What Are The Things That You Think Are Impossible? Who Told You So? IsIt Really Impossible?

I've wrote something about capabilities last time, I wrote a story here. I said on that post you should use those capacities you have. Now let's move on to the very next topic. Impossibility!
I am continuously amazed at the abilities of athletes who run faster, jump higher, and execute feats of physical skill with greater precision every year. Every day we read about a young athlete who cracks a barrier.
The most common athletic barrier was the four-minute mile. Experts believed for many years that it was impossible for a human being to run a mile under four minutes. but in 1954, a man named Roger Bannister ran the mile in less than four minutes. Today, high school athletes and a thirty-seven-year-old man have accomplished that remarkable feat.
There was a time when experts believed a twenty-eight-foot long jump was physically impossible, but Bob Beamon pulled off one of the most incredible athletic achievements of our time when he went right on past the twenty-eight-foot marker and jumped twenty-nine feet. Nadia Comaneci broke the "ten" barrier in the 1976 Olympic Games and now several girls have gone on to score perfect tens in gymnastic competition.
Isn't it amazing that when one person breaks the barrier others quickly follow them to the top? Often the only limits that we have are those we place upon ourselves. Once we clearly understand that the "barriers" are mental limitations and not physical impossibilities, our chances of improving performance and breaking those records are dramatically improved. As a matter of fact, when we realize something can be done, you can bet it will be done.
Tell yourself today, "I will remove my limitations by realizing that although others can stop me temporarily, I am the only one who can stop myself permanently."
And to apply this, complete this sentence "Today, I will ______________________."

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