When In Ho Chi Minh City: Top Spots

After a long time of working like a horse in the past few months after I resigned from my full time work. I was able to take a little time to relax and take a holiday. Yes! The long awaited and longed holiday.

Destiny had it that I and my girlfriend visit Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. I don't know any Vietnamese word but I figured, there could be English labels, so I believed we'd survive. After the turn of events, we managed to arrive at our hotel and relaxed for the night of our arrival.
The next day we decided to stroll around the City. We wanted to see for ourselves the famous spots. Ho Chi Minh City have several famous spots, yes, so you can do your own City Tour. Let me share some of the spots we've visited and some candid pictures we've had.
1. WAR Remnants Museum - you'll get education of how the Vietnamese struggled back then. How they were invaded and how they fought. Photos, scenes and items that would remind the war times would be found here. And well, it's just so informative.






2. Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of The Immaculate Conception - this is said to be established by Vietnam's French Colonists and was constructed around the time 1863 - 1880 (wikipedia), and even when it's old, it showcases it's beauty and strength as a structure and as a symbol of faith of the Roman Catholics.




3. Jade Emperor Pagoda - one of the oldest Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh and is frequented by many tourists specially those who are Taoist. This is a Taoist Temple believed to have been built over a century ago. Oddly for me, I am not sure why, but we can take pictures even inside the temple. I've visited temples in Thailand and Hong Kong and all those temples prohibits taking pictures inside. But this is Vietnam. So yeah, you can take pictures inside the temples.





4. Independence Palace/Reunification Palace - the home and place of the President of South Vietnam during Vietnam War. It's also one of the must see and visit place. It's grandeur as a structure and it's historic value is something you couldn't miss.



5. Saigon River - it's a different thing to just pass by it from really looking at it and just witness it's natural beauty. A park beside it is also a good place to chill out and relax.




6. 23-9 Park - it's a place where you can actually relax and just watch the locals play, exercise, and relax. Lots of things you can do here. Even foreigners go to this place.




7. Du Mien Garden Cafe - a must visit Cafe when in Saigon. It's a Cafe but it exudes the beauty of a garden even at night time. So cap off your City Tour by relaxing and dining at this cafe. Must try - Cafe Sua Da (Iced Coffee)






Now that's what you call Ho Chi Minh City Tour.
8. Of course you could also visit Benh Thanh Market and Saigon Square for shopping purposes. You'd find lots of overruns and cheap products there.
What about you? What's your Ho Chi Minh Cit Tour Experience?
Got questions? Feel free to leave me a comment.
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