Kampo Juan is the One!

We wanted to have a memorable Christmas event for our team at the same time use it as our bonding or team building activity. The management has decided to hold it in a venue where they could have some fun. But I was at first, a little bit skeptic. What is that place they were suggesting? Is it really fun there? I never heard of it, or if I did previously, it isn't that good since it didn't catch my attention. But because it has been decided I went with the flow. 
We prepared the budget, the staff made the necessary preparations for the event, and yes! We're there!
The scenery on our way there is already welcoming. We arrived at the venue's gate with a kiss of a beautiful spot worth capturing. 
Then I saw the eye-catching scene of the road, very familiar and nostalgic image for travellers.
This place has a lot to offer and a lot of potential. I guess they are not as known as Dahilayan Adventure Park but they're a good place for parties, events and even meetings.
But the reason why we chose this place is because of the fun were were looking for. We want adventure! So what's in here? Why did we choose this anyway? Why not the other parks? Aside from the budget, these are the things we can do here.
If you want extreme adventures, do their rappelling, not on a wall, but on real rock and soil. They have a cliff where you can have your rappelling.
This is the view from afar. That's where you'll have your Rappelling!
Bur if you just want to relax, you can have the cold water in the pool, to soothe your "hot" body! Keep calm, keep cool. Swim in the pool! 🙂
The pool is near the function area too. So if you'll have an event, you can include in the package the use of the pool. So the people can enjoy the pool after the event. Something your people can enjoy.
The water is so inviting! If you are someone who wants to have sun-bathing, then this is your place! Feel the relaxing wind of the mountains and enjoy the cold water of the pool.
Do you want to spend your time over night? Check out their rates for lodging here.
 But if you want more adventures, they also have anicycling adventure. This is something that we actually did. 
We subscribed to unlimited rides so we can enjoy most of the adventure options, we had this too! The crossing of the hanging bridge, overlooking the fantastic greenery of nature. Conquering vertical limits and fears! 
And of course, they also have the common Zipline! We did enjoy this too! They have two courses for the Zipline. One is a short one going to the start of the hanging bridge, after the hanging bridge you'll have the second course of the Zipline.
On my next post, I will show our pictures on how we've enjoyed the adventures of Kampo Juan! Now you'll have a new idea of a place where you can have your team building! Have fun!
So for the rates, I guess it's here:
Please feel free to share. Or leave your comments below. Thanks! Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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