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Our family is from Cagwait Surigao del Sur, and I haven't heard of Britannia until my friend Ms. RA invited me to join in their trip. I was very happy to join as I want to go on an island hopping! Although, I did not have much idea, but it was summer, and it's an island, the beach! Aaah, was so excited then. But what I've seen is beyond my expectation. 
Britannia is a group of island in Surigao del Sur. It's a paradise! White sand, clear blue-green sea water. It's not that known yet, but it's getting noticed as the years passed. It's only today, that I was browsing through my travels did I realized that I haven't written something about it, or at least show to the world, what really is there. 
What we did was we took the bus going to Butuan at around 7 or 8pm, around P220 or P250 pesos fare, we arrived around 11 or 12 mn. Then we stopped for a while in Butuan, and travel by 3am using the Montero of my friend's family. 🙂 
I will be sharing to you some photos taken at Brittania, while we were enjoying the island hopping! Photo credits to Ms. RA and Ms. MT.
There are around six islands:
1. Hagonoy
2. Naked Island
3. Britania 
4. Hiyor-hiyoran
5. Tagoan
6. Panlangagan
It's a fantastic Sunday morning! Nature just welcomed us with a the Sun's fresh morning kiss! Ayee! 
Who wouldn't be in-love with this scene? C'mon! 
And that's not it, there's more! When travelling to places like this, your system just can't help but take pictures as much as you can! There's no stopping you, specially if you have an underwater camera  ready! 

These are just beautiful snippets of what's really in Britania! How can one miss this place? Mindanao has indeed pride itself with a lot of things to offer, and surely, Britania is just one, if not top of the list! 
My friends, can't help it too! They just want to document that they set foot on Naked Island!
Even under the sea, you can't help but pose! haha Struggling face! Diving into the clear and cool sea water!
One of my friends wanted to just experience diving while we sail, we ordered the boat to be stopped for a while, and just swim!
Of course, why would I forget my obligatory jump shots? haha this time I am joined by my good friend EM.
When I'm in the beach, I always reconnect with the universe! Feel the sun's kiss, sand's texture, the breeze's whispers and touch, the just dip my body into the cold water! Just plain simple feeling it! Would create a rejuvenating energy within me. 

I took no chance of losing the opportunity to take pictures everywhere I'd see a wonderful background! 

Of course, our groupfie/wefie are no way to be forgotten!

We've definitely enjoyed the island hopping! Experiencing Britania's beauty first hand is priceless! It was a day well spent! 
Ever wonder what happens next to Island hopping? haha here take a look! LOL!
Experience Mindanao! Experience Britania! Hail to the beautiful islands! 
The Island hopping itself, would be around 3-5 hours depending on your stay on each of the islands. Do you want to go there? Do you have questions you want to ask? Please feel free to drop it on the comment box below. 🙂