Doro in Dubai (Part 2)

The next day in Dubai, I agreed to my very good friend and brother who also have a lot on his plate. Quite a busy man, but was able to manage to squeeze me into his schedule.

This remarkable man has done great things following God's lead. He is also one of the reasons I was able to visit Dubai, he processed my VISA to Dubai. According to testimonies of the people around him, he's done wonders in their community. Truly, praise God for the life of this man.


I agreed t attend the service where he also serve as a Pastor. After that, there was a fellowship (salo-salo) of the members of the community. I enjoyed their warm welcome. There is an upcoming event of the church so I also agreed to tag along with them to have their practice in one of the hotels in Dubai. 

If there's one thing you would enjoy in Dubai, it's the experience of luxury and grandeur. It has a lot to showcase, from buildings, lights, structures, designs, heights, and all other glamorous tidbits of this emirate.


Plus, luxury cars are just all around! What? Totally blown when I saw a lot of cars I could hardly see in the Philippines. I can't keep taking pictures!

After their practice, we head out for dinner! And yes, Filipinos, has penetrated even the business sector, there is a Filipino-eat-all-you-can food place in Dubai! What? Yes, KAINAN!!!

After fattening ourselves with the eat-all-you-can dinner, we walked a bit, then headed to one of the must-visit places! Juice World! It was a great way to sit-down, chat, catch up, and sip a delicious blend!



The taste of avocado on this drink made my day! Real fruit extracts! All thanks to Jayb & Shyne and the rest of the community! I had a wonderful day again in DXB!

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