Wish It and Reveal Clues to the Best Solutions for You

Your hopes for your office provide far more than useless fantasy. Explored in detail, they reveal answers already rattling around in your head. Taking time to visualize your deeply desired office and make a wish likely reveal valuable like these:
If everything were perfect. . .

  • "I have more filing cabinets." If this is your desire, it feels like a chore to unearth filed papers. You need to make filing a lot more convenient by putting cabinets where they're withing easy reach, and putting a filing system in place that really works. ( That's coming soon!)
  • "It wouldn't look like this. It would be neat." Your office probably requires some deep-down organizing and decision making. You probably need to do a significant amount of discarding and rearranging. Storage space is lacking and there's no place to put things away. Neatness is good, but not if it means that things are just thrown into drawers so they'll be hidden.
  • "I would be able to find what I need, when I need it." A workable, reliable filing system includes master list - a guide for filing items consistently, so they can be retrieved when needed. 
  • "Everyone would stop complaining about my office." If you have a system that works for you, clearing off surfaces will work wonders to silence the chronic grouser.
  • "I would use notebooks for projects and ignore the filing cabinet," or "I'd get a filing cabinet, instead of using these messy notebooks!" You need a system that works for you and suits your personal style. If you like notebooks, use them! f you hate them, don't - use a great filing system. 
  • "I would have places to put everything." Find more space by emptying cabinets and drawers of unused items and reorganizing what you must keep. Active files and often used items need to be within easy reach - items used less often can be tucked away in deeper storage.
Now that you have some ideas, do your part.
  1. Name something positive about your office as it is.
  2. Write your own personal wish list of what you want for your office in great detail, perhaps using the ideas above as inspiration for your ideas. Describe everything your office would be if money, time, effort, and permission didn't play a part.

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