I have listed New Zealand as one of the countries I would want to visit. I just didn't realize that the opportunity to do so would be so soon, the next thing I know, I was ticking of NZ in my list.

PICPA VGAO organized a conference in NZ and as soon as I got the invite I have already expressed my enthusiasm to join. As the universe conspired, I was able to meet the requirements. I got my visa processed and even before audit season ended, my visa has been approved.

Aaaaaand! We've arrived in Auckland!

Arrival at Auckland Airport

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The following day from arrival to Armenia, I joined the group of Ate, Arg and Janine to go to Tsakhgadzor! It's were there's snow and cable car! I couldn't help but show my excitement! And we bonded like we were good old friends reunited.

On our way to to Tsakhgadzor, we discussed about our plans for the day after our cable car ride. We decided which places to visit and which ones we would prioritize. Along the way, we get to learn a snippet of each other's lives.

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One of the most exciting place we've been to in our Maldives Trip is this Adaaran Prestige Vadoo Island Resort. Adaaran is a small island resort that you can walk around for two minutes. But the place's view is just breathtaking. What's great too is that the fee ($100) includes everything (yes including the transport by speedboat) .FREE FOOD - buffet lunch - at 1:00 PM
FREE Drinks - from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM - yes, that includes Wines and Beers!!!
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Maafushi is a bigger Island than Gulhi. It's our second destination island. In this island, you'll be confident that there's a bank, you can buy the stuffs you'd need, and you can choose from several inns and guesthouses. Although, we stayed at one guest house for the whole duration of our stay here in Maafushi.

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That's the clock when we arrived in Biyadhoo Island Resort. Yes, Biyadhoo is one hour ahead of Maafushi and Maafushi is three hours behind Philippines. ...continue reading

Soon as we arrived in Male', we looked for the beach, and there really was a beach. But I was looking for something serene and relaxing. I planned something out, and first stop, Gulhi!

More than two years ago, I believe, a friend of mine, out of the blue, reconnected with me. He said he's up to something, and he wants me to join the group. I was curious, but I do have my reservations. I went with him in a so called "meet-up" and was introduced to a bunch of crazy beautiful people. Meet-ups were followed by more incidences of get-together. Until so much have been shared and I was educated and learned a lot. There's one thing in that group that has lead me, somehow, to realize this dream. I was affirmed that "I can".

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We are currently in Gulhi, Maldives and we've just been from a family holiday in Singapore. Some people are asking about details of our trip. I wasn't that eager to write a new blog about it since it's my second time in SG, but.....because Mom is with me and the GF and the youngest sis, I will be writing about it now! Read below. 🙂

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These days, there's just too much to manage. There's just too much to juggle and and seems like everything's on my plate. What I couldn't find time doing is writing. Yes, somehow writing about some of my travels.

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