Doro in Republic Square, Yerevan!

The good thing about One Way Hostel is that it is so near to the Republic Square and it's awesome coz you can just explore around the city by foot! My favorite thing to do, WALKING!

So, Republic Square contained the great architectures of different landmarks:

  1. Government House 1 - The building is home to the Government of Armenia (the council of government ministers and not the entire executive branch). It originally housed the People's Commissariat (the executive of Soviet Armenia). The north-western portion, built in 1926-29, was designed by Alexander Tamanian. The construction of the rest of the building was taken up by Gevorg Tamanian, Alexander's son, in 1938 and finished in 1941. (Source Wikipedia)
  2. Museum Building - The buildings began in the 1950s with the National Gallery building being completed in 1977. It was designed by Mark Grigorian and Eduard Sarapian. A small portion of the ensemble, the Arno Babajanyan Concert Hall, dates back to 1916.
  3. Armenia Mariott Hotel - It was completed in 1958 according to the design of Mark Grigorian and Eduard Sarapian. The hotel was called Armenia during the Soviet period. A luxury hotel, it is considered the flagship hotel of Armenia. It has 380 rooms.
  4. Government House 2 - The building was designed by Samvel Safaryan, Rafael Israelyan, Varazdat Arevshatyan and completed in 1955. The friezes above first-floor windows are incomplete. The building was home to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs between 1996 and 2016.
  5. Trade Unions and Communications Building - Built in 1933 -1956, it was designed by Mark Grigorian and Eduard Sarapian. The building was home to Ministry of Transport and Communications until 2016.

These beautifully designed landmarks takes pride at the heart of Yerevan! It welcomes guest of Armenia and allowed them to be awed by it's charming archaic artistry.

Some photos we've captured with these landmarks as back ground, i'll be showing below:


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