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The idea of attending the CU Graduate School Alumni Homecoming intrigued me, but wasn't really that exciting because my batchmates aren't available. However, with our ever dear Dean of the Graduate School's invitation, I couldn't say no. 
As I entered the hall, I somehow feared I will get out of place but soon as I get my feet on the hall, I could feel the energy. We were welcomed with smiles of the front liners of the event. We signed up, and looked for a seat. 
I was moved by the musical performance of the daughters of our Graduate School Dean, my apologies, because I was unable to take pictures. But while the performance was going on, Dr. Cimene recounted how Capitol University has become an instrument of her blessing. That such a place like CU is her land of promise. CU is the place where she reaped the harvest of blessing. She's revealed to us how she's gone from glory to glory with CU at her side. God has indeed placed her, where she is. She's started the warmth and told the community, that the event is a CELEBRATION!
I wasn't able to get a picture of her, as I was engrossed at her speech, so I will have this post as a substitute. Taken with her and my study buddy in the graduate school and partner in projects Commissioner Jamal Edres.
We cannot let the event pass without a picture of with you Doc Dean Francis Thaise Cimene! Always active and beautiful!
Then soon to be Dr. Clifford G. Roa, my mentor, former professor, the CU Alumni President gave his welcome. He's given us reasons why we should stay connected and gave us a challenge to get bonded with the other alumna or alumnus despite the limited time that we would have to spend in school. He's recalled how we've made a different kind of Sportsfest. Flashback in my memories were inevitable. Graduate school has afforded several avenues for us to bond as well. He's also challenge to bring what was learned in the school to the community we served.
To top the speeches, we have the Capitol University President himself Atty. Casimiro Juarez, who was supposed to be the "keynote" speaker, but opted to deliver an "inspirational" talk. And what I could get from his speech is really, about being committed to mold people to mold people, to change people to change the community and the people in it. He quoted Pope Francis on his speech and challenged the alumni community:

"You have to be able to uplift the system of education. Uplift the life of the community you are serving. You who are serving in the community, you hold the real, authentic power. I challenge you to make a change!"

Being a total person would encompass being able to impact the community where you serve. I am indeed inspired to be a better me, to be more aggressive in effecting change for the betterment of the society. It's a challenge posed to every alumna/alumnus of the graduate school, which was well accepted by everyone in the hall. Thank you Atty. Juarez for that inspiring speech. You've once again demonstrated, that you are a man full of wisdom!
A book launch was also made, I am amazed at the accomplishments of the CU Grad School alumni. They've made successes rolled up into a book. The real essence of education is to effect a better outcome in the lives of the graduates and in the community of the graduates of the educational institution. I feel proud to have graduated from an education, where outcomes were evident enough to be written in a book (though still in progress). Also amazing the couple of my mentors like Dr. Corazon Mendoza, Dr. Elizabeth Figueroa, Dr. Vincent Salas, Dr. Salvador Aves, Dr.  Jessica Campano, and a lot more are on that list. They're achievements within and outside their community, local and national or even international, are such an inspiration to the new graduates of the school. 
And hey, there's more, while the speeches are going on, the working committee are going around to distribute gifts, from our very own executive Vice President, Admin. Dr. Fe Juarez.
I got excited so I opened it, voila! These are great items Doc! Thank you so much!
Using these items would always remind us to be a total person. To remember where we came from and where we have to go. Thanks for these great items! 
And of course, we have to have a photo op of this man, an epic example of public servant! Dr. Alan Aladano! Thank you sir! You're a great teacher in word and in deed.
As we head our way home, we were given this souvenir item, CU Mug. As I drink coffee I am again reminded of being a total person. 
We had a great time attending the alumni. Although, we have to make sure next time, our batch mates should be there! This is a call to all our batch mates, to please attend next time. We have to redeem our batch's reputation! haha Guys, seriously, let's get together once again! We miss you in the celebration! 
So much to take away! And we head home feeling empowered, proud, encouraged and inspired! Thank you! CU!
~Raymond A. Vasquez
MBM Graduate, October 2014