Adventures in Cu Chi Tunnel: What’s In There? What To See and Experience in Cu Chi?

After our city tour and I've posted pictures on my instagram and facebook pages, my friend popped me a message on messenger and told me to visit Cuchi Tunnel. And I have no idea I could go there. Wasn't sure that it's a few hours away from Saigon. I asked him the details and he gave me the idea that it's possible to visit. I said, we'd go there, and that we'd set a schedule. And we did.While I didn't have the slightest idea what's in there, I am thankful I did decide to visit Cuchi Tunnel. If you're in Ho Chi Minh, please, do visit Cuchi Tunnel. It's really one worthy journey. So let me share some of the things we've seen there, and why I think you should visit it too.

On the way to the Cu Chi Tunnel, we dropped by a handicraft store. It showcases various crafts for interior designs. If I only have the means, I'd love to bring back home a lot of them. They're really great designs.











Then we were given our tickets to enter the area. Yep! We arrived safely at the Cu Chi tunnel.



First spot was one of the traps that the Vietnamese used against the Americans during the war times. It's camouflaged like grass but one could go directly into their way to hell once they stepped on to it. Those pointed objects could surely pierce through your body.


Everyone's checking it out. Yep, we're with different tourists/travelers from across the world, you'd notice in the pic below.

The Americans usually drop bombs almost every where. And yes, the evidence of those are these "bomb craters", they still exist up to this date.


There are also funnels that the Vietnamese created so they could breath. It would look like beehives.

And we tried entering the tunnels. It's an enlarged versions so our brothers from other countries (not Asian, and relatively bigger built, would be able to experience it. Here's a photo of it below.



And yeah, I did try. Haha just so I could experience it. Nothing beats experience right? I did fit in.






That satisfied smile of mine.

Entrances to the tunnels were also shown.



And there are life-size statues of Vietnamese soldiers that we could take fun photos of.







This is a real war tanker! I couldn't even lift that i-dunno-what-they-call-it. It's really heavy!

What really amazes me is the ingenuity of their strategies and traps. Apart from being able to get arms coming from Americans, they set up traps that could really help them survive. Below are the different traps that they set-up in different locations.


Sticking trap, once you stepped in, you'll get inside a man-hole and you'll be pierced by those pointed objects all over your body. I doubt if you could survive. It's not like it's acupuncture. It's way larger and deadly.

As obvious as it's name, here's the "Clipping Armpit Trap".

Almost like the Clipping Armpit but a bit more deadly.

Windows aren't safe either.

You couldn't sit either. Careful not to sit in a folding chair trap.

Three pointed objects to kill you is this "Swinging Up Trap"



We were then taken to a bunker where the Vietnamese innovate, repair and redesign weapons and tools theygot from the fights they've had with the Americans.



Then we were lead to the "shooting range" where you can get the feels of firing gun, reminiscing the war time. But it's not included in the package, so you'd have to pay extra.

While waiting for those who tried the "firing"or "shooting", we also enjoyed looking at some souvenir items in the shop.




On our way back, we were led to the tunnel which would lead us back to the entrance. We were informed that there are exits every couple of meters should we not survive the heat or should we be suddenly attacked by claustrophobia.

Again, our tour and my experience wouldn't be complete without actually going in there. So, yes! We tried getting in there.





And that ends our Cu Chi Tunnel experience. It was such an informative and exciting experience. I am not a fan of Vietnamese, until I get to experience Cu Chi Tunnel. So yes, this is a must try. This is a must visit place for one who visits Vietnam.

What about you? Have you been to Cu Chi Tunnel? What was your experience like?

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