Doro in Dubai (Part 1)

One of the motivations I've had in deciding to visit this place is the thought of seeing my friends in Dubai and experiencing the life they have there. Years ago, after graduation, I have heard about the tallest tower in Dubai Burj Dubai or Burj Khalifa. I have since wondered how it looks up close. I have seen photos of my friends being there, going up at its top, and yeah, enjoying the scenery.

I have then started planning the visit. One of the kick off step is to book a ticket. It has always been my personal tradition that, I book flight tickets ahead of time, even months before the trip. And yes, it has always worked for me. Resources get allocated and I was able to make it work, somehow. Although, I too, wonder how I managed it. But, that's not the issue, thing is, Dubai happened last November 2016. 

I am thankful that my friends were able to fetch me at the airport, happy to see their faces, happy to be reunited with them, and happy to be taken care of. It was late in the evening DXB Time, that I arrived. But they were there anyway. What a blessing!

Then, I have asked my friends Ken and Mye to let me stay at their place during the duration of my trip, and yes! they agreed for my stay. Shoutout out to this generous couple!!!

With the couple plus more friends in DXB, I had a blast. I decided to work for quite sometime upon arrival, and then scheduled a trip to Jumeira Beach. Yeah, BEACH! Haha I am glad to have been guided by one my beautiful friends in Dubai, Yanie! Thanks yan for the guide. On our way, she gave me a basic overview of places, trips, spots, and life in Dubai. It was a great catching up time. On my first day, I was already in awe! Yep, in awe of the infrastructure and grandeur of places.


At the beach, I am also amazed to find, there is a bikini beach? Wow! Dubai really has it all! After going to the beach, had a refreshing feel of the beach, we went for a walk to Dubai Marina Walk.


The walk allowed me to witness a beautiful infrastructure. It's awestruck moment! Oh! What Man can do!

After the tour at the Jumeira Beach and Dubai Marina, I was ushered back to the train station as my friend head to another appointment of hers. I went back to Al Rigga station to go back to my friends place, and meet Idol and Alex. They wanted to treat me to dinner! What!? Yeah, that's just how it is, blessings, blessings, blessings!!!


We tried some restaurant called Bai't Al Mandi, it's something I haven't tried in other countries I have visited. So, yeah! I totally enjoyed it on top of a joyful chat and catching up sessions again with Ms. Monique, Idol and Alex. 🙂




After the sumptuous dinner, my friends again lead me to another tour. Abra! Yep, it's the other side of Dubai, quite old fashioned, but I love the transportation means. It's a small boat that could carry maybe around 20 people on it, and it's a quick way to travel from Deira to Bur Dubai. And yeah, it's cheap!

I could not have discovered this without their prodding for me to try it out. On our way to Abra though, there are Dhow Cruise along the way, and they were telling me to try it out. Took some pictures of them, while enjoying the view as well. Ah, I couldn't ask for more, they are terrific guide!




We walked around after cruising through the Abras. There was little to see though as it's already getting late at night. It was a great day spent with great pretty people.



And that capped off my Day 1!


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