Doro in Armenian Snow!

The following day from arrival to Armenia, I joined the group of Ate, Arg and Janine to go to Tsakhgadzor! It's were there's snow and cable car! I couldn't help but show my excitement! And we bonded like we were good old friends reunited.

On our way to to Tsakhgadzor, we discussed about our plans for the day after our cable car ride. We decided which places to visit and which ones we would prioritize. Along the way, we get to learn a snippet of each other's lives.

One of the benefits of traveling, is we get to know friends. As they say, "there are no strangers, only friends we have yet to meet".

At the sight of the snow, I was jumping of excitement! I can see mountains covered with snow. I can see the bright sky with the snow below it. Ah! Must be a view of heaven on earth!

And our pictures would best describe the experience, I am sharing them below!

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