Going home was not really in my mind, until I decided to give myself a break. I've been so busy accomplishing things, complying requirements, meeting deadlines, doing and finishing reports and serving clients. I decided to step back, watch the scenery and just cherish what I have and what life has offered and given me.

How to get there? If you are from Cebu you can have the water transportation. Ferries from Cebu usually leave on Friday night and arrive at Balbagon, Camiguin port Saturday Morning. And leave for Cebu Saturday evening (or was it Sunday evening not sure).

You can also have a flight from Cebu to Camiguin if you are lucky enough to have the same schedule as their flight schedule. There is not daily flight going to Camiguin.

If you are going via Cagayan de Oro, then you perhaps come from Laguindingan Airport.

Ride a van from the airport to Agora Terminal - Fare is around P200.00
Agora Terminal to Balingoan Port (ride the bus bound for Butuan) - Fare is P150.00
Balingoan Port to Benoni, Mahinog Camiguin - Fare is P170.00
Benoni Port to Mambajao (Capital town) - P30.00 (van)

Holy Thursday and Good Friday are holidays. I decided to take some days off. Went to the beautiful island where I grew up. I went to Camiguin Island.
It has become a family tradition! Visiting cousins and well, the drinking just doesn't have time. Every time, is a proper time. haha

I have limited time to spend there, but I want to visit places I haven't been to.

This is with my cousin, uncle and sister.

It was Friday morning when I decided to visit my cousin, uncles and aunties in my Mom's place. I almost every day see these scenery back in my childhood days, but now that I rarely come home, I am always fascinated of its beauty every time.
View just outside my uncle's home at Tupsan Pequino.

The swing at the entrance of uncle Wilson's home. 

The view going to Mambajao at Barangay Magting. 

Panoramic view of Mambajao, Camiguin.

I realized that Camiguin is blessed with beautiful spots. I did not however go the beautiful tourist spots, but I know them.

1. Sto. Nino Cold Spring - is located in Catarman, Camiguin. A very refreshing cold spring pool. Best for summer escapade.
2. Ardent Hot Spring - is located at Tagdo, Mambajao, Camiguin. A good relaxing place after a tired days work or after a busy day of tour.
3. White Island - located few minutes banca/boat ride away from the shore of Yumbing, Mambajao, Camiguin. 
4. Sunken Cemetery - located right after Walkway of Catarman Camiguin.
5. Walkway - a well known holy-week tourist destination located in Catarman Camiguin.
6. Pamonglo Spring - is another cold spring located in Sagay, Camiguin.
7. Tuasan Falls - is a new, still under development waterfalls. Many tourists and even locals have become aware of its beauty. 
8. Old Church - is just right after walkway near sunken cemetery in Catarman, Camiguin.
9. Lagoon - is a haven for seafood. They offer freshly caught fish and seafood, for your hungry tummy, located at Benoni, Mahinog, Camiguin.
10. Soda Water Pool - a natural soda water pool, located at Catarman, Camiguin.
11. Kibila - is another tourist destination where a great collection of live sea clamps can be found. Located in Guinsiliban, Camiguin.
12. Katibawasan falls - is a great waterfalls, fascinating view, and located Kabuhi, Mambajao, Camiguin
13. Itom/Combol at PhilVolcs - Another fascinating view when you go up to the mountain "Itom" where you can have a great panoramic view of the island, and can even see the White Island from the top. Located just a few kilometers from Quipasa, Mambajao, Camiguin.
14. Mantigue Island - you can visit another island/islet that is just a few minutes boat ride from Mahinog's shore. It's a fresh and virgin island. Green trees. White sand. Clear blue sea!
Beach resorts, restaurants, and bars have sprouted over the years. Back in my childhood years, there's not much choices. But right now, tourist are fortunate enough to have a variety of food establishments to choose from.

Below I will share some of the pictures we took as we had our tour around the whole Camiguin Island.