HongKong Travel With Mom (Teaser Post)

One of the amazing people in my life is my Mom.

She stood with me, when everything seems falling apart. She's been a constant supporter, and my number one fan. Even if the whole world turns its back on me. There she is, smiling and cheering for me. I grew up a Mama's boy, and I am not ashamed of that. That's because, my Dad died back in high school, and since then, Mom has been the mother and father of the family. She supported the family, though struggling, but surviving. I would say struggling because I know how many loans she's availed just to get by every day. With expenses here and there. With only herself earning for the family.
So, last year, I have been travelling. I went to places, I haven't been to before. And yes, I enjoyed it. But there's one thing I remembered and yes, realized. Mom didn't get to enjoy them because, she was busy supporting the family. I was still in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia then, doing my #KLSoloTravel when I saw the opportunity to book a flight for me and Mom to Hongkong. When I arrived in the Philippines, I told Mom we'd be going to Hongkong for Christmas.
I wanted to give her a gift, that she really wouldn't forget. And I said to myself, this one's gonna last. It's going to be her first time to travel to another country. She was ecstatic when I told her. But she didn't have her passport yet. So I asked her to do me a favor once again, GET HER PASSPORT! πŸ™‚
I knew she wanted it, because she filed several leave from work just to get here in the city to get her passport from the DFA. That's when I said, this got to really happen. There were things that challenged me, but I couldn't let it NOT happen. I have already said my word to Mom. She has her apprehension regarding immigration and etc. But the urge to really fly to Hongkong is greater.
I completed the booking, return tickets, domestic flights, Hongkong City tour and Macau tour. All of these were set. Even our tour with a friend in Hongkong were all set. We were ready.
I told Mom, she only have to bring extra money as she might want to shop more than what I could afford. Haha true enough there were shopping. πŸ™‚
For a simple man like me, giving my Mom one of the memories she won't probably forget is on my bucketlist, and I am glad it happened last 2015!
So how was travelling with Mom?
1. You'll have to carry all the bags. She's in her late fifties, and she is not as healthy as she was back in her younger years. And she couldn't walk fast, so I needed to carry everything for her, except her light hand bag, which she insisted on carrying.
2. You'll have to prepare everything, as convenient as possible. Having your Mom on a trip, will be like having a child. Well, even if it's not required. I want to make her as comfortable as she can, and as convenient as it could be for her. (Although this barely happened, she isn't used to the food taste in Hongkong, haha and she's a rice eater more than a noodle fan).
3. You've got to accept that when Mom's tired, you got to stop. This is the major part where I needed to adjust. In my solo travels, I didn't have to look back and ask "can we still go there?" because, as long as my feet still moves, I am off to another destination. This travel is different, I've got to ask every now and then, if we can still go somewhere. Or just go home. Like this photo below, she's already tired. πŸ™‚
4. You've got to slow down the pace, your speed is not your Mom's (Parent's) speed. They're a little bit slower than you. So keep checking if she's (they're) following you.
5. You've got to prepare to see not-so-good shots of you. Yes. Photos of you won't be that great than those that you took for them to pose. I've got some good photos that I captured for mom, but, yeah, I could forget about my photos. Haha She isn't techy, so she doesn't even know how to use my iPhone.
I wanna share some of her photos that she wants printed. Yes, some coz, there are more than a thousand photos she wants printed ahahaha πŸ™‚








6. If there's anything at all, that you needed to plan ahead of time and talk about, it's the "shopping". Mom's could sometimes be a little pushy. And yes, you'll almost all the time feel compelled to give in. So, if you plan to bring your Mom on a travel to a place like HK, prepare for shopping (I mean financially).
These are the things I realized, you should inform yourself ahead of time. It's a great experience to take your Mom to another place. Somewhere she hasn't been to before. Somewhere she would be excited.
If you want a detailed story of her 1st International Travel, it'd be great if you can talk to her. Haha she'd enthusiastically share the experience, way better than a 3D movie! haha πŸ™‚
I wouldn't say I didn't get tired taking care of her back in Hongkong, it's tiring to carry all the bags, to slow down, to keep taking pictures, to buy food, water, to spend, and a lot more things. But they couldn't slightly repay how much my Mom has done for me. Every time, I get tired, I look at her, and I see her brilliant smile shining, and the feeling of being tired is somehow cured and translated to inspiration. My Mom, is one of my inspirations in life. I saw her struggled, endured and survived. My Mom's smiles were precious and priceless. I wanted to give the HK trip to her as a gift, but she ended up giving me a priceless gift. The gift of being thankful and blessed.
In one of my facebook posts, I said: I believe life is about taking turns. Yes, because back then, she does all the caring, all the feeding, the spending, the checking, the supporting, and trying to make things happen for me and my siblings. Now, I said, I believe, it's my turn.
Indeed, 2015 for me was a blast, but 2016 could be way greater! I am expectant, but I am fearless! πŸ™‚
Why travel with Mom in Hongkong? Why not just local travels? I mean there are a lot of great places in the Philippines, isn't it?
My simple answer is because I know, Mom wanted to travel abroad. But in her younger years, she's chosen to spend the money on us. Yes. She had us on top priority. But I also know she wants to explore other countries, in one of the times, I saw Mom scribbled on something like a bucket list. I think I was still in high school back then, she wrote "Travel Around the World". So this is my taking part of the that dream. Maybe some day, we'd be able to explore other continents. Who knows. The Good Lord will provide, and will make great things happen. The universe will conspire. Hongkong, might just be the first of many international travels. πŸ™‚
Now it would be your turn:
1. Have you ever traveled with your Mom?
2. If you would travel with your Mom or Dad, where would you want to take her/him?
3. Have you imagined putting a smile in your Mom's or Dad's face a smile out of excitement to travel?
These are some things that the answers might tell you, you'd want to bring your parents to somewhere. πŸ™‚ Feel free to share ideas below. I'd be happy to hear them. πŸ™‚
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