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The photo above was taken by yours truly last Monday. In this busy and almost always hurried life, I reckon we sometimes need to pause and appreciate what's around us.
I was on my way home, hurrying to drop by a grocery store to pick up some of my personal necessities, when this picture caught my attention and I ended up telling myself, "wait, I have to take this picture!" Indeed, pictures are everywhere, and you just need to take them.
This is one of the random pictures I took using my phone,  I usually enjoy taking B&W photos, I like it raw and its simplicity exudes the pictures' antics and luxury.
Just to be clear though, I am not in a Black & White challenge going on facebook. This is my personal choice to take and share my appreciation nature.
So, what's in this picture that caught your attention?
  1. I love the sunset. It means that each busy and seemingly tiring day will have an end. Just like the brightest day with the sun at its fullest shine, it has to rest and set. Our days, circumstances, and challenges too shall pass and set.
  2. That when life starts to darken, we would need some light. I saw the billboard's light are on that early, so when there's darkness, there's the "light" that shines over that billboard and allow it to show its existence. In the same way, we too need light, our light could be in the form of friends or family.
  3. That even if you stand so tall in the midst of every one, you cannot stay in pride and percolate grandeur without someone to hold you up, and someone to keep flashing you the light. And if you stand tall enough to be seen by every one, that means you intentionally or unintentionally sharing yourself to others, and makes you responsible for it. Be the best influence then. Don't make your pedestalic advantage be in vain. Show some of yourself that is of value. 
  4. And just like the life of the billboard, you are a constant advertisement. You are your testimony. Be a good one. 
  5. Take time to pause, and enjoy every bit of God's creation. Felicitating that you have the chance to witness the augustness of the world.
Have a great day! 🙂

Smiling, proof that you are happy and enthusiastic, is always a choice, not a result. It is a decision that must be consciously made. Enthusiasm and joy and happines will improve your personality and people's opinion of you. It will help you keep a proper perspective on life. Helen Keller said, "Keep your fact to the sunshine, and you cannot see the shadow."
The bigger the challenge you are facing, the more enthusiasm you need. Philippians 2:5 (NIV) says, "Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus." I believe that Jesus was a man who had a smile on His face and a spring in His step. 
Our attitude always tells others what we expect in return.
A smile is a powerful weapon. It can break the ice in tough situations. You will find that being enthusiastic is like having a head cold; both are very contagious. A laugh a day will keep negative people away. As enthusiasm increases, stress and fear decrease. The Bible says that the joy of the Lord is our strength (Nehemiah 8:10)
Many people say, "Well, no wonder those people are happy, confident, and positive; if I had their job and assets, I would be happy too!" Such thinking falsely assumes that successful people are positive because they have a good income and lots of possessions. But the reverse is true. Such people probably have a good income and lots of possessions as a result of being positive, confident and happy.
Enthusiasm always inspures action. No significant accomplishment has ever been made without enthusiasm. In John 15:10-11 (NIV) we have a promise from the Lord that says, "If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have obeyed my Father's commands and remain in his love. I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete."
The Lord's joy and love are yours - so smile!
(From John L. Mason's "An Enemy Called Average")

I was reading through books recently, browsed several references, some gave me idea and some stimulated my mind to think.
Today, I just want to tell you, yes, if you are reading this, it's not an accident! You are meant to read this! 
"Whatever you do today, just make sure it's towards living your life and not copying someone else's."
The law of association would suggest that you have the right to associate and that there is power in association, you attract the same energy with whom or those you associate yourself with. That is the reason why you somehow feel satisfied after a conversation with someone you've shared your life with. Shared because he/she can relate to your situation and you can relate to his or her situation. 
We have under this influence that we neglect to see how it affects us. And for some reason you don't know, you just want to be with that person or those persons again. Some people would label it with the phrase, "I belong!". We appreciate sympathy, we appreciate people who seem to have felt what we are feeling. And tell those who do not as rude, harsh or don't care. Truth is, you want them to suffer like you!
Here's my theory, here in our locality we have this expression "pandamay". 
Literally translated though, that word means, you pull people down when you're down. If you're in jail, they have to be in jail too. If you are suffering from pain, people should also feel pain. "Damay" have been cloaked as sympathy or empathy or whatever, but yes, it's basically pulling down people's energy. And people tend to enjoy such association. 
One would argue and say, "so, are you suggesting we don't have to care and sympathize?" Absolutely, no! What I am telling you right now is, if someone is 'down' don't go 'down' yourself, be the light! If someone complains, try to suggest reasons why such happened to enlighten. As my friend told me "be the better, brighter, or even the best person" than the other.
I understand this is not an easy task, this is not easy to do, but just like any hard thing to do, it starts with developing it to be a habit. If it becomes a habit, it naturally comes out, when the situations call.
This is all for now, and yeah remember to live your own life, God did not intend to make you a clone of someone else!

You have all the right to be happy! Spread the smile of your heart!