Another trip of Doro Explorero, where to???

I am already at the local airport bound to another airport for an international flight. It has always been a pleasure of mine to travel. To see the world. There's always another place to see. There's always another destination to look forward to. There's always a newly discovered spot. And yes, it's always fascinating how vast the world is, while it is also quite amazing how the world has become "smaller" and accessible to almost everyone.

I remember those days, I wondered what an airplane is, what it is to be physically inside it. And I also fancied flying. Thought of a lot about flying. More so when I have ready about Icarus. I'm not sure if you guys know that story. Think it was back in my 4th grade that I was able to read it and was stunned at the possibility of flying. Now thankfully, I am able to travel.

Now, I am bound for another quite long travel to another side of the world.

And hope for the best in this travel. I am taking time now to just ponder and think of all the blessings that God has allowed me to enjoy and share. I am blessed beyond what I could have thought years ago. Thankful to God and the universe for all the positive energies and positive things I have received. And I am thankful most specially for gift of life and for the opportunity to travel.

Am crazy at traveling, I want to travel for traveling sake. Yes. I just wanna keep going. And you might be wondering, "di ba sayang?" I mean the money you spend is crazy! Yep. I'm crazy. I spend when I travel. And I don't see it as an expense, I view it as an investment. And that's the beauty of investment, you have to believe in it. And one day, you will reap the returns.

Some thoughts I wanna share about traveling:

  1. Travel while you can. I have known some people who have never traveled to some countries or even within the country. Not because they won't but they could no longer do it. Not at their current state. So travel while you still can.
  2. Make time to travel. You will always be busy. You will have deadlines. You will always have something to do. In fact, you will always have an excuse, until you decide, you want to travel.
  3. Make money to travel. I travel but I don't travel from yesterday's thought. I plan ahead of time. Most of the time my airfares are taken cared of months before. Yep. "Hinay-hinay basta kanunay" (Slowly but constantly). Save it up! Spend it all!
  4. Do not be guilty at paying yourself when you travel. Consider it your compensation to yourself when you travel. Yes we have families, we have bills, we have a lot of financial commitments, but when we've saved something specifically for travel, then we shouldn't be guilty spending it for its intended purpose.
  5. Make it a habit. Travel once, and the travel once more, and then again, and again and again. Until you would love doing it and not dread the thought of it. I know some people don't want to travel. But I think, that's just because, they haven't made it a habit yet. Once you develop a habit of traveling, there is no way you wouldn't want to travel more.
  6. You couldn't over travel. The world is a vast place. There's just so much to see and explore.

Stay tuned to my travels, I will be in my destination in about 48 hours from now. So yeah, I'll check back and in and update when I get there.

Go on and explore!


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