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Today is Friday the 13th! Yes! Some are busy for the valentines day, but most of us employees are busy encoding grades for the second period! Haha Valentines the COC way! 
Today, we were also set to meet with fellow employees as members of the Cagayan de Oro College Faculty and Employees' Association (COCFEA). By lunch time, we went to the PHINMA-COC Main South and enjoyed window shopping at the organized Employees' Bazaar! Then we then entered the auditorium. Employees were already gathered. 
A few minutes after our arrival, the program started.  A clip of the recent FUN RUN was shown. The general assembly's host was Ms. Caldoza. We were then offered to take our meal as the buffet has been readied by the catering services of Truffles.
Then we were welcomed into the general assembly by Mr. Caliat. We were also given words of affirmation and inspiration as well as a challenge by our very own Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Karim Bangcola. 
Raffle prizes were given, and a lot of our colleagues received something. My name wasn't called, and was never really mentioned in all the minor prizes. We were praying that if the name called isn't ours, the person isn't around. Up until almost every single raffle items were given but there was no mention of our my name. Souvenir cups, frying pans, pitchers and even the Starbucks GCs were all gone. Made me sad, until they said, one last name for the grand prize! And guess what, my name was called! hahahaha
Surprisingly, the grand prize (although it's not really super expensive) is an electric kettle of Kyowa! Just right for our own electric kettle at home has just given up working! haha It was fully depreciated and disposed recently! Talk about timing! Yeah! Thank you Lord! I don't have to spend for the electric kettle.
Then the discussions regarding the updates of the Association's policies were given, discussed, disputed and some items were approved. Some items were also deferred for study by the Board of Directors. 
After the general assembly of the association, we all went back to our respective offices to continue with our work. Although, classes has been suspended, the deadline for encoding grades wasn't moved. Which means that everyone is expected to have uploaded the grades by end of the day! So off we go, let the encoding continues!
I did finish my grades sooner. And was a little bit relaxed during the day. Had a time to draft some documents for another project! Thank you God for the accomplishments!
By 3:00 P.M. our College's dancers had a practice on their "Dance Battle - Employees' Edition" amd was rehearsing the steps like it's already the real stage and final showdown! The College is so proud of you Ma'am Reina, Hanna, Agnes, Sir Chris and JP! You rock! Go CMA!
After their rehearsal, they've prepared themselves, they wore their attires and had their make-up and face paints. Here they are. 
We decided to go down stairs to watch "The Voice of COC". The winner is from the College of Education! Congratulation lady! You deserve it. I personally like her rendition of "Thinkin' Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran. They were first asked to sing their song of choice, then was ranked and the judges selected 4 out of the 8 voices (artists), then of the 4 was "The Voice of COC". She made a final song Victor's Piece "Listen"! Congratulations!
With soon to be Dr. Cheryl Marie R. Calo, MBA, Dean Cecilia M. Laguna, CPA, MBA and Clyde F. Gamolo, CPA, MBA
After "The Voice of COC", the dance battle of the employees followed. Here's the video clip! Fantastic! Teachers can move and groove! Wohooo!
We decided to go out for a dinner at Lifestyle District after the Dance Battle.  Had this picture taken. 
Thank you guys for a fun-filled pre-valentine bonding! 

One of the things that we look forward to in every Christmas season would be the festive events in the organisation where we belong. As part of our celebration, we decided to hold it at Kampo Juan. From my previous post, I sort of, gave an orientation what Kampo Juan is, and what it offers, in this post though I will be sharing our personal photos and how we define fun and adventure! Something that we cannot just forget, those exhilarating moments and tons of laughters made us enjoy the day!
This would not impress you! The almost dilapidated label of the place is not to be judged for the fun you'll have inside. Well, maybe the maintenance crew were not on duty as it's already holiday? Haha
They have spacious rooms for the event. You don't need air-condition as it's already cold outside. The place is cozy and well it's in Bukidnon, so you'll understand why the winds are cool.
The greens scenes are just priceless! It's not everyday that I enjoy the view of green leaves of trees, grass, and everything in nature.
It's a party, so we have to have food! ๐Ÿ™‚ We ordered few viands from a catering service provider, something that would fill our stomach. 
But of course, it's not really the food that makes it fun! The games do.
The first game is like a statue dance but it's modified. You don't pause when the music stops playing, instead, you'll hold the zipper of the men at the centre. The one who doesn't have a zipper in her hand is eliminated. It's fun and scary! haha You'll never know what the girls might grab! haha you know what's next to zipper! Haha
The next game is newspaper dance! You know how this is played.
For the win!
Next game is egg relay! Haha pass on the egg!!!
What am I thinking?
We had the message relay, which became controversial! haha We always want to win so we argued on the rules of the game! Lol! 
But that's not all, we have to experience the adventure that the place is offering! 
You wouldn't think we're afraid! Haha we always manage to fake a smile and pose for the camera! Documentation! Minsan lang to! haha
That's the first thing we did, Anicycle! Riding a bicycle on air! With cables as your pathway!
I realised one thing here though, "Trust the one holding you!" That's the instruction. Don't be afraid! The cables can hold you and you won't get off the cable, and you won't fall. See, just like in life, when you seem to be out of balance, just trust the One that holds your life. God is stronger than the anicycle cable. Life can get you off balance, but you've got to keep kicking the pedal forward, you know there's gotta be an end to that. Haha The adventure was a lot of fun!
We managed to get off the track! haha We reached the other end, I was smiling because it's a lot of fun watching the nature's life many feet below my bicycle!
Then Zipline!
If you are quite lighter than the others, you might be asked to do the Zipline on a pair so you could reach the other end.
That's me trying to pose for the camera! haha 
The view while crossing the Zipline and Anicycle course. Breathtaking!
After this first Zipline course, we'll have to conquer the hanging bridge!
Conquering heights will not be complete if you're not actually walking on a bridge that's dangling on the air while you walk on it! So pardon the poor attempt to smile while on the bridge. haha
Some of our teammates don't want the heights so they went to the pool for a splash! Swim! Under the sun! 
Swimming with the family! ๐Ÿ™‚ 
Someone just want to pose! No more, no less. Haha
These, made the event one fun Kampo Juan experience! Thank you KJ for having us! And for letting us in, and making our Christmas Party/Team Building a great one! 

We wanted to have a memorable Christmas event for our team at the same time use it as our bonding or team building activity. The management has decided to hold it in a venue where they could have some fun. But I was at first, a little bit skeptic. What is that place they were suggesting? Is it really fun there? I never heard of it, or if I did previously, it isn't that good since it didn't catch my attention. But because it has been decided I went with the flow. 
We prepared the budget, the staff made the necessary preparations for the event, and yes! We're there!
The scenery on our way there is already welcoming. We arrived at the venue's gate with a kiss of a beautiful spot worth capturing. 
Then I saw the eye-catching scene of the road, very familiar and nostalgic image for travellers.
This place has a lot to offer and a lot of potential. I guess they are not as known as Dahilayan Adventure Park but they're a good place for parties, events and even meetings.
But the reason why we chose this place is because of the fun were were looking for. We want adventure! So what's in here? Why did we choose this anyway? Why not the other parks? Aside from the budget, these are the things we can do here.
If you want extreme adventures, do their rappelling, not on a wall, but on real rock and soil. They have a cliff where you can have your rappelling.
This is the view from afar. That's where you'll have your Rappelling!
Bur if you just want to relax, you can have the cold water in the pool, to soothe your "hot" body! Keep calm, keep cool. Swim in the pool! ๐Ÿ™‚
The pool is near the function area too. So if you'll have an event, you can include in the package the use of the pool. So the people can enjoy the pool after the event. Something your people can enjoy.
The water is so inviting! If you are someone who wants to have sun-bathing, then this is your place! Feel the relaxing wind of the mountains and enjoy the cold water of the pool.
Do you want to spend your time over night? Check out their rates for lodging here.
 But if you want more adventures, they also have anicycling adventure. This is something that we actually did. 
We subscribed to unlimited rides so we can enjoy most of the adventure options, we had this too! The crossing of the hanging bridge, overlooking the fantastic greenery of nature. Conquering vertical limits and fears! 
And of course, they also have the common Zipline! We did enjoy this too! They have two courses for the Zipline. One is a short one going to the start of the hanging bridge, after the hanging bridge you'll have the second course of the Zipline.
On my next post, I will show our pictures on how we've enjoyed the adventures of Kampo Juan! Now you'll have a new idea of a place where you can have your team building! Have fun!
So for the rates, I guess it's here:
Please feel free to share. Or leave your comments below. Thanks! Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!