercise today.
3. Today I will _____________________________.

It was a Sunday, I woke at 2:00 A.M. I've slept earlier the night before because of a very busy schedule. However, it was a blessing that I was off to bed early as I've got an early commitment to attend to on that Sunday! Yes! Fun Run! With the theme "Dagan mo, Kaugmaon Ko", the proceeds will go the scholarship fund of the school to fund several scholars of the school PHINMA-Cagayan de Oro College!
I got ready, and took my Race bib, I can do this! Haha feeling inspired and encouraged! ๐Ÿ™‚  I am running for 5K but the bib shows 3K with superimposition! haha
I left home at around quarter to 5:00 A.M. And just as I arrived at the school entrance (assembly area), I've heard the shouted, "alright, get ready 5k runners, you are now going to be next, in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... gunshot!) I joined the run of the more or less four thousand runners!
I did not expect myself to run the entire 5K, I know that I haven't been warming up. But I am amazed that I was able to run for quite a distance without resting. Specially when I went ahead of my colleagues in the office. I was able to finish though the 5K in forty-four minutes (yeah I know I was too slow), but it's still an accomplishment for me. You see, I don't jog every day now. So, it's a great come back start! hahah ๐Ÿ™‚
The route was from PHINMA-COC Campus main gate, going to Vamenta Boulevard to C.M. Recto Highway turning left towards Bulua, then a U-turn at N-hotel then back to PHINMA-COC! It's a Fun-run-walk-run-walk-walk-walk-run-walk-walk-walk-run...walk. Haha!
After the race, we were informed that we can already claim our certificate. We proceeded to the releasing area where snacks were also served.

But hey, we didn't just get a certificate, we also had a reward from our Chief Operations Officer Mr. Bangcola! Thank you sir!

Milo was also there to distribute free cold drinks! Wasn't able to take a picture of the very small cup there were distributing.
We had a little chitchat before we were asked to join a Zumba! Yes, we danced after the run. We were gathered at the quadrangle! And yes, they hired instructors to lead us in the Zumba!
Then a dance or presentation number from the basic education department followed.
We had fun watching!
Go basic ed
After the presentation, the new PHINMA-COC landmark was also revealed!

The ladies don't want to go home without a picture of the FINISH LINE with them. So here it is!
Reina, Hannah and Agnes
Reina, Agnes, Hannah and Ryan
Then off we go to get something to fill our empty stomach. These was the view as we crossed the newly opened bridge!
It was a fun-filled run! Indeed it's a fun run! I enjoyed the kickstart of the foundation celebration! Congrat's PHINMA-COC! 

A man who wants to learn needs a teacher. A teacher is not perfect, but he has failed so many times than the student has tried. So, when it seems like what the teacher said is useless and vain, choose not to question its wisdom and do it. It's more productive to keep working on what he instructs you to do, rather than trying to understand and figure out the reason why he asked to do an activity.
I am blessed to have this man in the process of learning, he's trained so many players, he's been playing since time immemorial (at least in my perspective) and he's got a lot to say about my posture, my style, my movement, and about this sport (tennis).

With sir Jun Tusloc, known to be one of the best if not the only best, in training players of tennis.
In the court, no lawyer, no auditor, no accountant, no director, no position in play, only players, equal footing with the rest. He taught me a lot of things today. He was patient enough to push me. And just when I wanted to stop smashing and chasing those balls he's thrown at me, he keeps saying, five more, four more, three more, two more, one more.... Just when we wanted to rest and even give up, we just need someone to push us a little bit harder to move and learn.
I can feel the productivity of my exercise/practice today. I am glad people has been amazingly generous with their time, effort and resources, I know this is an expensive sport (at least for me, so don't argue, haha), but with the generosity of the people around me, I get to play, with little cost to start. Although, I do plan to invest (time and money) more on this. 
I could relate this to the book I've just recently finished reading "Cry of the Tiger" which is a story of the greatness of Kung Fu as a discipline, and how he's struggled to go train with his grandfather, who held the title of being a Grandmaster in the art and discipline of Kung Fu. He was complaining in his mind, but he gets to sleep at night almost immediately because his body is too tired to complain and think. He was all the while hated all the hardship and pain of training, but he did not quit. And towards the end of his training, he realized he's become way greater than he was when he first stood in front of the grandmaster.
Book's cover "Cry of the Tiger"
We all need a "grandmaster" to teach us, to be good at what we want to learn, I am blessed to have sir Jun. I have way more to go, but I am excited to continue, because I know I am trained by the best. 
I will push myself until I get to swing the racket properly, until I get the mastery of forehand and backhand, until I get to play properly without sir Jun. For now, I will keep practicing. I will keep bearing this in mind.
Photo grabbed from this link: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/2c/77/88/2c7788b0be230fbff77fa1bdeebb8545.jpg
Have a blessed Sunday every one! Continue to enjoy life and bless others! ๐Ÿ™‚

When you are stressed or worried, your body secretes a powerful hormone called adrenaline. The effects of adrenaline in the human body can be compared to those of rocket fuel in a missile or nitric oxide in a race car. Adrenaline is shot into your blood to give you an immediate boost of energy or strength in response to fear, excitement or extreme emotion. In other words, it gives you an energy blast to get you going fast.
Once when I was jogging, I passed a fenced yard that was the domain of two massive Doberman pinschers. I didn't see the dogs -"flesh-eating canines" would be a more accurate term - as I jogged past the yard. I guess they felt I was jogging too close to their boundary line, so out of nowhere, they charged me, with vicious, blood-curdling barking. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of the two demonic figures fiercely bearing down on me. Adrenaline shot through my body like a bullet through soft cheese. At the time of the attack, it never occurred to me there was a protective fence separating their ugly teeth from my pristine body. So I jumped three feet straight into the air and darted off faster than I had run since high school.
Adrenaline is a powerful chemical designed to be burned up immediately by the body. If it is not expended, however, it can affect you adversely. Your body doesn't know whether it is being attacked from without or within. Likewise, a critical attitude puts your body on all-points alert, and your internal systems go on the defensive. If I carry around a critical attitude, for example, small doses of adrenaline drip into my bloodstream all day long. With the presence of adrenaline in our system, and even with eight hours of sleep, we may still be tired when we awake.
Medical researches tell us that stress and worry cause more internal damage than we realize. Physiologically, we are affected by fear, insecurity and unresolved bitterness. These things weaken our immune system, causing us to become susceptible to viruses and diseases our bodies would normally be capable of fending off.
A dear friend of mine was once the picture of health. He ate only the best foods, exercised and monitored his cholesterol levels vigilantly. But he had one major malady - worry. He worried about anything he could not completely control, until it ate him up inside. He had a tough time trusting God for his future, his finances and his family. As his anxiety grew, so did the physical effects. He constantly fell victim to stomach ailments.
He appeared to be in his 60s in even though he was only 52.1. I also watched him go through a second divorce - the stress had cost him another loving relationship.
This dear friend recently passed away at an early age. Although he was a health nut, he succumbed to something much more devastating; terrible perspective on life. His attitude had stolen his best years.
I have heard it said that the presence of adrenaline in your blood system can increase your cholesterol count by 40 percent. We willingly go on exotic diets and take pills to reduce our cholesterol level, when what we really need is a better attitude toward life!
You could say that the state of your health is determined not so much by whay you're eating but by what's eating you.

(From Wayne Cordeiro's "Attitudes That Attract Success")