I've heard about Tinago Falls ages ago. I've always wanted to visit her majestic beauty but wasn't able to until yesterday. A chance arose and I grabbed it. 

While I was too excited to visit Tinago Falls in the City of Majestic Waterfalls, I don't know which way to go. Hahaha I've never been there, and no one is with me to guide. Thanks to the people whom I've asked for directions which enabled me to get there. 

At the arrival area, there's a registration desk. You just have to pay P25.00 for the entrance, and the rest of the expenses can be paid down there (yep, down there), that's why it's called Tinago (hidden). Because you have to descend in approximately four hundred thirty six steps down to see the falls. 

I browsed the net for instructions how to get to Tinago Falls, but I didn't find one, so I decided to write one, to help those who wish to go there.

I will just narrate from where we were:

1. From MSU IIT, ride a jeepney going to Cathedral. Just ask the jeepney driver if it could pass by the Cathedral. Ask him to drop you there. Fare would be around P7.00

2. From the Cathedral, ride a jeepney going to Buru-un. Look at the jeepney's side if it says Buru-un, and to be sure, just ask him if it's bound for Buru-un. Then tell the driver, to drop you in the terminal where you could ride another transportation going to Tinago. Fare would be P14.00

3. From Buru-un terminal, ride a motorcycle "habal-habal" is the term. Tell them to take you to Tinago falls. They'd already know how to get there. Two persons in one motorcycle. P35.00 each person for the "habal habal" ride.

4. From the registration, go to the entrance. You'd find the sign, first photo above, near the entrance. Go down the four hundred thirty sex steps stairway to Tinago Falls.

It's not that complicated, if you would commute going there. Very easy steps to take you to Tinago Falls. How to get there is no longer a problem. 🙂

As you descend, you'll find the majestic Tinago Falls, and you can't help but plunge! The water is both mysterious and inviting. You'd feel afraid but also feel excited. 

The water falls experience drenched me with both fear and euphoria. As we went near the area where the water actually falls, the water dripped forcefully into our bodies which makes it like a spa, where you get a lot of hands massaging your back. I feard we would fall off the raft and be carried away by the current or be drowned right there. But we survived. We did it twice, and it's worth all the pennies. haha It's only P10.00 for the raft ride to the falls, and P25.00 for the life jacket. 

Cost of the Tinago Falls trip per person:

From Cagayan de Oro to Iligan City Terminal - P85.00 x 2* = P170.00 
From Terminal to Cathedral  P7.00 x 2* = P14.00
From the Cathedral to Buru-un P14.00 x 2* = P28.00
From Buru-un to Tinago - P35.00 x 2* = P70.00
Entrance Fee - P25.00 
Life Jacket - P25.00
Raft ride - P10.00
Total Cost = P342.00/person

*Already computed back n forth. 

Additional cost would possibly be the following:
Table - P50.00
Camera - P100.00

After experiencing the Tinago Falls' grandeur, we have to head back to the city to go home.

And yes, we have to face the pain haha. It's four hundred thirty six steps up! 

It's the climb!

It's an awesome experience for all of us. We've had a great time, but the pain in my feet remained as of this writing. Haha

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