She Had All The Reason To Agree That She's a Loser, But She Didn't.What She Did Is Admirable!

Some people win in spite of the odds - and that select group can include you.
Angie Pikshus had every reason to decide life had dealt her an unfair hand. Her mother died when she was still a baby. She never really knew her father or the peaceful security of a stable home; instead she was moved from foster home to foster home. When she was in the eighth grade, she was moved to Arkansas to live with some relatives. Angie was an orphan, was twenty pounds overweight (and therefore was growing out of all of her clothes), and now, to top it off, she was moving away from friends.
From to time all of us have reason to believe that life has stacked the deck against us. At this point in her life, Angie Pikshus had ample reason to feel cheated, but she decided to do something about her situation. She decided she needed to lose weight, so she began running strictly for exercise, to burn off that excess weight. The more she ran, the more she enjoyed and applied herself to the task. She continued to train and began entering races. 
Angie, now a senior at Arkansas State University, has won three marathons and several ten-kilometer races. She has won the New OrleansMardi Gras Marathon twice, the Memphis Express Marathon, and the Atlanta Avon 10-K, among other events. 
Angie Pikshus had every reason to decide that life had declared her a loser, but she didn't. She excelled in spite of the obstacles. The exciting thing about this story is that the same principles of commitment, dedication, and hard work that helped her lose the weight and become winning runner will also make her a winner in other areas of life. 
P.S.: The same principles will work for you too.
Tell yourself today, "I will make a commitment to work as hard as necessary to reach my goals."

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