How to be Unlimited in a Limited World

Admiral David Farragut, best remembered for his courage at Mobile Bay in 1864, listened as Admiral Samuel Dupont listed the reasons why he failed to get his fleet into Charleston Harbor and win the battle. When Dupont finished his explanation, Admiral Farragut replied, "There is one reason more. You did not believe you could."

Everyone knew that Glenn Cunningham would never walk again - everyone, that is, except for Glenn Cunningham and his mother. His legs were badly burned in a schoolroom fire. But Glenn Cunningham walked, ran, and became the world's fastest miler. Glenn Cunningham believed in himself.
Sylvester Stallone was told by over fifty Hollywood producers that he had little ability as a writer. He was told he was wasting his time trying to market his script. But Sylvester Stallone believed in his ability, even thought virtually every producer in Hollywood tried to convince him that there was no hope. The screenplay the producers turned down was Rocky. Sylvester Stallone believed in his ability.
Many people and obstacles might work to prevent you from reaching your goal, but you can overcome them. The most devastating obstacle is your lack of belief. You can do anything you want to do if you believe and are willing to work. Shakespear said, "Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt." Conrad Hilton remarked, "Man, with God's help and personal dedication, is capable of anything he can dream."
1. Today I will not be influenced by those "no" people who would place limitations on me.
2. Today I will _______________________.

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