How To Be Stubborn The Right Way!

One of the most powerful ingredients for developing staying power, or the ability to get back in the game and stay there, is stubbornness. That's right. You can be stubborn in a right way. (see sample here.) I guess you could call it endurance, but I like to call it stubbornness.
Of course, you can be stubborn in the wrong way, too. That could be termed being stiff-necked or obstinate. But that's not what I am talking about.
Stubborn obedience to the call of God on my life helps me get through the gauntlet of critics and survive the nagging memories of past mistakes. I know God has called me to represent Him during my stay in this world. (He has called you to do the same!) Come what may, I must finish the course. I must run the race with endurance - stubborn endurance, mind you - until He takes me home to be with Him forever.
I guess we're pretty good company, because it was prophesied of Jesus that He would stay the course, too, no matter what came His way.

He will not be disheartened or crushed, until He has established justice in the earth. (Isaiah 42:4)

he had made a choice. He would not be disheartened or crushed until His assignment was through! He made a choice, and I get to do the same. 
We will have many opportunities to bail out along the way. There will be plenty of reasons to resign. I've experienced many! No one ever needs to look far for a reason to leave work, to end a relationship, to stop pursuing a dream, to divorce, to quit, to leave a home church, etc. There will always be plenty of justification to have an affair. There will always be sorrows to drown in beer at the local bar. 


What will give you longevity is not the absence of stress or trials. Look at Jesus' life.  It was riddled with problems. People trying to betray Him, demon-possessed people trying to grab onto Him, sick people lining up to touch Him and Pharisees constantly testing Him. Yet He refused to be disheartened or crushed! 
Make the same choice to stay the course. Sure, there may be many course corrections along the way. Maybe even a few deviations from the original flight plan, but stay the course!

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