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The world as you see today, is a world full of mess and negativity. It has been clouted and cluttered by negative energies. It's been set to self-destruct mode, by setting on fire, humanity. And one of the contributors may be you.

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This is a sequel to my previous post about being steward of our memories...
Let me share this piece to you, further towards living a successful life.
How we steward what's happening inside our hearts and minds will affect the way we think. When we think clearly, we are more likely to have a healthy attitude toward the circumstances that come our way. If our thinking is muddled, our tendency will be to develop and display a poor attitude. 
M. Scott Peck, in his book People of life, tells about one of the Vietnam War's greatest tragedies, the My Lai massacre. One morning in March 1968, in the Quang Ngai province of South Vietnam, hundreds of innocent women and children were killed. The little village was known to have been harboring Vietcong soldiers. However, when an American task force arrived that day, they searched the village and found no enemy soldiers. But commanding officer Lieutenant William Calley was taking no chances. He ordered his troops to round up the villagers in groups of 20 to 30 and, with rifle fire or grenades, kill everyone until the village was eradicated.
Dr. Peck, a psychologist, was called in to investigate and try to determine what would make men perform an act of such senseless violence. He interviewed the soldiers as well as the officers involved. Peck concluded that the massacre wasn't necessarily motivated by vindictive or evil intentions. Rather, it was the tragic result of an unwillingness of the troops to think deeply about what was going on around them. They had their orders, and without consideration or forethought for the consequences, the American soldiers acted in a mindless, barbaric fashion.

As a people, we're too lazy to learn and too arrogant to think we needed to learn. We felt that whatever way we happened to perceive things was the right way without any further study. And whatever we did was the right thing to do without reflection.

Too often our thoughts go no further than the initial perceptions that enter our minds. Rarely are we able to draw correct conclusions from this minimal input. To think that whatever just pops into our heads about a person or situation is always the truth would indeed make us a "people of the lie." 
If your thinking is poor, so will your perspective be. And if your perspective is poor, so will your decisions be.

How we respond to failures and mistakes is one of the most important decisions we make every day. How do you respond to failure? Failure does not mean that nothing has been accomplished. There is always the opportunity to learn something.
We all experience failure and make mistakes. In fact, successful people always have more failure in their lives than average people do. Great people throughout history have all failed at some point in their lives. Those who do not expect anything are never disappointed, those who never try, never fail. Anyone who is currently achieving anything in life is simultaneously risking failure. It is always better to fail in doing something risking failure. It is always better to fail in doing something than to excel at doing nothing. A flawed diamond is more valuable than a perfect brick. People who have no failures also have few victories.
People get knocked down; it is how fast they get up that counts. There is a positive correlation between spiritual maturity and how quickly a person responds to failures and mistakes. Individuals who are spiritually mature have a greater ability to get up and go on than people who are spiritually immature. The less mature the person, the longer he or she holds onto past failures. God never sees any of us as failures; He only sees us as learners.
We truly fail only when we do not learn from an experience. The decision is up to us. We can choose to turn a failure into a hitching post or guidepost. 
Here is the key to being free from the stranglehold of past failures and mistakes: Learn the lesson and forget the details. Have you ever noticed that the devil never reminds you of the lesson? He only wants you to remember the details. Gain from the experience, but do not roll the minute details of it over and over in your mind. Build on the experience, and get on with your life.
Remember that the call is higher than the fall.

(From John L. Mason's "Enemy Called Average")

Oftentimes, we have been so concerned at our ego's dictates of frustrations and disappointment that we fail to realize the lesson. But this article here tells us to just shrug off the idea of failure's details, instead focus on the lesson and move on. 
You can always complain or argue that it's not that easy, and yes, nobody said it is. But if you want to succeed, you have to keep going. When the going gets tough, the tough keeps going. Listen to your winning instinct, not to the devil's cunning and deceptive whispers of failure. 
To  all those who did fail, currently in the state of failure, depressed and frustrated about a venture, an advocacy, a plan, or a project, this is for you. 
May this enlighten you somehow. And I pray that you continue to believe in yourself. Only then can people too, continue... to believe in you!
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I want to encourage you today, with the words Wayne Cordeiro in his book "Attitudes that Attract Success"
One way to cultivate staying power is to change your definition of an event or circumstance. After all, the way in which you define your circumstances will determine, to a large degree, how you will respond to that event.
Consider it all joy, and watch your faith grow.
I lived in Eugene, Oregon, for many years. Eugene is known for, among other things, frequent gray skies and rain. Being from Hawaii, the absence of the sun's warm rays on my body took a toll on me, especially during the winter. Believe it or not, I actually resorted to buying a sunlamp one year when I felt I was about to die from a lack of solar exposure!
I remember walking to a coffee shop with a friend one November morning when it began to rain. Not looking forward to another rainy day, I complained, "Rain again! I wish it would quit.!"
My friend's response surprised me. "Hooray!" he cheered exuberantly. "Rain, I love it!"
"Why in the world are you celebrating this horrible weather?"
"Because that means it's snowing in the mountains. Ski season has begun!"
My friend was an avid skier. He had defined "rain" as heralding the beginning of a great ski season. I, on the other hand, had defined it as cause for another day of depression and sunlamp therapy. Between each event and your attitude concerning that event lies your definition of that event.

Consider [define] it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials (Jas. 1:2).

James instructs us to define our events carefully because how we see our circumstances will affect our attitudes and actions. Not only does James tell us to define them carefully, but he also tells us to define it all as joy! Not just the good times but all of our circumstances, including trials, are to be defined as cause for joy. 

How can we possibly do that? Read on, as James continues:

Consider [define] it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking of nothing (Jas. 1:2-4).

We get to define it all as joy, even our trials, when we know the positive outcome any event can have on our lives - deepening our faith, producing endurance and making us complete and lacking nothing. Wow! Now that's powerful promise!
Change your definition, considering it all joy, and watch your faith grow, your endurance increase and your life become complete. You'll lack for nothing, simply because you've chosen to define things the way God defines them. 

Train your eyes to see evidence of God's presence, not evidenceof His absence. If you are looking for God's absence, you will conclude that this world is a God-forsaken place! On the other hand, if you are looking for evidence of His presence, you will soon see that He is with us even in the darkest of moments.
Sometimes we have a mistaken notion of spirituality. When stricken by this disease, once-stalwart Christians become pharisaical at best. This malady can infect any believer, but it more often strikes older Christians who have been in church for five or more years. The veterans seem to be the most prone and susceptible. One telletale symptom heralding the presence of the disease is that we begin to think our own spiritual maturity is measured by how many faults we can detect in others. If I spot more faults than anyone else, then obviously I'm more spiritually mature. 
But watch out! Because if you are looking for cursing, curses will find you!

He also loved cursing, so it came to him; and did not delight in blessing, so it was from from him. (Psalm 109:17)

If you are not looking for what's good, then even what good there is present will be difficult to recognize. 

A few people have said to me, "I understand what you're saying about looking for what's right. But you can't deny that there are problems! There will always be problems. How do you deal with them practically?"
Sure, there will be problems, and each problem needs to be addressed. You need to meet them head on and courageously deal with them in a way that honors God and builds biblical character. However, here's a secret that has helped me over the years: When you speak of problems, always speak of them as changing.
Someone says, "You have a problem." Your response should be, "Yes, I do, but it's changing!" Someone else says, "Well, you've got financial problems." Your answer? "Yes, but that's changing!" When someone says to you, "Hey, you have a bad marriage." You say, "Yeah, but it's changing!" When someone says, "You've got bad breath." you can reply, "Yeah but it's changing!"
When you speak of problems as changing, you see a hopeful light at the end of the darkened tunnel. This is a positive indicator that you are growing.
However, if someone says, "You've got financial problems," and you say, "Man, do I ever have financial problems! I have always had financial problems, and I will probably always have financial problems until Jesus comes," this attitude acts as a magnet, inviting depression and cynicism. It shuts down your creative problem-solving ability and causes you to freeze up, leaving you perpetually in this state of financial need.
You will see problems everywhere, but don't allow your eyes to remain focused on them. Look for answers and that's what you will see. Develop a new perspective - a fresh view of your problems. Solve them, don't dwell on them. You'll be tempted to remain in slough of despair. It feels good, sometimes, to be pitied, and many of us look for reasons to remain in our unhappy circumstances. But don't do it. 
Failure is not when you get knocked down. Failure is when you refuse to get back up. Don't hang around the swamps of despair. They will only skew your attitude and impede your resilience. Learn to bounce back quickly.
Someone once said to me, "When you go through hell, don't stop to take pictures."
I agree!

We will always face storms in life, but remember: Never allow an outside storm to become an inside storm.
It's inside storms that sink ships.
The Bible is replete with story after story of how God's people encountered problems.

When Noah sailed the ocean blue,

He had problems the same as you.

For 40 days he drove the ark,

Before he found a place to park.

How many times have we found ourselves flooded with problems? Often, when I have been surrounded with struggles in the ministry, I have felt like the lion tamer who put an ad in the paper: "Lion tamer - wants tamer lion."
A few years ago, I took up fishing as a hobby. Friends and I would fish on the eastern shore of the Big Island of Hawaii. We would throw our lines into the ocean, and if we we're fishing at the right time and had the right bait, we would catch some good-sized fish. Nearby was a barbecue grill where we would place our trophies. We would take our day's catch, clean each one and then place each trophy on the grill. Even though these fish had spent all their lives in the salty ocean, guess what I had to sprinkle on our catch as we were cooking them? Right! I would sprinkle salt on the fish to bring out the flavor.
You would think that would be about the most unnecessary thing to do, considering that the fish had been marinating in saltwater for at least a year or two. Yet even though these fish had lived in the ocean, none of the salt got inside.
My point? If God can do that for fish, He can do that for each of us.
Each of us has been placed in the middle of a world filled with worldly perspectives and philosophies. But here's the wonder of God's design: Although we live in the midst of a "crooked and perverse generation" (Phil 2:15), none of that crooked perverseness is supposed to get inside of us!
Your attitude will either protect you or defeat you in the midst of storms. Develop your attitude well.
(From Wayne Cordeiro's "Attitudes that Attract Success!")
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I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live. (Deut. 30:19)

God tells us that the choice between life and death, between a blessing or a curse is up to us! He almost pleads with His people, telling us to choose life in order that we may live. God not only gives us a choice, He goes further and tells us what choice we should make. He even shows us the benefits of making the right choice, and He let us know the consequences should we choose otherwise.
In essence, God is saying, "Here's your choice, life or death, a fruitful future or one of pain. But wait! Before you choose, let Me tell you which is best. Choose life that you may live, both you and your descendants. Got it? Okay, now choose."
There was this "Let's Make a Deal", on this 1970s TV game show, would-be contestants in the studio audience would dress up like squirrels, ducks, redwoods and various household appliances and act nuts to get the attention of the show's host, Monty Hall. On one of the shows, Monty pointed to a housewife dressed as a chicked and said, "Chicken, come on down!"

IF YOU KNOW THESE THINGS, YOU ARE BLESSED IF YOU DO THEM.                                                                         JOHN 13:17 

The lady pecked her way toward the aisle, jumping up and down excitedly and molting all over the host. Monty then pointed out three large doors on the stage and said, "You can have whatever is behind door number one, door number two or door number three. Which one are you going to choose?" The helpful studion audience yelled out, "One!" "No, pick two!" "Three! Three! Pick Three! all at the same time. 
The chicken made her choice: "Three!"
Monty then said, "Before I show you what's behind door number three, let me show you what's behind door number one!" The door was opened and there stood a pair of Mercedes Benz luxury automobiles.
Wails of sorrow rose from the chicken and from the audience.
Monty continued, "Now let me show you what's behind door number two!"The door opened and a voice announced, "A 50-foot sailboat and a vacation in Acapulco!"
More groans of disappointment.
"And now," Monty said, "let me show you what you have chosen behind door number three!" The door opened to reveal a donkey.
The chicken lady threw her hands up in despair, as the audience echoed woe over such a poor choice. Wasn't that tragic?
Now let me share with you something even more tragic. Imagine if the game show had gone like this:
Monty says, "You can have whatever is behind door number one, door number two or door number three. Which door will you choose? But wait! Before you tell us, let me show you what's behind every door! Behind door number one are two luxury cars! Behind door number two we have a sailboat and a vacation in Acapulco! Behind door number three is a donkey. Got it?
"Uh, okay! the chicken lady replies, and the crowd goes wild in anticipation.
"Now, which one will you choose? Door number one, door number two, or door number three?"
She pauses for a second, listening to the confusing barnyard calls of the other animals in the studio audience.
"Oh... uh....well....," she nervously deliberates. "Door number three!"
Now that would be tragic!
Nevertheless, as dumb as it sounds, that's exactly what we do. So often God shows us the consequences of making a bad choice or walkint through life with a bad attitude, and yet we choose that attitude anyway. Then when relationships fail, when we lose friends or forfeit a great opportunity, it really should be no surprise.
"Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus" (Phil. 2:5). Take time with me over these next chapters to deposit into your heart the necessary ingredients to develop a life-changing attitude. Make that choice right now. It may come slowly first, but don't give up. The new attitude may feel awkward at first, but practice until it becomes natural.
You are only one attitude away from a great life, a successful marriage and a promising future!

(From Wayne Cordeiro's "Attitudes that Attract Success")