attitudes that attract success

Hanging in front of every one of us is an invisible window through which we see the world around us. As we go through life, we view events, circumstances and people through this belief window. 

As time goes on, different things are etched on our windows, and whatever is written will color or discolor what we view through that window. These things may be something wonderful, like God's promises; or they can be demeaning, like a remembered insult. What you see can resemble a beautiful mural or ugly graffiti, depending on what you choose to allow onto your window.

Your parents may have drummed into you that you're slow or irresponsible, and from that time forward, you've seen everything in light of that statement. "You'll never amount to anything," they may have said. Later in life when you made a mistake, you may have seen that situation in such a way that confirmed to you that you indeed are irresponsible and slow. 

You can't always prevent people from spraying graffiti on your window, but you can decide whether or not to let it remain there!

You alone are responsible for what is written on that window - inside as well as out. You see, we have a tendency to scribble pretty demeaning things on it ourselves! You must steward that window, clean it regularly and ensure that only those things that build you up remain there.

Circumstances and people are going to make a mess out of that window, but it's up to you to let it continue to exist or cause its extinction. Choose to have a beautiful window! Eliminate anything that would make you less than the person God wanted you to be! What people tell you and what their opinion about you won't matter, as long as you are anchored on God's word, that you are His creation! 

Let God's word clean your perspective and mentor you in the ways of life. It will form your character and fashion your personality, shaping your attitude until it becomes the underlying foundation for fruitfulness in every area of your life. Remember, poor thoughts equal poor attitudes. So be careful what you allow into your mind! 


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The deeper your character, the easier it will be for you to develop an attitude of excellence. In fact, if you wish to experience success and fruitlessness in life, character is a necessary foundation. Without it, you will never survive success..

Although God desires success for each of us, success comes with inherent pitfalls to which the flesh is vulnerable. If there is in you a shallowness of character, you will easily fall prey to the clutches of pride, avarice, greed or the abuse of power.

So how do you develop character?

We want the good things of life handed to us on a silver platter. But there is a price to pay for godly character. God uses trials and lean times to mature you spiritually and to develop in you the character necessary for you to be fruitful in your relationships and finances.

By this My Father glorified, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be My disciples. (John 15:8)

Imagine you owned a four-karat diamond worth thousands of dollars. This beautiful diamond is delicately displayed in a setting made up of five or six fingers called prongs. If the prongs are soft and prone to bending, then one sharp bump and the diamond is lost forever. A qualified jeweler would never mount such a stone in a weak setting.

The jeweler works diligently on the setting for each stone. When the diamond is polished and set, the fingers of the setting are made to tightly grasp the stone. The setting not only displays the radiant beauty of the diamond but also holds it fast. Then when the ring is bumped, the strong fingers won't let go.

Character is like the setting of a ring. If we do not allow God to build in us strong character, then we won't be ready for the success He wants to bring to our lives.

Character doesn't come cheap. It comes at a price - the price of digging your knees into the carpet, the price of studying, the price of suffering and the price of going through trials and discipline. We must be willing to pay the price. Let's look at what the apostle Paul says about the cost:

Everything else is worthless when compared with the priceless gain of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. So, whatever it takes, I will be one who lives in the fresh newness of life. (Phil. 3:8-11, TLB)

Circle those three words in your heart, "whatever it takes." Be willing to pay the price for character, whatever it takes. And whatever it takes, let's be counted among those who live in the newness of life! 

You may disorganized, but you believe you're not the worst, but then again you have to assess yourself, why are you not organized? Can you still do some changes to be organized? These are compilation of the "disorders" that you may be suffering from which caused you to be disorganized. See for yourself, which disorder were you (unknowingly or knowingly) suffering. 

Philomania. The uncontrollable urge to stack papers for future reference.

Filophobia. The fear of putting anything into the dark recesses of a filing cabinet.

L-ADD. Lack of Attention to Desk Disorder.

Justincaser. Keeps, but can't locate, things that will never be needed again.

Decisionalysis. Paralysis of the decision-making ability of an individual.

Clutterholic. Compulsively creates chaos in well-ordered areas.

Shelf Denial. Avoidance of acquiring enough shelving to hold the necessary equipment, resulting in the use of floor space as one large flat shelf.

Project Management Hallucinosis. The erroneous belief that one must wait for just the right humor in order to tackle a project, rather than facing the reality that organized people respond to the need, not the mood.

Starter Stutter. Finding it hard to get started, getting hung up at the beginning of a project.

Bipolar Dis-ordered. Roller-coaster method of organizing (clean up, spiral down into disorder, clean up, spiral down into disorder, feeling sick).

Infoholic. Addicted to the gathering of information from newspapers, magazines, books television, and internet sources in the form of clippings, notebook jottings, computer files, or deep storage in the old cerebrum.

Don't-Finish-Up Fever. Tendence to leave an activity before it's fully finished or before materials and tools are returned to their proper storage areas.

Distractophelia. Condition of repeatedly losing focus in the middle of a thought or action, resulting in a trail of started-but-unfinished activities.
Once you've diagnosed yourself what your disorder(s) is/are, then you would be able to apply or take the right dose of medicine or even the proper medicine. Be a good doctor to yourself, make an honest diagnosis to have a cure. It's not that complicated. You can win this. 🙂 

A man made an appointment to see his doctor. "Doctor," he complained, "everywhere I touch seems to hurt lately. Am I getting old or just senile? If I push on my knees here, I hurt. I push on my stomach and I hurt! I press on my head right here by my temple and that hurts too! What's going on?"

The doctor called for a full body X ray.

An hour passed and after evaluating the X rays carefully, the doctor returned. Stroking his chin, the doctor slowly began, "I think I've found the reason why everything you touch hurts."

"Well, tell me!" the man anxiously replied.

The doctor pointed to the X ray. "Your body is fine, but your finger is broken."

Our attitude is like that finger. If our attitude stinks, everything around us stinks. If our attitude is good, everything will seem fragrant!

How is your attitude? Is it like a bad odor that follows you more pleasant? Take some time right now to evaluate yourself!

Evaluating My Attitude

1. Am I a lifelong learner? Or have I allowed my position in life to determine that I no longer need to learn?

  • Do I value learning?
  • Am I teachable? Humble?
2. What is my attitude toward problems, authority, family, and money?
3. Generally, how do I respond to what happens to me? With worry or calm? With a good attitude or a bad attitude?
  • Do I view setbacks as stepping-stones or excuses?
  • How do I react when the odds are against me?
  • How would I rate myself in stress/worry?
  • Do I suffer from ailments (e.g., stomach upset, headaches, tiredness or broken relationships) that indicate critical attitude, stress or worry?