Throwback Post: When in Siem Reap, Cambodia! (Memories of the Cambodian Exploration) Top Things To Do in Cambodia!

To travel is to make memories in different places. Fortunately, for ASEAN member nation like Philippines, to travel to neighboring Asian country is easier, no need to secure a VISA because of the VISA exemption.

I have recently shared what I did in Thailand here.
Now, I just want to share tidbits of what I can remember of Siem Reap, Cambodia!
From Thailand, we took a train, about (if I remembered it right) 6-8 hours of travel. That's where we met french ladies can't remember their names, but it was fun meeting foreigners in a foreign country.
As we entered Cambodia, I look at the people, and they look like me. I feel, that I belong. Same color of the skin, same features in the face, makes me think, I am really asian.
As we arrived, we took a tuktuk ride to our hotel. The driver of the tuktuk agreed to take us to Angkor Wat the next day for the sunrise.
As we've agreed on terms (time, pay, etc), he invited us to dinner. He told us that he can take us to a place he knew is best Cambodian food.
Travel tip #1: When in another place, find a good driver. Ask the driver where's the best place to eat. 
Travel tip #2: When in Cambodia, don't buy their Cambodian currency. They would prefer the USD. Yes. Correct United States Dollar. 
Travel tip #3: Don't be too hygienic. Yep. Local food service might not be that of your standards, but it's worth trying to eat their local cuisine. 
So we had our dinner with our Cambodian driver Mr. Davin, Cambodian Beer with Cambodian Food!
Yep, we're holding the Cambodian beer!


This according to the driver is best!


Complete meal for dinner. Calls for a need to have a beer!


After the dinner meal and drinking session, we asked the driver (free of charge) to take us back to the hotel, but he recommended we go check out Pub Street just near our hotel's place. So we explored pub street! It was raining, and fortunately, we're prepared. We've got our raincoats on! Haha
Yes, be prepared! Bring your raincoat! haha


Pub street in Cambodia!
Like a tourist! Nux!


Yep, they have shops too! Cheap prices here!
You'd think you're in divisoria, no! This is Cambodia!
Yep, they have these too!
Of wrist watches, different brands, name it , they have it!


Fish spa! Great way to remove your dead cells on your feet! haha


Met these ladies from another country! 🙂
Yeah, they were feasting on my dead cells! haha Giggly!
The next day, we agreed with the driver to take us to Angkor Wat at 4:30 A.M. as pick up time. So we can really catch up the sunrise. I think the entrance was around US $10.00. Angkor Wat with all the temples unlimited entrance!
Travel tip #4: If you can negotiate the price, it's better to have just one driver in  your itinerary. Our driver agreed to have just US $16.00 for the Angkor Wat tour (to and from and tour us around it) plus to take us to the airport in the evening. A good deal, I think.
So it's Angkor Wat time! Witnessing her beauty!
Seems like I can't get enough of her! These are original photos using my iPhone5s and yes, they're all beautifully captured!
There are hundreds of people trying to witness her beauty at sunrise!

Travel tip #5: You'll temple-hopping again! Yes. Temples, temples, temples. You'll be walking all around the place, so it's good if you've prepared physically by doing brisk walk sesions prior to your Cambodian exploration.
What's amazing about these temples is the fact that these structures has stood the test of time. And they've stood there strongly. How come the ancient people was able to build great structures, back then, when technology is not what it is right now. Hmmm, simply amazing!
And I guess it's not just me who was fascinated, haha I took some shots of those who clicked when in the temples!
She's a Japanese. I talked to her, and used some of the Nihongo words I knew. 🙂


Ancient people are artists too!


Some ruins of some of the temples that needs rebuilding.
In between the temple-hopping in Angkor Wat we asked the driver to take us to a nearby canteen or food area or restaurant. We wanted to eat. We haven't availed of our free breakfast in the hotel since it would be a long ride again, if we'd just go back there for the breakfast. So we tried some eatery/kitchenette nearby.
Then after the temple-hopping exploration, we went back to the hotel. Explored the nearby places and tried, again, some street food!
In the afternoon, we had an early dinner, so we could go back to the hotel and pack our things for our night flight back to the Philippines!
A little sidetrip at Damnak River!
We spotted Rohatt (Authentic Khmer Cuisine)
Dessert wasn't the last thing for the meal. Haha



Beer it is!


In gratitude to Mr. Davin for the hospitality, I am posting his business card in hopes, that if you'd ever need a driver/guide in Siem Reap, Cambodia, you'd be able to find him. His email and contact numbers are in this business card below.


It was a great first tim in Siem Reap, and happily strike off the bucket list Angkor Wat!
What was your Cambodia exploration/travel like? Feel free to share below.
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