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It was Independence Day! And yes, we spent the Independence Day in this amazing place of South Cotabato! We were welcomed by the Great King Sun! Such a sign that he's with us on this trip! 
My curiosity for this place started when I joined a trivia quiz and the answer of the tourist spot, which I unfortunately haven't visited and heard yet is this! Since then I can't get my mind out of it. Until one of my colleagues in the office offered a trip going to this place! What should I do? Of course, by all means, join the trip! Hence, I've made it here! 

Below is a photo of the unperturbed beauty amidst the advent of technology and globalization. This place has remained seemingly undisturbed by the noise and haste of the cities and neighboring places. Look at the photo below. The stillness is a bliss!

The #BukidLife we have here, it's not the typical vacation where you'll be welcomed by gold-plated staircases but you'll be welcomed by the homy, primitive set up and ambiance of the hotels or inns. The hotel/resort that we booked in happens to enjoy and wishes to maintain to be so, being a good old resort home away from home!
So here's our room, sorry, my room, they are just invaders! haha Enjoy my room guys! LOL!
And adding some drama to the photo op is Chef F. C. My room overlooking the lake's view!
And what would come to your mind? Just anything, look at this man below! haha
And without anyone, this is my window's view. πŸ™‚
The room in a peaceful and calm state. T'was a great room. Good for two, but I was occupying this alone! Such an amazing thing. haha I love to be alone. 
As soon as we arrived in the place, we asked about the activities that we can do. And we were told that we can have the tour around the lake. Yes, you are not mistaken, we are in LAKE SEBU! So, we asked that we be ushered to the place where we can have the lake tour, and our hotel fortunately was able to accommodate our need. We were taken to the resort where we need to pay for the lake tour. 
On our way there, we happen to manage a selfie, or wefie!
Below is a photo of us on board the vessel for the lake tour! The tour offers you a fun site-seeing and be entertained by the tour guide's historical and educational lectures, while also performing for your consumption.

I have the privilege to have taken footage of the dances performed by the native T'boli in the area.
First dance is TRUE Dance watch video here.
Next dance is Seductive Dance watch video here. Starring our very own colleague Ms. R. C. L.
Here's another Seductive Dance by the Princess herself. Princess Hannah!
Sharing here our video as we started the lake tour.
Included in the lake tour package is the food (lunch). Since their pride is the Tilapia, they are serving these, Tilapia Curry and Fried Tilapia. The specialty viand of Lake Sebu!

We were blesed to have been joined by locals dressed in their traditional T'boli attire. πŸ™‚

The tour wouldn't be complete without myself having a photo taken with the Princess of the Tribe herself. 

After our Lake Sebu tour, we went back to the hotel, for a few minutes, or an hour of rest. Then we set the next trip will be towards the 7 falls! 
On our way to the 7 falls, I can't help but click again. Look at this raw, unedited, unfiltered view!

It's where you'll see another majestic water falls in the Philippines. There's literally 7 falls. One of the highlights would be the Zipline, highest in Asia, and of course, the steps going up through a stairway (we didn't do this one). So, for the 7 falls, we grabbed the opportunity to have the adventure captured and pasted on a mug, that which would remind us of the adventure every time we drink our coffee in the morning!
And we were lucky enough to have joined the adventure of the renowned #ElGammaPenumbra of Asia's Got Talent! hello there EGP!

After the adventure, we went to a floating restaurant in Lake Sebu! Thanks to our driver/tour guide! They took us to this amazing place, where we had our dinner! To dine floating over the lake! How about that? Living the time or our life! πŸ™‚

It's me pulling the rope to fetch my colleagues and bring them to the floating restaurant!

Yep, you guessed it right! It's yours truly, haha #feelingpro
How about a glimpse from atop Lake Sebu? 
The next day, we set our trip back home! But as we've discussed, we decided to might as well, go to General Santos! Haha But wait, we can have a stop at Surallah! Have you heard of it? It's just around 15 minutes from Lake Sebu, South Cotabato!

After the joyride and short stop at Surralah, we proceeded to Denmark Terminal for our trip to General Santos. And this unique and misleading address of the terminal is fun to take a jumpshot selfie! So here it is! πŸ™‚ #doroexplorero's Signature Jumpshot!
In General Santos, we only managed to visit SM General Santos, and well visit Starbucks, but wait! I made another Jump Shot too!

After our short stop at General Santos, we headed to Davao City, yes, the peaceful city of Davao! We craved for Durian, so we couldn't let the opportunity pass. We need to have some Durian for ourselves. They say it here, DAVAO LIFE IS HERE!
We actually devoured one 4 kilo Durian for our craving's satisfaction. The opened Durian's video is here.
We also had to stop at one of Davao's uniquely located Restaurant Jack's Ridge! πŸ™‚
We had our dinner in Jack's Ridge! Well, this was a dinner date I suppose, I was just a joiner! Intruder. Chaperone. πŸ™‚ I have video of why this dinner is romantic! πŸ™‚ Watch it here.
Panoramic view of Davao City
And that is our way of capping off our Lake Sebu-Surallah-GenSan-Davao Trip! What an Independence Day! Another way to enjoy Mindanao. Choosing #MindaNOW!
As we head back home, this view of sea of clouds did not escape my sight. This was captured while on board a bus, going back home, this was taken with my iPhone somewhere in higher places in Bukidnon while the bus is speeding up towards CDO! #NinjaMoves #doroexplorero
Why LAKE SEBU? Aside from the curiosity that mainly drove me to take this trip, I also want to see for myself (although risky), whether it's really dangerous in this part of Mindanao, and I have proven for myself that it's okay to travel towards this part of the country. We've never encountered any dangerous incident, no threat, no bombings, no nothing, simply and purely leisure travel! I hope this opens the mind of the tourists. There's just so much the Mindanao has to offer! Choose Mindanao, MindaNOW!
#doroexplorero #dorolakwatsero #doroadventures #laagAsia #laagPinas #suroyWorld 

Have you ever been caught in a place that you haven't been to, and don't have any idea what to do? With the universe's conspiracy you were meant to be in that place? What would you do? Thank God, there's google, there are bloggers, there are already information available online. 
I was supposed to travel back to Malaybalay, Bukidnon after our "Intelligent Investing" seminar with the Association of Finance Educators in Mindanao. But, suddenly the appointment in Bukidnon was canceled, and we wanted to make use of the time while we are still in Davao. What can we do? Mr. Google and Bloggers across the country helped us. I browsed through the internet all the possible things we could do, of course, top of the list is SAMAL island. 
Again, the question is, what can we do in Samal? I consulted the internet, and there were couple of travel agencies, but when I contacted their numbers, all of them rejected us. LOL! Actually, because it's peak season, I understand that they are all fully booked. But I wanted to go to SAMAL! Haha So I said, we will go D-I-Y! Who cares! I have to go there! haha Travel tours of agencies are all fully booked, some were even still fully booked as of this writing. All the more that I wanted to go to Samal even just for a day. I want to see what it is that people would want to go there! It's again a different thing if you hear it, versus you actually been there. 
I asked my auntie, who's from Davao City too where we could possibly go. She said we have to go to Paradise. And it's recommended that we go there early. First trip to Samal Island is 6:00 AM. I also saw the rule on a large tarpaulin at the port mandated by MARINA. So, I told my friend, we'll get up 5:30 and leave for the port at Magsaysay, board the vessel/barge going to Samal. We were advised, we'll pay around P40.00 for the trip.
But, when I asked the receptionist in the morning as to how to go to Magsaysay, she told me our mentor, friend Mr. F will take us there. Thank you sir! And we were not taken to Magsaysay, he knows a port, where the ferries are going to dock at Paradise Island itself. We were early to witness the sunrise, but we were just on time, since as soon as we took our seats in the ferry, the engine started! So, off we go! 
As we arrived in the Island, I was astonished by the sunrise that welcomed us into the Paradise!

We had breakfast at Paradise Island!

Then my research proved to have pointed us to the consistent places to visit when in Samal Island.
Before we could get to the destination, we have to find the transportation! One of our concerns is that, my friend Mr. CFG is not used to riding a motorbike. You see, he's not a promdi like me.haha And it's one of his fears, riding a motorcycle. But we have no choice, it's the only transportation available to tour us around Samal, with only two of us. We were told, they're going to charge P300/hour. I reacted! What? They said, (I know it's a marketing strategy), they can have a package. Unlimited hours for only P1,200 per motorcycle. I thought of the package we were not able to avail, it's almost equal to the two motorcycle. So I said, GO! Lez do thiz! Just get us back here by 4:00 PM. So we can still go back to Davao City by 5:00 PM the boat's last trip to the City.
Here are some places we went to and sort of itinerary for the entire day! A day trip in Samal Island I'd say.  
1. Hagimit Falls - a great, relaxing and enchanting water falls. Entrance fee is P5.00 environmental fee, and then another P40.00 for the property's entrance. Total cost P45.

2. Bat Cave - my first time to visit a Bat Cave. We had to take this picture at the entrance. Pay P5.00 again for the environmental fee, and another P100.00 for the property's entrance. 

3. Taclobo - this one we opted to pass on this one. We did go there. But when we were there, we were not equipped with underwater camera. I haven't got one yet and we think we can't get the value of our money without the pictures of what we can see there. Here we were supposed to witness more than 3,000 Taclobos. Clamps! To do it, you'd pay P500.00 for the boat to go to the area, then pay P200 (I am not sure with this one, but this was what I could remember told to us) for the snorkeling gadgets, etc. I then just took a photo of the Island at a closer look.

4. Overview at Kaputian  - we had to stop at the place where we can have a look of the Island at bird's eye view. We were not informed there was entrance fee. As we were about to leave, we were asked for the entrance fee of P10.00 each. 

5. Fish Feeding - we did not do this as we were tired. But we were informed that it's free in Paradise Island, included in our entrance fee of P200.00 as we arrived. 
Our lunch was at Farmer's Bar and Resto in Penaplata, Samal (will have the review on a separate blog). Took a picture with our drivers! πŸ™‚
We wrapped up our day relaxing in the beachfront of Paradise Island. What an amazing sight of Beach with the live music of the band! 

Such a fulfilling day! From sunrise to sunset at Samal Island! Thank you for the great trip! Thank you to my friend boss CGF for going with the flow! Congratulations on conquering your fear! 
I can't let the day pass and leave Paradise Island without my own proof of visit. Here I asked a picture taken with me at the entrance as we leave for the port to Davao City.

No-filter, breath-taking and relaxing view of the sunset at the port of Paradise Island!
If you have questions which cannot be answered on this post feel free to ask on the comment box. If you want to say something just hit the comment box below! Take risks! Travel more! Life is short! Keep moving! Live each day, don't miss it! It's a gift!