El Nido: Tour C (Helicopter Island, Hidden Beach, Star Beach, Matinloc Shrine, Secret Beach)

In our El Nido trip, we had spent two days, and two nights. We availed two tour packages one is for Tour A which I wrote about here and we had Tour C. This is what I am writing about here now. 🙂

I did wonder if we could have a cheaper trip if we don't avail the package, but I believe (in humble opinion) we were better off with this package. Reason being, the tourism office of El Nido has imposed standardized rates. This is better, as each tour operators won't overprice and rip off each tourist going on an island hopping. Tours have been standardized and tariffs were displayed prominently in each establishment. So yes, it was a great tour package we've availed.
I know, not everyone is concerned about the price, but let me tell you the price it's for P1,400 or around US $30.00 per person. Not bad for five islands to visit.
First stop, Helicopter Island! When asked why it's called helicopter island, the simple answer and reason is because it looks (shaped) like a helicopter. It does resemble the helicopter. It was a quick stop. We did some photo op. Group picture with the classmates! haha of course, I needed to plunge! Advantage of growing up jumping (yeah not diving) into sea water, almost every day, I can easily jump off the boat. haha plunge into the blue-green sea water! But I guess, I took a better shot of my friend's jump. Look at her!



Next stop, we had the Hidden Beach! Yes, it's hidden because you'll be dropped off on a rock formation, then you'll have to walk towards the inside of something like an open cave. When you get in, you'll find that there is a beautiful place inside. Yes, it's hidden and yes, it's beautiful! We did some crazy photos here!
Third stop was Star Beach. This is where we had our delicious lunch. As usual. It's a bit late, but yes, it's worth the wait. The cook of our boat is actually doing a great job in the food. Thumbs up on the culinary abilities! It's my personal humble opinion, that they (he) can cook well. If you'd ask what's in the Star Beach, we didn't have much to explore here. There's just white sand where you can do some sun-bathing then, you can also take a lot of pictures with different greatly shaped rock formations. There are areas where you can shoot some photos that would look like you are on top of a rock in a high mountain or you're on an edge of a cliff. Other than those, I don't remember much but the food! haha


The food has its place on this post! It has to be a highlight! 🙂 It's FEAST day in each tour!








And we can't let the food pass without our class picture! hahaha Boat-mates! Ready, 1, 2, 3, click!





Next stop was Matinloc Shrine, as narrated by the guide, this place was owned by a foreigner (yes not Pinoy) with a Filipina (the wife) whose relationship got shaky and when they eventually split up, the shrine was left not properly maintained. But the beauty of the place, structures and foundations of different areas were still there, and you can still take photos that would really look great on pictures. Plus, you have to climb up a rock formation, this time, bring your selfie-pod, or monopod, or something, or better Go-pro! Yes, because at the top of the rock formation (I hope you're not afraid of heights), you can take a breathtaking picture! Some (most) people did climb up (that includes me). Amazing view! Although, we were not able to take a stunning photo. We were all afraid of heights. haha




Last stop was Secret Beach! Okay, unlike the Secret Lagoon, this was a bliss! The place was where I really just lie down the sand, enjoy the breeze, the sun's not-so-bright shine, the sight of rock formations, and nature. This is inside a cave like rock formations, and yes, you have to swim to get here. But was worth all the effort. I enjoyed this place. Here, you can just sit, talk with friends, enjoy the water, the sand, the sun, the air. And reconnect with the universe! Crazy shots are also made here.



















Going back to the main island, we were already exhausted but we all enjoyed the tour. Island hopping it is! The boat ride back to the shore was an adventure. Larger waves were rocking our tiny boat. Some of our boat-mates were already afraid, while we keep enjoying every roller-coaster-like rocking of the boat.  So, to Palawan! To El Nido! Thank you! I totally enjoyed you! I'm definitely coming back for Coron, or even still, El Nido! 🙂
To Jeff, to Cling, and the rest of the crew Kudos! Job well done! We enjoyed the tour because you guys are awesome guides!



How about you? What's your latest naturescape? What's your latest adventure? How do you like island hopping? How does food trip in the beach sounds like?
Share with me your adventures! Maybe I'll join you too! 🙂
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