What’s in Mekong River Tour? Last Bit of our Vietnam Tour

These days, there's just too much to manage. There's just too much to juggle and and seems like everything's on my plate. What I couldn't find time doing is writing. Yes, somehow writing about some of my travels.

But today, it's a holiday and it's a Monday. Monday is really a bliss! Soooo, yeah, here's another one for our Vietnam Travel.We didn't have any idea how to go to Mekong River, but thankfully, there are a lot of travel agencies around the City. And yes, they are really priced reasonably, even cheaper than I've encountered in other country's cities.

We only paid 360,000 dong on this tour for both of us. All-in. Including hotel pick-up. It's less than 1,000 in Philippine peso.

I think it was on the last day of our stay in Vietnam that we went to Mekong River. It was a great day! The weather seems to love giving us what we needed, yes, Mr. Sun's shining so bright!

On the way to Mekong River is the temple in My Tho - Xa My Phong where great structures of the temple and Buddha are showcased.

The large structures are amazingly stunning!


And out of happy thoughts, I love watching this small family enjoying their tour! Dad was the photographer! 🙂

Of course, I wouldn't miss the chance to have my/our pics too!





Tried to copy his pose.


We were only given I believe 20 minutes to roam around the temple. Then we proceeded to the famous river! Yes, we'll be exploring islands too!

On Board was Jimmy who was giving his usual tour guiding duties, instructions, history and stories.


Below is Jimmy illustrating how peeling off a cocconut from its husks is done.

This Coconut Island is famous for its processed coco products. Candies, sweets, etc.

Below is a sample pic of people working on packing the products they are selling.


They also have some handicrafts.



Plus we get to taste the wine with soaked snake on the it. Yep! There's a snake in the wine. They believe that it has medicinal feature and that it's good for health.




After the Coconut Island, we then went to have our lunch!

After lunch, I went to check out the place. I found some beautiful spots.




It's also customary for me to try out some of the place's food and drinks. So, I tried this "Cane Juice".


While she's busy checking out her phone! 😛


How's a "Cane Juice" done, it's being hard pressed by it being inserted in a machine that squeezes it and pressed it so the juice would come out. Would only take about 5 minutes or less to get your juice.


As I explored the place, I couldn't help but take pictures around. It's a beautiful place!





Then we went to see the BEES! Yep, we visited an island with cultured bees on it.


And we get to taste their pure honey!




And because along the way we made friends, we took a groupfie!

And with the wine sinking in, the honey's mixing in our bloodstream, we dared taking a picture with the python!





Aaaaand.... row, row, row your boat! Off to the next island!

There's a lot of boats going to the next island, and traffic could get heavier as you find your place to dock in their mini island port.

There's not much to see, except that it's fun seeing people, from different countries, trying out paddling in the river.







And this is a beautiful scene of bancas or boats.



In this next island, we were served tropical fruits for free.

Since I am Asian, I pretty much tasted all these fruits: Rambutan, Pineapple, Water Melon, Dragon Fruit and Longgan.


While enjoying the served tropical fruits, we were entertained by the beautiful Vietnamese ladies.






Indeed, I would want to see these Islands again. Off we go back to our buses and back to our hotels.

Hen Gap Lai!


But wait! I got curious, why was my name all over the place? LOL!


As we went back to the hotel, I took a chance of having a picture with one of the fast food I saw in Vietnam.I can't remember the name but I enjoyed their food!

Then, in the last night in our Vietnam travel, I couldn't miss trying out again their food!




So, we capped it off with a picture at the lobby of our hotel. Thank you Ava 3 Hotel for having us. It was a bliss!

On our way to the airport, I had the chance to have fun watching people tourists and locals eat at a cafe just right in the streets! Literally on the streets!

And I am gonna miss the crazy volume of motorcycles around the City of Ho Chi Minh!

Hen Gap Lai Saigon!

It was a fun and entertaining stay! Really had tons of fun exploring Saigon!

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