I have listed New Zealand as one of the countries I would want to visit. I just didn't realize that the opportunity to do so would be so soon, the next thing I know, I was ticking of NZ in my list.

PICPA VGAO organized a conference in NZ and as soon as I got the invite I have already expressed my enthusiasm to join. As the universe conspired, I was able to meet the requirements. I got my visa processed and even before audit season ended, my visa has been approved.

Aaaaaand! We've arrived in Auckland!

Arrival at Auckland Airport

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I am already at the local airport bound to another airport for an international flight. It has always been a pleasure of mine to travel. To see the world. There's always another place to see. There's always another destination to look forward to. There's always a newly discovered spot. And yes, it's always fascinating how vast the world is, while it is also quite amazing how the world has become "smaller" and accessible to almost everyone.

I remember those days, I wondered what an airplane is, what it is to be physically inside it. And I also fancied flying. Thought of a lot about flying. More so when I have ready about Icarus. I'm not sure if you guys know that story. Think it was back in my 4th grade that I was able to read it and was stunned at the possibility of flying. Now thankfully, I am able to travel.

Now, I am bound for another quite long travel to another side of the world.

And hope for the best in this travel. I am taking time now to just ponder and think of all the blessings that God has allowed me to enjoy and share. I am blessed beyond what I could have thought years ago. Thankful to God and the universe for all the positive energies and positive things I have received. And I am thankful most specially for gift of life and for the opportunity to travel.

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The good thing about One Way Hostel is that it is so near to the Republic Square and it's awesome coz you can just explore around the city by foot! My favorite thing to do, WALKING!

So, Republic Square contained the great architectures of different landmarks:

  1. Government House 1 - The building is home to the Government of Armenia (the council of government ministers and not the entire executive branch). It originally housed the People's Commissariat (the executive of Soviet Armenia). The north-western portion, built in 1926-29, was designed by Alexander Tamanian. The construction of the rest of the building was taken up by Gevorg Tamanian, Alexander's son, in 1938 and finished in 1941. (Source Wikipedia)
  2. Museum Building - The buildings began in the 1950s with the National Gallery building being completed in 1977. It was designed by Mark Grigorian and Eduard Sarapian. A small portion of the ensemble, the Arno Babajanyan Concert Hall, dates back to 1916.
  3. Armenia Mariott Hotel - It was completed in 1958 according to the design of Mark Grigorian and Eduard Sarapian. The hotel was called Armenia during the Soviet period. A luxury hotel, it is considered the flagship hotel of Armenia. It has 380 rooms.
  4. Government House 2 - The building was designed by Samvel Safaryan, Rafael Israelyan, Varazdat Arevshatyan and completed in 1955. The friezes above first-floor windows are incomplete. The building was home to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs between 1996 and 2016.
  5. Trade Unions and Communications Building - Built in 1933 -1956, it was designed by Mark Grigorian and Eduard Sarapian. The building was home to Ministry of Transport and Communications until 2016.

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Afte exploring the beautiful place of Tsakhgadzor, we went to Sevan Lake where the Sevanavank Monastery towered over it. There's a nearby restaurant where we enjoyed a sumptuous lunch.

One of the things you get to enjoy is the panoramic view while witnessing the beauty of this Christian Country! Monasteries and Churches would be one of the highlights in your trip to Armenia!

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The following day from arrival to Armenia, I joined the group of Ate, Arg and Janine to go to Tsakhgadzor! It's were there's snow and cable car! I couldn't help but show my excitement! And we bonded like we were good old friends reunited.

On our way to to Tsakhgadzor, we discussed about our plans for the day after our cable car ride. We decided which places to visit and which ones we would prioritize. Along the way, we get to learn a snippet of each other's lives.

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If you are from the countries with no snow, for the entire year. One of the things you probably wonder is what does it feel like to touch or see snow actually. And most probably you've already seen snow on TV. Movies and shows. But you haven't experienced it. That's how I have been. Until the opportunity came last year 2016.

I initially planned to stay in Dubai for "laag" or "lakwatsa" and bond with my friends who are already working there (shoutout to my awesome harshfriends and gentle friends in Dubai!). Then, most of them recommended or prodded me to visit either Georgia or Armenia. Countries, I've only heard, but didn't have any idea, what it looks like or what is there. Then, after some prodding (although I really wanted the idea), I did agree. Ms. K (idol!) helped me book the hostel where I will be staying and my e-visa application. I then managed to book my ticket via Fly Dubai.

So, if you are asking, is it possible for any pinoy to go to Armenia? Yes. 99%! We are allowed e-visa or even Visa on arrival in Armenia. For convenience sake, I applied online. I got the e-visa the day before my flight to Armenia from Dubai. How much did it cost me? $7.00 I believe. I just printed the e-visa and presented it while I walked at the immigration of Armenia as if I am a permanent resident or a citizen (wink).

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Next on the list is Dubai's Desert Safari! Yep, I had to experience the ride!!!

Remeber Yanie? My friend who's been my tour guide in Day 1? Yep, she booked me a Desert Safari Tour. And yes, I was accompanied by my great traveler friend Des, with Sy and Ate H.

But, before we went to Desert Safari, I had a trip to Dubai Museum and the Old Dubai Structures. Amazing, how the two worlds are in the same Emirate. Yep. There's a glimpse of the old Dubai.

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The next day in Dubai, I agreed to my very good friend and brother who also have a lot on his plate. Quite a busy man, but was able to manage to squeeze me into his schedule.

This remarkable man has done great things following God's lead. He is also one of the reasons I was able to visit Dubai, he processed my VISA to Dubai. According to testimonies of the people around him, he's done wonders in their community. Truly, praise God for the life of this man.


I agreed t attend the service where he also serve as a Pastor. After that, there was a fellowship (salo-salo) of the members of the community. I enjoyed their warm welcome. There is an upcoming event of the church so I also agreed to tag along with them to have their practice in one of the hotels in Dubai.  ...continue reading

One of the motivations I've had in deciding to visit this place is the thought of seeing my friends in Dubai and experiencing the life they have there. Years ago, after graduation, I have heard about the tallest tower in Dubai Burj Dubai or Burj Khalifa. I have since wondered how it looks up close. I have seen photos of my friends being there, going up at its top, and yeah, enjoying the scenery.

I have then started planning the visit. One of the kick off step is to book a ticket. It has always been my personal tradition that, I book flight tickets ahead of time, even months before the trip. And yes, it has always worked for me. Resources get allocated and I was able to make it work, somehow. Although, I too, wonder how I managed it. But, that's not the issue, thing is, Dubai happened last November 2016.  ...continue reading