10 Simple Ways You Can Destroy Humanity

The world as you see today, is a world full of mess and negativity. It has been clouted and cluttered by negative energies. It's been set to self-destruct mode, by setting on fire, humanity. And one of the contributors may be you.

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  1. If you live your life trying to destroy someone, then you are a contributor!
  2. If you live watching other people's move, and find their fault, you are a contributor!
  3. If you hide behind the cloak of "kindness" but actually your kindness is just a covering of your guilt, you are a contributor.
  4. If you talk to people to destroy someone's reputation, you are a contributor!
  5. If you live to encroach someone's power, you are a contributor!
  6. If you live to get power and not to serve, you are a contributor!
  7. If you live for convenience and not for service, you are a contributor!
  8. If you live to use people and is not willing to pay it, you are a contributor!
  9. If you have ninety nine bad things to say about something or someone for every one good thing about something or someone, you are a contributor!
  10. If you live only to acquire money or wealth, then you are a contributor!
A person may appear and even paint a picture of himself or herself by trying to paint someone else's reputation and image. Beware of these kind of people, be keen enough to observe. Most people who tries to destroy someone, is actually describing themselves, and not the person they are trying to paint a picture of.
Today, I want to encourage everyone, that you can contribute to the setting of this world into a self-destruct mode, or be the agent to restore this to a world of life and love. As for me, I will do the latter.
  1. I will continue to serve and love.
  2. I will bless people as they perform, if I do spot some faults, I will be candid enough to tell, while also careful enough to show love in pointing it out, than make an impression that I am destroying the person.
  3. I would rather be called monster and all sorts of things, by honestly doing what I can to help, than trying to keep close and offer a crying shoulder, while sticking a knife at someone behind his or her back.
  4. I will continue to share good thoughts and memories about people.
  5. I will live to excel and remind myself that I too, will have my fair share of what they call "turn".
  6. I will live to serve and love, not get power.
  7. I will live for the performance of my service regardless of inconvenience and risk.
  8. I will push people to excellence, and I will seek help from others, but I will try my best to give what is due him or her.
  9. I will strive to say more positive things than negative things about a situation or person.
  10. I will no longer be a slave to money, wealth or power, I will live a life bearing in mind, that if I follow my desire to serve and be my best, these things will eventually follow.
I hope with the limited list I've provided above, I have somehow shared to you, what it means to say "A life well lived, is a life well shared!"

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