Auckland’s Beauty in Doro’s Eyes

I have listed New Zealand as one of the countries I would want to visit. I just didn't realize that the opportunity to do so would be so soon, the next thing I know, I was ticking of NZ in my list.

PICPA VGAO organized a conference in NZ and as soon as I got the invite I have already expressed my enthusiasm to join. As the universe conspired, I was able to meet the requirements. I got my visa processed and even before audit season ended, my visa has been approved.

Aaaaaand! We've arrived in Auckland!

Arrival at Auckland Airport

Conference was in Langham Hotel in Auckland. One of the perks of joining the conference was a city tour and our epic visit to The Lord of the Rings Movie Set and The Hobbit.

As we commenced our conference we had the opening blast with the Maori's Haka!

Traditioal Haka of the Maori People
Another dance performed to welcome us in NZ.

The conference was packed with a lot of Technical Sessions, and wonderful sharing of experiences in the practice, industry and academe. Quite a mix of learning and awesome socializing experience.

Look at us, busy taking picture. Behind us is the famous bridge in Auckland. They call it Harbor Bridge.
The best thing about traveling is to get to know people. Beautiful people. And it's crazy when you're with fellow Filipinos. Selfies every where. ๐Ÿ™‚
Bus for the Beautiful People! Team Gwapo and Maganda! ๐Ÿ™‚
We just can't get enough selfies aye?
Two of the sweetest people I've known. This couple is epic!
Walked in and around this Queen's street.
I feel like I'm with my barkada! I can just shout "SMIIIIIILE!" And they all cooperate! ๐Ÿ™‚
Two of the best in "laag" pips I've known in the conference! To more travels and conferences my friends.

So the next part is to share some of the great photos we've taken. No edits or filters. Plain and raw photos in NZ!

Auckland's Marina
One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill

Now those are just snippets of what I saw in NZ! It's a whole lotta place to explore. Auckland was a blast. Up Wellington Exploration!

How about you? Would you like to visit NZ too? Which part of NZ would you want to go to?

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