How to Experience Baler in One Day? Quick Guide: Saglitan Blues

"We don't really have to get everything we want, maybe, what we need to learn in life is to get what life gives us and own it!"

In my write up regarding Sagada, you can read the full adventure here, I mentioned that at that time I did have some thoughts of going to Baler! Well, here it is, I've just been to Baler after our Vietnam tour.
So, what really happened? Why were we able to get to Baler?
Pretty exciting thing.
We had some reroutes in our international travel, and then ended up rebooking our flight back to the Philippines. Our flight back to Cagayan de Oro was a day after we get back to the Philippines (Manila). So, what do we do?
We have two options: stay in a hotel, enjoy the air-conditioned room and rest well or go on another adventure to Baler. We chose the latter.
While we were in the airport, I started browsing about how to get to Baler, research told me that I could get to Baler if only I could get to the bus terminal as early as 4:30 A.M. and every hour to 3:00 P.M. since there would be first trip going to Baler by then. When we arrived at the Genesis Bus terminal in Cubao, there's no bus going to Baler at 4:30 or 5:30 or 6:00 A.M. Instead, there's a 7:00 A.M. Bus going to Baler.
Research told me that it would be around 5 to 6 hours of trip but when I asked from the Bus personnel, I was told it could take up to 7 hours. So estimated time of arrival in Baler assuming the trip commences at 7:00 A.M., would be 2:00 P.M. We could decide to still go, and then go back in the evening, or just stay in Metro Manila.
But, then again, we still wanna go!
So, we boarded the bus and yeah! As fate would have it, we arrived around almost 2:00 P.M. On our way, I keep searching about the way around the City or around the entire place. As we arrived, we lost no time, we got a tricycle and hired it for the tour.
Kuya Alwin agreed to be our driver and tour guide for the entire afternoon. He suggested that we check in a hotel and then leave our belongings there then proceed with the tour, while we traverse supposedly going to the hotel of his recommendation, I convinced him to just take us immediately to the first stop and we'll just carry our backpacks with us as we do the tour. He's not difficult to convince as he's agreed to the terms and yes, off we go to
1. Ditumabo Mother Falls
It's a 45-minute walk towards the falls itself from the parking area of the vehicles. The trek is part of the challenge and adventure. Ideal for a morning adventure since if it's at late morning or afternoon, you'd be sweating a lot, like what we've experienced, but what do we care? We needed some exercise anyway!It's a great place to have plunge! On our way to the falls, I was so looking forward to get soaked, not just dip in the water. But when we get there, I almost changed my mind. It's very cold in there. But, what can I do? I so love the water, so I did, dip! Maybe soaked yeah.



2.  Ermita Hill - Baler
As we descend from Ditumabo Falls, we went directly to another hill, yes, it's Ermita Hill. This is where the view of the beach of Baler can be seen. Really stunning view. See picture below. This was the place where the seven families flew and survived in the disaster that struck the area long time ago.



3. Diguisit Falls - it's a small falls within Baler that would give you the splash that you needed. Yep, it's an intimate place for you to enjoy. We're fortunate enough to have arrived in the place with just a few people in this place. So yeah, seems like a private place!
4. Hanging Bridge - the hanging bridge stretches out to one of the island and connected its people to another place. Which offers a great view! Add to the adventure that you will be crossing the hanging bridge! The crossing of the hanging bridge is the ultimate experience!



5. Beach - suuuuuuuuuuuuuurfiiiiiiiing!!!!The beach is just amazing! Baler is known for its surfing adventure. And yes, the season is just right for us since the waves aren't that huge, which means, beginners like me are welcome to play around and lear surfing!

So we did, we hired someone whom we paid P1,000 for the one hour session of learning how to surf. In a few tries we were able to ride in the waves! Naaaaks! Thank God!





We really had a blast in Baler! So thankful it all worked out.Now the adventure going back to the Metro is in again! Yep, we needed to go back to Metro Manila after surfing. Our flight back to Cagayan de Oro was at 4:25 A.M. and we needed to be there 45 minutes before departure at least, since we are able to check in online.

My research told me bus trips will be only up to 3:00 P.M. but there are vans enroute to Cabanatuan, then from there we'll have to ride the bus going to Metro Manila. So we took a van ride to Cabanatuan, as we arrived there, there was a bus on the verge of leaving the terminal. It was full, but we worked our way in. Fate has it again, that two great men offered their seat as they saw us full of baggage yes! The struggle was just so real, and evident. Apparently they realized we needed a seat. The two great men then offered to give us their seat as they will be disembarking from the bus in a few kilometers. Thank God!

And yeah, I was a little bit worried although staying positive that we will get to Metro Manila on time. The bus ride was quicker than I thought it would. So, to cut it short, we just arrived on time. By the time we reached the airport, it's almost 45 minutes away from boarding. There were no delays, and yes, we're just right on time!

T'was such a great adventure! Breathtaking experience, catching trips, going around Baler and going back to Manila for our flight! A one day well spent!

What's your Baler experience like? Do you have questions? Drop it in the comment box below this post.

Tara, explore tayo!

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