Doro Adventures

I have been traveling since last year, within the Philippines and even outside the country. I have been curious about other countries' food, culture, places, and keen on completing the list of countries I want to visit. As of this writing I have already visited five countries. And more in the next months and years! Yep, Β I am believing for it! I am claiming it! And this post also manifests my BIG Thanks to God and universe for enabling me! Sharing proofs and posts below! πŸ™‚

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Since I was blogging about my Cebu Travel, the recent one was when I realized I can't get enough of Cebu! Not yet! Why Can't I Get Enough of You! Cebu! was really my cry. I also shared my Canyoning/Canyoneering Experience in Cebu here. And well, back in 2014, I've shared my encounter with the gentle giants in Oslob here. What I haven't written was our trip back in 2012 when we visited Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu! So here, I am making this throwback (not thursday), post for Bantayan! Another destination in Cebu!

I've always been in love with nature. And beach is part of nature, I have an inclination with beaches. I just love stayin on it, playing and just witness sunrise or sunset! Bantayan was my first Cebu trip!

We stayed in a cottage (one room) with comfort room and a terrace. It's in a resort in Sta. Fe, I forgot the name of the resort, but it was a good place to stay. Internet wasn't that strong, but at least there is an internet. 

Beach is also one of Bantayan's tourist attraction. It's undeniable that we've enjoyed the view and the beach!

Of course, it's a small island and we can't let our days in Bantayan be wasted without going around the Island. 

We visited old church, mangrove plantation, a some places where we could just connect to nature. We even took a picture in one of the great scenes in their street. Where green trees formed an arc of the street, and it feels like we were entering an enchanted place. 

Bantayan is a one great haven for relaxation and getting connected with the universe once again. I am blessed to have experienced it before Typhoon Haiyan (not sure with the spelling) came and destroyed some parts of it. 

I am sure though Bantayan right now has recovered. It would be fantastic to revisit the place. πŸ™‚

Our Bantayan Island trip was supposedly just for 1 and a half day then we wanted to go to Camotes, but because of a storm that time, we were stranded/stuck in Bantayan. Still we were thankful we were safe. And was still able to go home on time. Camotes! Wait for me. You've been so elusive since then. I'll have some time to visit you soon. πŸ™‚

I wanted to climb up the mountain and have a sight of the beautiful Island. What could be more appropriate than a place with food! Haha I visited my cousin and she came home with me. We agreed to have a tour around Camiguin, but first go up the mountain to just relax and have our sight-seeing session. She agreed and my siblings are up for it too! 

We were told there's a new establishment just next to PhilVolcs office in Payahan. 

We rode towards PhilVolcs and true enough, Camridge is there! Newly opened! 

Because it's newly opened, the rooms are not yet available. We were not allowed to view the rooms before they open it for lodging. We were only ushered to the restaurant area, where we had a panoramic view of Mambajao, Camiguin. πŸ™‚

Upon entering the restaurant, we can't help but take photos of ourselves.haha wefie! πŸ™‚

My cousin and two siblings!

And yes, that's me, enjoying the beer with the fresh air in the mountain! Fantastic! 

I checked the area and they have a bar, they serve wines too! Wow, and they have varied wines to choose from.

Hard drinks you say? Well, you can choose it from here! πŸ™‚ 
Here is the view at the top! Isn't it amazing! Pure, no filter, green! 

My sister's gotta pose anywhere, and asked me to take it! πŸ™‚ Here she goes. πŸ™‚

Considering that they are still newly opened, they have limited but decent menu. For ideas of what to eat or expect to be available and their prices at Camridge, check it here.

How to go there?

Go to Mambajao Terminal, you ask motorcycle driver to drive you there (habal-habal) as we call 'em. P50 pesos would be a reasonable fare. You can also ask if he can wait or come back at a later time, since it's not as easy as the city to find a ride.

If you have your own wheels, then you can driver going there. From Mambajao Market, you go through I think Mabini Street, straight to Water District, pass by Quiboro, Quepasa, then you will reach Combol (dunno if that's the correct spelling), then you're there! Camridge Inn. You'll find the two-storey building! Around 10-15 minutes ride from downtown Mambajao.