Hong Kong Travel Guide (Not Your Usual Places To Visit In Hong Kong But Worth All Your Time)

Hello guys! I am writing again! C'mon! It's March, and yes, this is my first in the 3rd month of the year. Been a while. Been caught up with a lot of tasks and jobs. I haven't been traveling for quite some time now, but my mind traveled a lot. I mean, while I am in one place, my mind is wandering and wondering. Yes. I have a wanderlust. I am a wanderlust. Yep!So, as I was also revisiting photos on my gadgets, I missed traveling. I missed being in a place I have never been to before. I miss boarding on a plane, I missed the stairways, the railways, the traffic, the nature and everything that I encounter in traveling. To somehow mitigate the feeling of missing, I have decided to do this blog.

What am I gonna share? Well, I wanted to share some other things in Hong Kong that may not be part of your Hong Kong City Tour and your Macau City Tour or Disney and Ocean Park. There are other places you can visit in Hong Kong if you have time.

In our case (me and mom) we had a free day before we leave for home. I have contacted a good friend of mine Rhea to be our tour guide on the said date. She too loves wandering. So, she decided to pick us up at the hotel as we don't know the directions going to the places she mentioned we'd go to. True enough, we were not brought to the typical places of Hong Kong that we usually see in the picture.

Our first stop was in Diamond Hill. Just a few steps from the train station and we're in the Nan Lian Garden. It's quite a place to stop. There are structures of Chinese Architecture and a mini Museum, a Garden and well Temples!!! My mom is really happiest when she's in a temple. She's a lover of Buddha, of everything that is taught by Chinese people for prosperity and luck. She's a fan!

The Nan Lian Garden in Diamond Hill is really a great place to visit! Plus, it's FREE!!! Yep, you've read it right, we didn't pay a dime to get in. And it's one great destination for travellers like us. πŸ™‚

I will be sharing the photos below, so you would have an idea.

Mom was really happy to see all those green leaves (natural) plants around. She can't help but ask a photo of us.


And she's a fan of the writing in a different way, like this? Yep, was it chinese or something? But it doesn't matter, she wants a picture with it too!


And look at those trees! Aren't they great for our eyes?


Mom couldn't have it pass without her in the picture! πŸ™‚ Smile mom and Rhea! Even if it's under the heat of the sun! πŸ™‚


At the entrance of their Museum! One kind foreigner (white) stranger looked at us happily taking pictures, then she volunteered "do you want me to take a picture of you three?" She needed no request, she felt the need and she responded. Haha thanks to you Ma'am! πŸ™‚





Mom, nailed the choreograph! Don't you think? πŸ™‚


And she does pose like this? Seriously? Haha that's my mom! πŸ™‚


Another great view on the other side of the


She said she was tired, so we sat, but what else do we do when we rest? Of course, you guessed it right! Selfie! Pictures once again! πŸ™‚





Like a Chinese smile! πŸ™‚















Our next stop was the Ten Thousand Buddhas! Yes, that's a lot of Buddhas! So off we go to the train station!


At the entrance of course, you'd start seeing the Buddhas of different poses, style or posture.



As this is not a usual Hong Kong City Tour destination, you can expect that this is not soooo crowded unlike the other places.


We can take pictures like it's just us in the place. πŸ™‚


Along the way up, are Buddhas every step of the way! Yes! EVERY STEP literally.


This is a photo at the entrance at the top!


Look, how happy mom is!


This is when your mom is cool for fun shots!


Hey mom! Smile again! πŸ™‚


Did I say wacky pose?




Of skies, geenery, and temples! πŸ™‚


Back to the mall, where we had our quick lunch!
Then our next stop is the 1881 Heritage! This place is a bit crowded, but you can still take pictures around. It's a great place of like English theme I believe. It's a huge structure where everywhere is pose-worthy. Such a good place to visit as well. You can take profile-able pictures. Haha









Mom's the coolest with fun shots. She knows what she's doing eh? πŸ™‚


And look at her, made me carry her hand bag so she could pose properly. LOL



Like a magazine photo cover model!
A few steps away from the Heritage is the port, where you can actually get on board on a ferry to get to the other side. Instead of taking the train, we opted to ride the ferry boat. It's a 15 minutes ride and we're back near the hotel. πŸ™‚ I forgot the port's name, but it should be very well known to locals if you'd ask. Even known to foreigners as well.



I had to take a picture of this cruise ship. One of my dreams is to actually be on a cruise ship one day. So this is a good sign! πŸ™‚


End of the Day Hong Kong Tour was the dinner at a restaurant of my friend's choice. Had to fill our tummies after a long day of wandering! Hai! Itadakimasu! πŸ™‚


I am sharing below the photos I had with mom. Some of the great photos we've taken during the day!




There you go, the top 3 spots you can visit which is not included in a typical Hong Kong City tour, but is visit-worthy. I had more fun having this tour with my friend Rhea. It's great when you are in control of the time and places. You can go whichever place you want to go first, and then set the entire day's itinerary to your preference.
This not-so-ordinary Hong Kong Tour Day is one of the best days I've spent in HK, perhaps because, I'd rather have control of the travel rather than have a tour guide dictating what time to leave, and where to go next.
1. Drop off train station is Diamond Hill. Walk towards the Nan Lian Garden. Few steps away.
2. Explore Nan Lian Garden, it's a wide structure with Museum, Garden, Park, Temples all around. We spent almost half of the day here.
3. Go to the Ten Thousand Buddhas. Walk towards the top! Yes! Thousand of Buddhas you can take selfies with.
4. The 1881 Heritage. Take all the pictures you want. You can also shop nearby. This is within the city there are nearby malls and stores. There are boutiques nearby.
It's worth the day spent in these destinations. And yes, it's part of Hong Kong!
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