CAPACITY! How Capable Are You? What Makes You Capable? What Makes YouIncapable?

I I believe man was designated for accomplishment engineered for success. and endowed with the seeds of greatness. That includes you. You are valuable person, capable of great things.
However, if you've heard all of your life that you don't measure up, chances are good you believe it. If you've been repeatedly told that you have to win approval, you'll try to win it. If you're told daily that you are second rate, you just might begin to agree. That, my friend, is known as garbage-dump thinking and can be disastrous. For example, evangelist Bill Glass has learned through his prison ministry that approximately ninety percent of all inmates had been repeatedly told by their parents that they would end up in jail!
Tom Mullen, in his book, "Seriously, Life Is a Laughing Matter", tells of a fifteen-year-old girl named Amy who had always received straight As in school. Her parents were extremely upset when she received a B. "If I fail in what I do," Amy said in a note to her parents, "I fail in what I am." That message was part of Amy's suicide note. Input into the mind ultimately influences our behavior.
It is sad that Amy is far from being an unusual case. The number of teenage suicides specially in the US has tripled in the last decade to over thirty a day. Americans have been fed a lot of garbage. It's not what you do or have, it's what you are that's important. It's not disgraceful to fail - the disgrace is in refusing to try.
You are capable of great things. Use the ability you have and you'll be given more ability to use.

Say: Today, I will use what I have to do what I can.
Complete this: Today I will  _______________________.

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