Doro in Dubai (Part 4)

Next on the list is Dubai's Desert Safari! Yep, I had to experience the ride!!!

Remeber Yanie? My friend who's been my tour guide in Day 1? Yep, she booked me a Desert Safari Tour. And yes, I was accompanied by my great traveler friend Des, with Sy and Ate H.

But, before we went to Desert Safari, I had a trip to Dubai Museum and the Old Dubai Structures. Amazing, how the two worlds are in the same Emirate. Yep. There's a glimpse of the old Dubai.

  1. Coffee Museum.
  2. Old Dubai
  3. Gold Suk
  4. Desert Safari

Coffee Museum showcased the different types of coffee from different parts of the world, and yes, Philippines also has a spot in there.

Old Dubai the structures would seem to me like those structures I see in movies of Jesus and other stuff. Yep, they are old, but fascinating.

Gold Suk, again, I would say, this place is crazy! Crazy with Gold All Around! They are selling jewelries like we sell garlic in the PH!

Desert Safari, it was HELLUVA RIDE!!! And in this place, you'd see the mix of culture, most tourists visit this place. While Wines and other alcoholic beverages are generally forbidden, or let's just say, you needed a permit to buy and bring home one, here, in Desert Safari, it's free for buy, and I think they gave some up for grabs! The experience at night (I mean the show) gave us a great and entertaining moment! Show was great that people really couldn't take their eyes off the stage.

To have a glimpse of the experience, see pictures below:



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